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Information system importance and problems Essay


In this subdivision, we study about the description of information system sing its importance and jobs. An information system is a group of inter-related constituents that work jointly to transport out input, processing, end product, storage and control actions in order to change over informations into information merchandises that can be used to back up prediction, planning, control, coordination, determination devising and operational activities in an organisation. It is besides a system designed to bring forth information that can be used to back up the activities of directors and other workers.

In a really wide sense, the term information system is often used to mention to the interaction between people, procedures, informations and engineering. In this sense, the term is used to mention non merely to the information and communicating engineering ( ICT ) an organisation uses, but besides to the manner in which people interact with this engineering in support of concern procedures. Some make a clear differentiation between information systems, ICT and concern procedures.

Information systems are distinguishable from information engineering in that an information system is typically seen as holding an ICT constituent. Information systems are besides different from concern procedures. Information systems help to command the public presentation of concern procedures. As such, information systems inter-relate with informations systems on the one manus and activity systems on the other. An information system is a signifier of communicating system in which information represent and are processed as a signifier of societal memory. An information system can besides be considered a semiformal linguistic communication which supports human determination devising and action. Information systems are the primary focal point of survey for the information systems subject and for organisational information sciences.

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The first stage in an information systems development undertaking. Its purposes are to set up whether the undertaking is executable and fix to guarantee the undertaking is successful. This is the most of import facet of the induction phase. It involves executing a cost-benefit analysis and sing non pecuniary considerations such as the consequence that the new system will hold on staff. An overall feasibleness survey may be conducted to set up the concern grounds for proceeding, followed by a comparing of alternate proficient solutions from different provider.

Current Situation

Information Systems ( IS ) development raises many of import challenges to organisations. Nowadays, depending on the type of organisation, to some extent concern procedures are supported by some sort of IS. It is non unusual to hold in some organisations information and processs islands missing from a desirable incorporate entree to information. This work presents major motives and challenges for an IS development/implementation undertaking. The different stuffs which are studied were used to help in the readying of the Project work study were the books from Library and different articles from the cyberspace.

It is reported an experience of an IS execution in a public establishment of higher instruction ( Goncalves, & A ; Fernandes, 2007 ) , which had, among other ends, the intent of mitigate information islands by supplying a cardinal entree point to information. Alter argues for an information system as a particular type of work system. A work system is a system in which worlds and/or machines execute work utilizing resources ( including ICT ) to bring forth specific merchandises and/or services for clients. An information system is a work system whose activities are devoted to processing ( capturing, conveying, hive awaying, recovering, pull stringsing and exposing ) information.

Problem Areas

Information Systems ( IS ) that support their concern procedures are frequently information islands, normally nonintegrated. The existent position of IS is a holistic and incorporate support to all

Organizations ‘ procedures and many times incorporating with supply concatenation spouses ‘ procedures. Although we have been helping to the proposal of several engineerings and Methodologies, over the last old ages, we still assist frequently to IS development and execution failures. In ( Charette, 2005 ) are presented some recurrent jobs in IS undertakings: demands gaining control and system specification, unrealistic and unarticulated ends, trade with undertaking complexness, etc. taking frequently to systems with lacking support and serviceability for the needed functionalities advancing users opposition in following them ( in fact some are abandoned without being used at all ) .As many writers pointed out, many of the failures seen in IS development can be traced to miss of apprehension of organisational civilization or of the societal factors that affect the ways that people interact and work together. As referred in ( Markus, Majchrzak et al. , 2002 ) , one time a new system is introduced to back up a procedure the existent manner of carry oning that procedure alterations. When systems are introduced in an organisation environment, some tend to believe that the work will be done basically in the same manner but more expeditiously and rapidly. This is seldom true, the work system alterations frequently in an unintended, unforeseen and frequently unwanted manner.

In today ‘s extremely technological universe, Information in an organisation is as of import, if non more of import, than other assets. The systems and resources treating such Information are besides of major importance.

