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In Somehow, Celie is a poor, unattractive

In Alice Walker’s novel, The Color Purple, the narrator, Celie, is not a person born in a good situation. Somehow, Celie is a poor,  unattractive girl. She also lacks of confidence in herself. However, Celie had a huge transformation throughout the whole novel, and she finally realizes that she is a colorful, beautiful female. She becomes a really independent individual at the end of novel. In the novel, Alice Walker wrote Celie’s transformation was from an ugly looking girl into a gorgeous woman. It is crucial for readers to note that Celie’s transformation is a big part of the novel. Also, it is interesting to note that this novel is not written in traditional  chapters, but instead in the form of letters written by Celie to God and sister, and her sister. Alice Walker used this kind way of writing to give the reader a really personally way to look into Celie’s thoughts and soul. The writer thinks that by showing readers Celie’s writing style will give them a full understanding of Celie. And also, Celie in the novel uses some phrases to present herself. Over time, Celie’s writing skills got huge improved. We can see that how Celie think of something, and then she makes decisions, and then writes about things she think. This is a really powerful narration, and it pushes the plot of novel.         If we directly go through the story instead of the narrator’s view. We won’t be able to see that Celie’s insecurity is caused by men. “He never had a kine word to say to me. Just say You gonna do what your mammy wouldn’t. First he put his thing up against my hip and sort of wiggle it around. Then he grab hold my titties. Then he push his thing inside my pussy. When that hurt, I cry. He start to choke me, saying You better shut up and git used to it. (1)” A quote from beginning of the novel, we can see that her stepfather raped her, that’s the first time for Celie to experience the sexual thing, and for sure she was forced and disliked it. So we can see how she had a hard time at the beginning of the novel. The way that Mr.__ treated her, and how Celie’s stepfather and Mr.__ bargain over Celie is the best describe from the book that how Celie was been treated. And Mr.__ treats Celie just like her stepfather. Celie’s job in the house is only to take care the children and to make Mr.__ enjoy the sexual experiences.         Celie’s transformation in the later time was huge. Since Celie is at home only to take care of children, and let Mr.__ enjoy the sex with her. We can say that Celie played a slave role of Mr.__, but later Celie transforms herself into an independent and individual woman. She has to thanks to two strong and independent women, and they become models for Celie in her life. These two women are Shug Avery and Sofia. If Sofia is a role that more senseless to Celie compared to Shug. At first time, Celie is jealous of Sofia’s confidence, “I don’t like to go to bed with him no more, she Sofia say. Used to be when he touch me I’d go all out my head. Now when he touch me I just don’t want to be bothered. Once he git on top of me I think bout how that’s where he always want to be. She sip her lemonade. I use to love that part of it, she say. I use to chase him home from the field. Git all hot just watching him put the children to bed. But no more. Now I feel tired all the time. No interest. Now, now, I say. Sleep on it some, maybe it come back. But I say this just to be saying something. I don’t know nothing bout it. Mr.__________ clam on top of me, do his business, in ten minutes us both sleep. Only time I feel something stirring down there is when I think bout Shug. And that like running to the end of the road and it turn back on itself.You know the worst part? she say. The worst part is I don’t think he notice. He git up there and enjoy himself just the same. No matter what I’m thinking. No matter what I feel. It just him. Heartfeeling don’t even seem to enter into it. She snort. The fact he can do it like that make me want to kill him.” This quote tells that Sofia had lost interest for Harpo. It shows Celie how Sofia is a strong individual, because Sofia thinks that when you have sex it should involves love and affection. Tha males in the novel only use sex as a sexual experience or wants to domantain on women. On the other hand, in the marriage of Sofia and Harpo, Sofia played a totally different role, because Sofia is more close to a “man” side, Celie thinks African-American women in a marriage has to obey what their husband says. But Sofia is more dominant in this marriage, so this helps Celie’s transformation. That’s where she begins to become to a stronger individual, and not easily get destroyed.         On the other hand, Shug is model to Celie, too. And she also helped Celie to become an independent woman in theory and practice. How she helped Celie is by giving her theory and practice, and she let Celie sees herself is a beautiful woman, and she is worth to any other human being. “She say, I love you, Miss Celie. And then she haul off and kiss me on the mouth. Um, she say, like she surprise. I kiss her back, say, um, too. Us kiss and kiss till us can’t hardly kiss no more. Then us touch each other. I don’t know nothing bout it, I say to Shug. I don’t know much, she say. Then I feels something real soft and wet on my breast, feel like one of my little lost babies mouth. Way after while, I act like a little lost baby too.” Celie’s only sexual satisfaction is with Shug, and Shug showed Celie how to masturbate, and that helps Celie to become more independent. It makes a connection with how Celie’s stepfather rapes her. Because for the first time Celie had sex for the first time was totally forced by other people, and for sure Celie was unwilling and unhappy about that. But when Shug taught Celie how to be happy when sex. After her first sexual satisfaction, something happens to Celie more than any other things, Celie become more independent, and more dominant over her life. She also finds that Mr.__ had hidden her letters wrote by her sister. This thing makes Celie to become a totally independence. She finally takes her step and leaves her husband, she goes out and live with Shug Avery. Celie also starts her own business which is sewing pants.         While Celie is away, she had huge development, she turned into a self-confident woman, and she also can face and be able to accept her worst past without any fear. Not only that, because of Celie gets more confident and more open-minded, that made her forgive Mr.__ for what he did to her at the beginning.


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