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In narrator calls Marla “big” because he


chapter four, Chloe had passed away and it seems although the narrator is not
sad about it. He said, “Oh, this should be so sweet. For two years, Chloe’s
been crying in my arms during hug time, and now she’s dead”. This made it seem
like he’s not that upset about her death. A woman tells our narrator
that Chloe from the support group died. Therefore, he spends a few pages
imagining what it must have been like when Chloe died. He wants to dwell in the
amazing miracle of death; he is having trouble enjoying it with Marla there. He
confronts her during therapeutic contact time, telling her she does not belong
at this group; he confronts her that she is not dying either. Our narrator
calls Marla “big” because he cannot cry when she is around in the support
group. “Marla’s lie reflects my lie, and all I can see are lies.” Marla knows
she is going to die, but support group makes her feel alive. She said, “I
embrace my own festering diseased corruption.” Unlike our narrator, she does
not need to split her personality in two to cope with things. Marla forces him
to confront himself that he is deceiving himself. He always think he is the
muscular person who never cries and can beat anyone, but the thing is inside he
is perceiving his identity to be who “he wants to be” not who “he is” at the
current time. He thinks he is the boss of gangster and no one can mess with him
not even Marla or anyone. That is why he does not like Marla to be there at the
support group. He is a type of person who has crazy identity. He never tell us
his name, he even fakes his name in support groups. There is a lot to talk
about dream, but he points out, “It’s not clear if reality slipped into my
dream…” The narrator works as a recall specialist for the automobile
industry. He knows many people who goes to work with their nose bleeding or
stiches because he is the one leading the team. The last line of the sentence
in chapter 5, he mentioned about one person he met named Walter who works for
Microsoft. He has everything that looks like an executive, he tries to explain
about how weak he could be and how he would lose if he attends the war. Then,
when the narrator looks at him again, it is completely different, Walter has
blood running down. What the narrator did was trying to use metaphor and simile
to describe Walter. 


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