Second, ICT Systems have bit by bit taken over determination doing duties from human existences. Increased volumes, altering engineering and widening expertness may take to hazards such as the followers.

  • Loss of informations due to accidents, deliberate intercession, etc.
  • Loss of confidentiality due to insecure entree to information
  • High cost of recovery in instance of dislocations
  • Inefficient acquisition and development of package applications
  • Inefficient usage of ICT systems due to miss of preparation
  • Business break
  • Loss of information unity

Key Work

Probably the most of import is guaranting that the scheme defined is consistent with the mission and aims of the concern. Techniques for accomplishing this are reviewed, together with tendencies in IS scheme, such as location of IS within a big company and outsourcing IS direction to third party companies. Key issues in implementing the scheme are detailed in the countries of ensuring IS are unafraid ; pull offing end-user installations such as desktop-PCs, development tools and the aid desk ; pull offing a company intranet and its cyberspace presence and guaranting the company is moving within moral, ethical and legal guidelines.

Components Of Computer System In ABC Company

A computing machine system consists of a figure of inter-related constituents that work together with the purpose of change overing informations into information. I n a computing machine system, processing is carried out electronically, normally with small or no intercession from a human user. The constituents of a computing machine system include hardware and package.


Hardware describes the physical constituents of a computing machine system. Data is input, so processed harmonizing to package instructions, so end product, to the screen for illustration as information. Information that needs to be stored for good will be placed in storage.

Input Devicess

Input devices are used to capture or come in informations into the computing machine. Device is used in this context to mention to an single piece of hardware with a specific map. A computer-based information system will seldom do usage of merely a individual input device. Even a typical personal computing machine will frequently have several different methods for informations entry, such as keyboard, mouse, control stick and sound card.

End product Devicess

Output devices display the consequences of computing machine processing. The most common end product devices which is used in company ABC are proctor, pressmans etc. As a standard constituent of a computing machine system, proctors are comparatively cheap to buy, mend or replace.

Storage Devicess

Storage devices are used to hive away plans, informations expecting processing and the information ensuing from computing machine processing. Storage devices are categorized as primary storage in which information is loaded into computing machine memory such as RAM ( Random Access Memory ) , Secondary storage in which information is stored in a separate device, where the information will retained even if the machine is switched off. Floppy discs, difficult discs, removable disc, CD-ROM, DVD are illustrations of secondary storage.


The CPU ( Central Processing Unit ) found within a computing machine consists of two constituents: a control unit and an arithmetic logic unit ( ALU ) . The control unit fetches commands from memory, decodes them and executes them. It controls the operation of all hardware, including all input/output operations. The ALU carries out arithmetical computations, for illustration add-on and can besides do comparings between values. The processor uses instructions from package to command the different constituents of a Personal computer.


Software can be defined as a series of elaborate instructions that control the operation of a computing machine system. Software exists as plans that are developed by computing machine coders. Application package like Spreadsheet, Excel, Ms-Dos, and Windows XP are used in a company ABC. This package is daily used in order to modulate the activities of the company.


For the modern concern to run efficaciously, the links linking its people and their computing machines are critical. The web links provide the channels for information to flux continuously between people working in different sections of a company, or in different companies. This allows people to join forces much more expeditiously than before the coming of webs when information flow was irregular and undependable. These links besides allow hardware such as pressmans and facsimiles to be shared more cost efficaciously. A simple web that links three Personal computer workstations with a shared waiter and pressman. Here the computing machines and the pressman are the chief constituents of the web, with the overseas telegrams and web cards organizing other constituents. This little graduated table or work group web gives the following benefits by enabling workers to portion common information which is typically stored on the waiter, communicating between workers, possibly through electronic mail or a shared journal system, sharing of assorted installations such as printing, difficult disc storage or package applications on the waiter.

