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Increase in population at a outrageous pace to a digit of 7 billion, simultaneously the transportation systems have also increased at a higher rate leading to traffic congestion. Congestion causes decrease in efficiency and due to this travel time also increases, so these all problems led us for making picture of an Intelligent transportation system which represents a group of technologies using which one be able to manage transportation system, public transit as well as the transportation infrastructure.

The Intelligent Transportations Systems includes technologies like Wireless networks, Electronics and automated technology to improve safety, efficiency and to provide convenient transportation. 

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Intelligent Transportations Systems is designed for urban/state/private road transport organization. Every system related to transportation is turned smarter, which in turn makes the whole transportation intelligent. So here we propose our ideas to make the transportation system smarter.




1.     We came across accidents happening at curves at the hill stations due to lack of awareness of vehicles coming from the opposite direction. So to avoid this we can use an ultrasonic sensor to detect the vehicle and display it on a screen so that it alerts the driver coming from opposite direction to slow down the vehicle.

2.     Proximity sensor placed at different position in the vehicle can be used to detect humps so that driver can be alerted to slow down the vehicle. The same system can be used to drive in fog where the driver cannot see the vehicle ahead.

3.     Accidents also occur due to stress of driver. Using brain waves one can detect weather the driver is falling sleep and based on this, driver can be alerted and vehicle speed can also be reduced after indicating it through switching on the parking lights.

4.     Traffic congestion can be reduced by sending the details to the driver regarding the traffic in one particular area and allowing the driver to take another route such that distributing the number of vehicles to different routes. This can be implemented using GPS system.

5.     Traffic is also caused due to rash driving. Here we detect rash driving by placing a sensor on the steering wheel which sends us the information and send information to the nearest check port or station to further actions. To achieve this we are monitoring the vehicle movement in other words if a person is misusing the traffic area by zigzag driving or rash driving in the roads then in vehicle this system has to be implemented to track the vehicle moving in a zigzag fashion then automatically send message signal to the nearest check post with the help of RF transmitter. According to message signal we can take up further actions.

6.     We should develop a system if in case accident has occurred to help the victim to deal with it and also to avoid further traffic. This is done using tilt sensor and GPS where the sensor attached to the vehicle detects the tilt angle and location of accident and sends the message to nearby hospital, Police station and to victim’s family members using IOT. If the accident is not serious the driver is alert enough to press a button which stops sending message.

7.     The smarter vehicle also should be energy efficient. Many a times we have witnessed a situation where a driver keeps the engine of the vehicle turned on when in no use. We can develop a system to monitor this by turning off the engine automatically if the vehicle is in rest for some particular extent.


Hence all these ideas can be brought under one roof using “Internet of Things” technology to implement in every vehicle to make a safer, smarter and sustainable transportation system.



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