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Introduction a combination of hardware and software






























In the past 10 years, even many
smaller businesses have found that computer inventory management systems are
very useful for the environment, and make their jobs quick done it’s much
easier than doing the same things manually. Inventory control is significant to
assure control in businesses that handle dealings revolving around consumer
goods. The inventory control system must be able to warn the vendor when one of
the items in the store is going to be out of stock soon and make the person who
handles this kind of thing reorder (how good the system ,very good), then maybe
one day some main items can be out of stock, affecting the business harmfully.
Simply saying “we don’t have that stuff right now”, is to some extent less than
fully professional.

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Required Types of equipment:


Inventory management technology
is a combination of hardware and software designed to add reliability to
inventory accounting, decrease incidents of theft and facilitate inventory
audits. Individual inventory items or batches of items could be equipped with
RFID tags that identify the item type, cost, price, delivery number, date of
shipment and almost any other useful information. Software inventory management
solutions replace pen-and-note systems, reducing the time required to account
for inventory additions and subtractions. We have an average budget to set up
this system, so I will have two laptops, wireless router, barcode printer, two
barcode scanners, printer and the internet service. To the startup, we will
begin with the use of the arrival inventory system from Archon Systems.
The software will benefit my sister to take orders and abstract items out of
the inventory with a single click. This software will also generate reports,
and do inventory with the same equipment using a wireless barcode scanner.  One of which will show the demand for a given
product. We will also set up the laptop with wireless internet access which
will enable her to conduct sales 


These we must have as minimum
equipment to set up an accurate inventory management system:


Laptop or desktop – Laptop or
computer with access wireless can allow managing his sales and creating or
managing inventory items.

Wireless router – The wireless
router will assure wireless access point for the laptop or computer. This
modifies laptop to be mobile for inventory goals.

Barcode label printer – A barcode
label printer is computer hardware for printing barcode labels or
tags that will be attached to the inventory.

Printers/ Faxe pr – This
equipment’s can be used for making an order, send faxes, print receipts,
reports or etc.

Barcode scanner – A barcode scanner is an
electronic device for reading printed barcodes. This barcode scanner will be
used with the mobile laptop for sales and inventory.



Of course, all of this equipment
costs a portion of the profits. It depends on the business how much money can
be expended on an inventory system. If the business has the large budget, that
would allow for a more accurate, user-friendly and secure system. If we talk
about the average budget these are some prices for the equipment:


Laptop or desktop
computer- computer uses at this time,
pricing of this item) – We can buy a Toshiba Satellite C855-S5343 PSCBLU 15.6
inch laptop with an  i3-3110M processor,
2.4 GHz speed, 6GB DDR3  RAM, 500 GB 5400
rpm Hard Drive and Windows 8 Professional 64-bit operating system at a cost of
$459.99  (2013, Amazon).

Printer –  We can buy a Brother HL 2270 DW compact Laser
Printer with Wireless Networking and Duplex. We can use it for any purpose such
as printing receipts or reports, also we can use it as a fax machine. (Amazon



Wireless router – We can buy media link wireless
N broadband router for 49.99 (2013 Amazon) the media link provides fast
speed and reliable variety. It will connect computers, wireless printers, and
other Wi-Fi devices at speeds up to 150 Mbps. Internal antenna technology
provides broad wireless coverage throughout your home. 150 Mbs- 2.4 GHz-
802.11n w (2013, Amazon).


USB Barcode Scanner – We can buy the newest model Tao
Tronics TT-BS007 wireless cordless handheld barcode scanner bar code reader for
179.99 (Amazon 2013) Increases application design flexibility to
better meet your specific needs. Cordless
and anti-interference scan with a secure wireless transmission of data helps
users increase productivity and cut costs while providing free movement
throughout the workspace. It has an integrated non-volatile
memory which secures data even when it is out of signal or power off.


Barcode Label printer – We can buy a DYMO label writer
450 turbos high speed for 63.09 (Amazon 2013). If you want to get cheaper one,
you can get around 15$ too.  DYMO Label version 8 software allows you to make
and print address, transport, file, folder and barcode labels.





Maintenance shouldn’t be behind
for any reason. It is very important because these types of electronic devices
can be bankrupt easily. They can break for any reason such as high heat: if
they work nonstop more than 5 hours, they can get overheated, which the
equipment cannot handle. Possibly not in the first week but most certainly you
can expect failure within three weeks. In that case, you have to purchase new
equipment which is not good for the business. Equipment takes four or more
hours or more than 10% of its monthly maintenance budget to repair. If
equipment fails three or more times per month, repairs need to be performed
externally. Equipment can be repaired in less than four hours at a cost between
2 and 10% of its once-a-month maintenance budget. If equipment bombs fewer than
three times per month, equipment costs of less than 2% of its monthly
maintenance budget can be allotted to have it repaired at a later time.






Software – Inflows Inventory
manages products and inventory. It keeps products organized with pictures,
prices, and categories. Inflow can simply handle 10,000+ products on a steady
PC. It customs barcode scanners to manage your inventory more quickly and
accurately. Inflow is compatible with most barcode scanners you can plug into
your computer. It tracks inventory in multiple locations uses sub-locations to
more precisely track aisle numbers, bin numbers, etc. It gives a full history
of any inventory movements or adjustments to track down any problems or theft.
It uses a simple work-flow to take orders and deduct inventory with one click.
It uses innovative work-flow to track more complete things like delivery
information, particular picking, and customer proceeds. It works well with
professionally designed invoices. We can customize the logo, color, and fonts
to suit your business’ style. We can use the “Reorder Stock button”
to automatically generate purchase orders for products that are low in stock.
It ensures accuracy by printing or emailing purchase orders with both your own
product codes and the vendor’s product codes. Inflow can mechanically keep
track of your product costs, using a moving average if they change. It can provide
a graphed timeline of sales, profits or inventory levels to see how the
business is doing visually.


Customizable reports to get
detailed information about total sales, whole taxes, best-selling products,
products on back order, and how extended your inventory will last can be



Total Cost involved In System: 



We can make everybody working on
the same data in real time using multi-user mode. We can limit who has access
to see or adapt usage. Arrival allows you to create different login users, each
with a different set of access rights such as who can reorder stock, who can
make a sale or who can do inventory. Inflow allows you to rename any labels or
messages within the software. Inflow mixes with QuickBooks or Exile by
importing and exporting data in the industry-usual “”CSV ‘”format. Inflow is
offered in three different versions. They are available in basic, regular and
premium. I recommend a purchase of regular edition for a cost of $299. This
will allow unlimited product entry and up to five user certificate. It also
gives you access to one of the essential reports which can give data on high
demand items (inflowinventory.com). The total cost to completely set up this
process will be about $1350.00.

Workflow Diagram























Here will not be any continuing
cost for any minor software upgrades. Inflow will provide them free of charge.
Internet service will be provided by Comcast Business Class at a cost of $89.99
per month which will include phone service. This will offset the cost currently
paid for phone service. Another maintenance service will include thermal paper
for the label printer at a cost of $10.99 printer ink and ink for the inkjet
printer. There are 1280 labels in the one roll of Zebra compatible thermal







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