Network Classification

Computer webs can be classified harmonizing to the hardware and package engineering that is used to complect the single devices in the web, such as Optical fibre, Ethernet, Wireless LAN. Ethernet uses physical wiring to link devices. Frequently deployed devices include hubs, switches, Bridgess and/or routers. Wireless LAN engineering is designed to link devices without wiring. These devices use wireless moving ridges or infrared signals as a transmittal medium. Networks are frequently classified as Local Area Network ( LAN ) , Wide Area Network ( WAN ) , Metropolitan Area Network ( MAN ) , Personal Area Network ( PAN ) , Virtual Private Network ( VPN ) , Campus Area Network ( CAN ) , Storage Area Network ( SAN ) , etc. depending on their graduated table, range and intent. Use, trust degrees and entree rights frequently differ between these types of web – for illustration, LANs tend to be designed for internal usage by an organisation ‘s internal systems and employees in single physical locations ( such as a edifice ) , while WANs may link physically separate parts of an organisation to each other and may include connexions to 3rd parties.

Types Of Network Used In A Company ABC


An Internetwork is the connexion of two or more distinguishable computing machine webs or web sections via a common routing engineering. The consequence is called an internetwork ( frequently shortened to internet ) . Two or more webs or web sections connect utilizing devices that operate at bed 3 ( the ‘network ‘ bed ) of the OSI Basic Reference Model, such as a router. Any interconnectedness among or between public, private, commercial, industrial, or governmental webs may besides be defined as an internetwork.

In modern pattern, interconnected webs use the Internet Protocol. There are at least three discrepancies of internetworks, depending on who administers and who participates in them:

  • Intranet
  • Extranet
  • Internet

Intranets and extranets may or may non hold connexions to the Internet. If connected to the Internet, the intranet or extranet is usually protected from being accessed from the Internet without proper mandate. The Internet is non considered to be a portion of the intranet or extranet, although it may function as a portal for entree to parts of an extranet.

An intranet is a set of webs, utilizing the Internet Protocol and IP-based tools such as web browsers and file transfer an application that is under the control of a individual administrative entity. That administrative entity closes the intranet to all but specific, authorised users. Most normally, an intranet is the internal web of an organisation. A big intranet will typically hold at least one web waiter to supply users with organisational information.

An extranet is a web or internetwork that is limited in range to a individual organisation or entity and besides has limited connexions to the webs of one or more other normally, but non needfully, trusted organisations or entities ( e.g. , a company ‘s clients may be given entree to some portion of its intranet making in this manner an extranet, while at the same clip the clients may non be considered ‘trusted ‘ from a security point of view ) . Technically, an extranet may besides be categorized as a CAN, MAN, WAN, or other type of web, although, by definition, an extranet can non dwell of a individual LAN ; it must hold at least one connexion with an external web.

The Internet is a planetary system of interrelated governmental, academic, public, and private computing machine webs which is based upon the networking engineerings of the Internet Protocol Suite. The Internet is besides the communications backbone underlying the World Wide Web ( WWW ) . The ‘Internet ‘ is most normally spelled with a capital ‘I ‘ as a proper noun, for historical grounds and to separate it from other generic internetworks.

Local Area Network

A local Area Network ( LAN ) is a computing machine web covering a little physical country, like a place, office, or little group of edifices, such as a school, or an airdrome. Current wired LANs are most likely to be based on Ethernet engineering, although new criterions like ITU-T G.hn besides provide a manner to make a wired LAN utilizing bing place wires ( coaxal overseas telegrams, phone lines and power lines ) .

