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In way or another (Huxley, 1932). As

In Brave New World, happiness is presented as a state of being the case that can be achieved when individuals recognize their inevitable destiny, that eventually results in social stability (Huxley, 1932). There are two points of view that help defines the term of happiness. The first point of happiness is a state of mind, and the second point being a life that goes well for the person living it (Haybron, 2011). It is noted that babies are empty as socialized human beings, meaning that they will be conditioned and predestined (Haybron, 2011). Regarding happiness, these people would develop to love their life, that includes their relationships, their career, and even their environment they live in. If these individuals are conditioned to search for happiness through their predetermined fate, they will grow up and not understand the true meaning of happiness.

In comparison with Aristotle’s view, “conclusion about nature of happiness is in a sense uniquely on its own” (Kraut, 2014). Likewise, individuals who live their lives as rational beings and in harmony with nature is guaranteed to become happy one way or another (Huxley, 1932). As an example, a man, or woman who treats others with admiration, and makes decisions that do not promote a negative effect towards their surroundings, will eventually find happiness. Even though this ideology holds a lot of accuracy, it is not clear a person could live or have a satisfied life (Kraut, 2014). I believe Huxley’s Brave New World and Aristotle’s point of view is closely related in terms of happiness because throughout one’s experience; also comes happiness.

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I think that happiness is a mental and emotional state of well-being, where the individual feels loved and accepted by others and their self. This backs up Aristotle’s point of view when talking about happiness. An individual not only finds happiness internally but also, expresses it externally. Additionally, I believe an individual finds happiness in every aspect of their everyday life such as friendship, career choices, achievements, etc. I also, think an individual should be thankful for everything in their life regardless the amount shown or given.  I believe, everyone experiences rough patches at some point in their life, but the individual knows that these feelings are only short-term; making happiness a combination of positive and negative experiences which ultimately builds an individual’s character, perspective, and behaviour.


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