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Introduction it was not until 1954 scientists


 Solar energy as its name shows the Energy of the sun since the beginning of Mankind we have used the energy of the Sun to dry clothes and food but it was not until 1954 scientists in the United States Worked out a way to use the sun to create Electricity.

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Energy History

This undertaking winds up plainly essential on account of history. In extremely expansive terms there have been


a few imperative topics as takes after:


• The United States built up its industry and foundation over the previous century

with the supposition that there would be a boundless and persevering supply of

uncommonly minimal effort vitality. This supposition was substantial until the 1970s when

nations like the United States needed to confront the OPEC ‘oil stun’ when worldwide

vitality costs reset at levels significantly higher than had won some time recently;

• Because of the historical backdrop of ease vitality, US industry and US framework was

worked in ways that were amazingly vitality wasteful whether it was mechanical

forms, transportation gear, private lodging or business and

mechanical structures. A lot of this foundation still exists … a substantial extent

of the structures in the United States were planned and constructed over 30 years

back when vitality costs, particularly in the United States, were much lower than

they have been lately;

• Even however the ‘oil stun’ occurred around 40 years back, many building proprietors

are still ‘trying to claim ignorance’ about the way that in the present and progressively later on

there will be high vitality costs in respect to the past;

• Belatedly maybe, yet now policymakers (in Washington at the Federal level and

in State Capitals around the nation,) comprehend the need to give motivators to

energize the development of the vitality retrofit industry and are proceeding onward a

large number of activities

Innovation and financial matters are presently driving venture towards vitality effectiveness


It is important that:

• Gasoline sold for 27 pennies a gallon in 1973. In 2013 the cost is around $3.50 a


• Crude oil was at $3.50 a barrel before 1973 and is currently around $95.00 a barrel.

These cases are not balanced for change in the estimation of the dollar after some time and the many changes in expenses and costs that have occurred throughout the years.

This arrangement tends to two isolated yet related sections of the development business


Market: 1. Sun oriented Energy System Installation, and

2. Vitality Efficiency Retrofits

While it is clear that both these market sections have solid development prospects, there is a major hole between what might have all the earmarks of being the market potential and the genuine

Accomplishment. The ‘unseen details are the main problem’, and the inquiry ‘Why at that point is little interest in the area in respect to the potential? Should be replied.

Goals and Objectives

The objectives of this task is to be an effective association to actualize

these exercises and to do it in a way that the association is

fiscally beneficial and consequently practical, with the goal that financial specialists have a low

hazard and safe venture opportunity, that clients get a decent result and

society all in all gets a positive effect.



The revenues for the business of solar energy system installation and energy efficiency

retrofits come mainly from the payment for the supply of material and labor to complete

a project, rather the same as an automobile manufacture gets revenue from the sale of a

car to a customer.

In the same way that the automobile industry has increased its revenues by creating a

financing dimension to the business, the solar energy installation and energy efficiency

retrofit business should do the same. In the automobile industry, cars are financed by

industry owned financial units and cars are leased.

SEER establishes an organizational framework that comprises both the technical

operations and the financing and lease activities in a complete and integrated structure


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