ABC Company may hold a wired or wireless LAN for users to complect local devices ( e.g. , pressmans and waiters ) and to link to the cyberspace. On a wired LAN, Personal computers in the library are typically connected by class 5 ( Cat5 ) overseas telegram, running the IEEE 802.3 protocol through a system of interrelated devices and finally link to the Internet. The overseas telegrams to the waiters are typically on Cat 5e enhanced overseas telegram, which will back up IEEE 802.3 at 1 Gbit/s. A wireless LAN may be utilizing a different IEEE protocol, 802.11b, 802.11g or perchance 802.11n. The staff computing machines ( bright viridity in the figure ) can acquire to the colour pressman, check-out procedure records, and the academic web and the Internet. All user computing machines can acquire to the Internet and the card catalog. Each workgroup can acquire to its local pressman. Note that the pressmans are non accessible from outside their workgroup

Typical company web, in a ramification tree topology and controlled entree to resources.All interrelated devices must understand the web bed ( layer 3 ) , because they are managing multiple subnets ( the different colourss ) . Those inside the library, which have merely 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet connexions to the user device and a Gigabit Ethernet connexion to the cardinal router, could be called “ bed 3 switches ” because they merely have Ethernet interfaces and must understand. It would be more right to name them entree routers, where the router at the top is a distribution router that connects to the Internet and academic webs ‘ client entree routers.

The specifying features of LANs, in contrast to WANs ( Wide Area Networks ) , include their higher information transportation rates, smaller geographic scope, and deficiency of a demand for leased telecommunication lines. Current Ethernet or other IEEE 802.3 LAN engineerings operate at velocities up to 10 Gbit/s. This is the informations transportation rate. IEEE has undertakings look intoing the standardisation of 40 and 100 Gbit/s.

Hardware Components

All webs are made up of basic hardware constructing blocks to complect web nodes, such as Network Interface Cards ( NICs ) , Bridges, Hubs, Switches, and Routers. In add-on, some method of linking these edifice blocks is required, normally in the signifier of voltaic overseas telegram ( most normally Category 5 overseas telegram ) . Less common are microwave links ( as in IEEE 802.12 ) or optical overseas telegram ( “ optical fibre ” ) . An Ethernet card may besides be required.

Network Interface Cards

A web card, web arranger, or NIC ( web interface card ) is a piece of computing machine hardware designed to let computing machines to pass on over a computing machine web. It provides physical entree to a networking medium and frequently provides a low-level addressing system through the usage of MAC references.


A repeater is electronic devices that receives a signal, clean it from the unneeded noise, renew it and retransmits it at a higher power degree, or to the other side of an obstructor, so that the signal can cover longer distances without debasement. In most distorted brace Ethernet constellations, repeaters are required for overseas telegram which runs longer than 100 metres.


A web hub contains multiple ports. When a package arrives at one port, it is copied unmodified to all ports of the hub for transmittal. The finish reference in the frame is non changed to a broadcast reference.


A web span connects multiple web sections at the informations link bed ( layer 2 ) of the OSi theoretical account. Bridges do non indiscriminately copy traffic to all ports, as hubs do, but learn which MAC references are approachable through specific ports. Once the span associates a port and an reference, it will direct traffic for that reference merely to that port. Bridges do direct broadcasts to all ports except the 1 on which the broadcast was received.

Bridges learn the association of ports and references by analyzing the beginning reference of frames that it sees on assorted ports. Once a frame arrives through a port, its beginning reference is stored and the span assumes that MAC reference is associated with that port. The first clip that a antecedently unknown finish reference is seen, the span will send on the frame to all ports other than the 1 on which the frame arrived.

Bridges come in three basic types:

  • Local Bridgess: Directly connect local country webs ( LANs )
  • Distant Bridgess: Can be used to make a broad country web ( WAN ) link between LANs. Remote bridges, where the connecting nexus is slower than the terminal webs, mostly have been replaced with routers.
  • Wireless Bridgess: Can be used to fall in LANs or connect distant Stationss to LANs


A web switch is a device that forwards and filters OSI layer 2 datagram ‘s ( ball of informations communicating ) between ports ( connected overseas telegrams ) based on the MAC references in the packages. This is distinguishable from a hub in that it merely forwards the frames to the ports involved in the communicating instead than all ports connected. A switch breaks the hit sphere but represents itself a broadcast sphere. Switches make send oning determinations of frames on the footing of MAC references. A switch usually has legion ports, easing a star topology for devices, and cascading extra switches. Some switches are capable of routing based on Layer 3 addressing or extra logical degrees ; these are called multi-layer switches. The term switch is used slackly in marketing to embrace devices including routers and Bridgess, every bit good as devices that may administer traffic on burden or by application content ( e.g. , a Web URL identifier ) .


