Aveneu Park, Starling, Australia

Introduction No 35, Templers Road, Mount Lavinia,


I Christine Dinusha Mahendrarajan, resident of No 35, Templers
Road, Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka, holder of Passport Number N2907895 hereby submit
my statement of purpose as follows.

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I would like to enroll in the Master of Project Management offered
by Central Queensland University in Australia which commences on 26th
February 2018.

Education Background

The Background of my educational qualifications are as follows:

I underwent my Primary and Secondary education at Methodist
College, Colombo 03, Sri Lanka during 1990 to 2004. During my school career I was involved
in athletics and was member of literary association on successful  completion of my school career I joined B.A (Social Science) at Open University  of Sri Lanka in 2005 which I could pursue
only for a period of 2 years as my mother had fallen sick. 

Later in 2008 in the month of March I joined a 18 month  Diploma 
course offered by Edexcel UK, 
after passing the course in Merit I joined B.Sc (Hons) in
Information  Technology and passed out
with Second class upper Honors in September 2011 which was offered by Middlesex
University  UK.

Further enrolled in Masters in
Business Administration at the ICBT (University of Cardiff Metropolitan, UK) in
March 2016 and completed successfully in October 2017 with Pass grading. (Kindly note that according to Sri Lankan
education system Master’s Degree can be done with at least 5 years working


Work Experience

successful completion of my first degree I joined the family concern MD Plastics,
Mount Lavinia and to apply the gained educational skill in real-time
environment and based on my Qualification. Which once was a Factory run by my
father which was sold later and we were into just buying and selling
establishing ourselves as Dealers. Later my elder brother took over the company
and Lead the company as a Sole proprietor. I Initially started my career as a
Sales executive to undergo training to understand the process as an Apprentice,
as a sales executive I was primarily catering the needs of customers through
telephonic conversation and dealing in direct sales to customers whose
requirements were mostly plumbing accessories such as pipes, connectors, plugs
and also water bottles, shampoo bottles, Gum Bottles, caps etc. After undergoing
training I was appointed as Assistant sales manager and I was reporting directly
to the Proprietor. As an Assistant sales manager my duty was to forecast the customer
requirements and updating it to proprietor and coordinating with various
suppliers for timely delivery of the products to keep in stock so as to respond
and deliver as soon as possible to the customer. Due to increase in demand and
to increase the responsibilities I have been promoted and working as a Business
Development Manager till date. As the company was under the direct supervision
by my brother and me we just share the profit gained from the sales and no
separate salary nor its breakup such as EPF, ETF was not provided.

Why not study in Sri Lanka

Though many institutes under different universities offers Masters
in project management, Sri Lankan universities and its degrees  are not recognized unlike other universities
and I personally feel that the there is a 
lack in teaching procedures which I experienced in my academics.

To grow as a world class leader it is necessary to get trained by a
world class Academic institute.

Having degrees with UK affiliation offered by University is no way
comparable to obtaining the degree in direct from the University.


Why study in Australia

While conducting survey about top universities abroad I came to know
that Australia’s educational policy is unlike other countries and hence it
attracts students worldwide providing a practical learning approach in which
our Sri Lankan universities are lacking.

Also it is said that Australian government regulates and improvise
its education system which is favorable to international students since its
economy is getting contributed by students from other countries.

Also No Universities from Sri Lanka falls under the top 100
ranking list amongst other international universities and its advantages and
prestigious to study in such universities to gain additional knowledge with a
great exposure to practical applications and to get recognized. Also which will
be an added advantage in getting employment in globally renowned organizations worldwide. 

expenses and tuition costs are considerably lower in Australia than they are in
United States and United Kingdom. International students are able to work part
time while they study, allowing them to offset their living costs. There is
also the possibility of scholarships, which can help to lower the cost of
studying in Australia for international students.

visiting the country are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week while they are
studying in Australia. This is a great opportunity for students who want to
earn money to help with living expenses during their stay, and for students who
want to gain work experience in their field of interest while they study.

After completion of Masters,
International students are allowed to work in Australia for 2 years which will
help me to gain international working experience


Why Central Queensland University

I have chosen Central Queensland University because it is one of
the top 2 % of universities worldwide also 1st ASHOKA U CHANGEMAKER
campus in Australia, not only that Central Queensland University offers
internships for most popular courses.

 I trust that the Master of
Project Management  will pave way for
multidisciplinary  exposure so that I may
gain wide experience in projects in globally 
recognized organizations through internship or post qualification
employment which I will be acquiring during 
my academics  and post  completion of the same. Which I would apply
in my future career.

Why Project Management, Importance
of career & Career plan

Master of Project Management course is selected as
it has got wide opportunities awaiting for the project managers in their
profession. The degree leads to fruitful careers for them whose passion lies in
changing the world. As a degree holder in IT & MBA I have accomplished
these aspects in my course of studies. I would like magnify the potential in
the area of project management.

In my perspective, I see Project management as a
course where an official in that particular field applies the vision in various
aspects such as skill, technique etc, and also by coordinating with the
management, resources, staffs, customers and stakeholders to accomplish the
strategies and goals of the organization. Its main aim being the Quality, just
in time concepts, budget optimization, and Profit. From above key points it is
obvious that there is a need of knowledge in management and Information Science
in which I can input the necessary requirements from the previously acquired
degrees and bloom as a eminent project manager.

The Objectives and academic process in Project
management course are very similar to the acquired Management degree, as both
the degrees are goal oriented and involves nearly similar challenges (although
project management has a wide one) they are quite interlinked which can make
the acquired skills interchangeable as whenever and wherever required.

Project Management offers training which would
further exaggerate the current knowledge with additional information and skills
which can be imparted in solving critical issues and to make important decisions.
This degree will also lift me to a position where I can understand the management’s
strategies, develop problem solving skills, review data, frame policies and
objectives and foresee the risk. Also it will develop other important skills
required to keep the organization function smoothly such as Team management,
Negotiation, Personal Organization, Risk management, Leadership and

While completing the course I would be in a position
where I can handle and do effective project plans, accurately estimate time
constraints, analyze the requirement of the organization, its customers, its
staff, its suppliers and its consumers and would frame the policies for them
respectively. Also I would become skilled enough to implement various analysis
tools for monitoring the various aspects of the business.

After the completion of my course, when I return to
Sri Lanka there will be opportunities awaiting in reputed companies like
Virtusa, Pyxle, Pearson,99X Technology (Pvt) Ltd, Eyepax  IT consulting (Pvt) Ltd, Cyber Concepts (Pvt)
Ltd, etc. International ventures have invested huge amounts in Sri Lankan
economy in various sectors such as health, I.T, education, real estate,
shipping, defense, apparels, oil etc. I am awaiting  positions such as project overseer after
graduation and in the  next 5 years I foresee
myself as a project manager / project director , also I can work as a
freelancer or start an outsourcing company in that area. It would be a life
changing opportunity indeed.


Family Background and Financial Support


My parents (Mr. & Mrs.
Mahendrarajan) & My Uncle (Mr. James Sugumar) will sponsor my tuition fee
for 2 years during my studies and my Uncle will provide me the food &
accommodation in Sydney during my stay. We own 2 houses in mount Lavinia with a
present worth of 90 Million, and also we own a Car worth 4 million, there is
also a bank deposit worth 7 million. The expenses of our family is also aided
by my Brother.  I will be grateful, if
you consider my application and give me an opportunity to enroll for the above





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