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In Wappingers, there are so many places that you can visit and explore. Everyone needs a little adventure in their life. Whether it’s just going for a walk, run, or something drastic like climbing a mountain. The Dutchess Rail Trail is a wonderful place to come with family or even by yourself to clear your mind or hang out with the people you love.In 1984, Duchess Country brought the Maybook line from Hopewell Junction to Morgan lake,  but that ended because they needed a new route to join where the railroad ended. Then the Harlem Valley Rail was successful, county executive William R. Steinhaus asked federal funding for the Dutchess Rail Trail.In the 2006s- the 2010s, William starts planning designs, drawings for the Dutchess Rail Trail. After finishing the planning, William and his crew started building the trail, paving away. For the trail to build safety, it was divided into four parts for construction. The Dutchess Rail Trail joined with four towns (Poughkeepsie, Lagrange, Wappingers, and East Fishkill.)Before the Dutchess Rail was there, The Maybrook Rail Line and the museum that now occupies the former train station had been there. But many people love how the Maybrook Rail Line and the museum were changed into something better. When the construction was over, the trail is thirteen- mile (21 km) long. The Dutchess Rail Trail is open for twenty-four hours, so you don’t have to worry about being early or late. The Dutchess Rail trail has many safety rules to protect you while you’re on the trail. There are warning lights to help you cross the rail. The Rail expects everyone that goes there will be treated others with kindness. They also don’t condone littering, and your dog must be on a maximum 6-foot long leash. The Dutchess Rail Trail is known for its stunning landscape. And because of this, it allowed many people to have a calm day. Or it lets families spend time with one another in a quiet setting. To admire the trees, plants and the beautiful people you see there. You can meet new people, make new friends, and step out of your comfort zone to, not stare at your phone and have a genuine conversation with a human being. When you get to the Rail, the first thing you see is a cluster of trees mixed with huge rocks. And the color green, with a beautiful sky above, unless you go in bad weather. Lots of families love to go on the Rail to explore. Or to use their imagination to make the experience worthwhile. The Rail allows you to think outside of the box, and to have a fun day. If you like me, then you would love to bring your cuddly and cute pets everywhere with you. The Rail lets your pets exercise, and wander through the dirt for hours.  Also in the Dutchess Rail Trail, there are benches, so if you’re tired of walking or a place to go on your phone or read. You can go there to take beautiful photos to share with friends or post it onlineWhen you get to the Dutchess Rail Trail there’s a large parking space for big cars and little cars. Everyone needs to use bathroom especially since when people come to the trail, they like to run and then you get thirsty and drink a lot of water and have to use the bathrooms. The Dutchess Rail Trail been around for a long time and many people over the years loved the experienced there. The Trail is for people to make memories and to have an adventure, whether it’s by yourself or with people you love. The Dutchess Rail Trail can be a boring place unless you make something out of it.


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