A router is a networking device that forwards packages between webs utilizing information in protocol headings and send oning tabular arraies to find the best following router for each package. Routers work at the Network Layer ( layer 3 ) of the OSI theoretical account and the Internet Layer of TCP/IP.

Advantages Of Management Information System

When information systems are designed to supply information needed for effectual determination devising by directors, they are called direction information systems. MIS is a formal system for supplying direction with accurate and timely information necessary for determination devising. The system provides information on the yesteryear, nowadays and undertaking hereafter and on relevant events inside and outside the organisation. It may be defined as a planned and integrated system for garnering relevant informations, change overing it in to right information and providing the same to the concerned executives.

The chief intent of MIS is to supply the right information to the right people at the right clip. Effective direction information systems are needed by all concern organisation because of the increased complexness and rate of alteration of today ‘s concern environment. For Example, Marketing director demand information about gross revenues public presentation and tendencies, fiscal trough returns, production directors needs information analysing resources demand and worker productiveness and forces director require information refering employee compensation and professional development? Therefore, effectual direction information systems must be developed to supply modern directors with the specific selling, fiscal, production and forces information merchandises they required to back up their determination devising duties.

An MIS provides the undermentioned advantages.

1. It Facilitates be aftering: MIS improves the quality of workss by supplying relevant information for sound determination – devising. Due to increase in the size and complexness of organisations, directors have lost personal contact with the scene of operations.

2. In Minimizes information overload: MIS change the larger sum of informations in to sum up signifier and at that place by avoids the confusion which may originate when directors are flooded with elaborate facts.

3. MIS Encourages Decentralization: Decentralization of authorization is perchance when there is a system for supervising operations at lower degrees. MIS is successfully used for mensurating public presentation and doing necessary alteration in the organisational programs and processs.

4. It brings Co ordination: MIS installations integrating of specialised activities by maintaining each section aware of the job and demands of other sections. It connects all determination centres in the organisation.

5. It makes control easier: MIS serves as a nexus between managerial planning and control. It improves the ability of direction to measure and better public presentation. The used computing machines has increased the information processing and storage capablenesss and reduced the cost.

6. MIS assembles, procedure, shops, Retrieves, evaluates and disseminates the information.


Many transnational companies are now utilizing information engineering to enable them to make concern in different states. While companies have ever been able to run in different states, new system has made this more efficient. It is now possible to utilize fewer staff or base more of them in the state of the parent company and give better control with faster response to the conditions in the local market. It is the handiness of broad country webs, the cyberspace and distributed client/server engineering that have made this possible.

We presented an overview of IS execution challenges illustrated with a instance survey in accompany ABC. Users are satisfied with the portal ‘s design, functionalities and contents and province that information has quality and usefulness. We will besides see some alterations inferred from the rating study.

Despite the major betterments, we still see some jobs sing concern procedures workflows exclusions raised from unannounced state of affairss. Framed with writers research involvements, as future work we intend to farther develop a groupware faculty to turn to workflow procedures exclusions. These plants studied how to convey IS back to theoretical account counsel after divergences caused by unannounced events. However, we intend to travel beyond this perspective towards the support of new emergent and collaborative work constructions, where theoretical accounts do non function as prescriptions but instead as artefacts that may assist acquiring the work done ( Suchman, 1987 ; Gasson, 1999 ) . Therefore to better job resolution and determination devising in such scenarios we defend a state of affairs context word picture in a phenomelogical position which regards contexts as relational entities associating all involved histrions, actions and objects, and germinating dynamically as actions unfold ( Borges, Brezillon et al. , 2004 ) opposing the rationalist position, traditionally adopted by the technology field that regards contexts as stable information entities and dissociable from actions.


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