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Introduction: of overseas (Sixberry, 2016). · There


Greeting          : Hello, everyone.

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Opener                        : I would like to begin
by asking you a few questions about studying. Please raise your hand if you
like to study in local universities. Okay. Now, those who like to study aboard
please put up your hand. Thank you. Today, as you can probably guess my topic
is “Studying in local universities is better than studying aboard”. Many people
prefer to further studies aboard if they have the opportunity. However, not
everyone can afford on oversea education.

statement: I strongly believe that studying in local universities is better
than studying aboard.

Preview           : There are three points to support
my opinion which are the affordable living cost, familiar surroundings and
close to hometown.

Body Paragraphs:

1) The expenses are relatively much
lower than that of foreign universities (Jalali, 2017).

The amount of money required to study
overseas is several time higher due to the exchange rate.

There are many successful local
graduates in the corporate world who are playing prominent roles in their
respective fields.

To earn the amount of money incurred a
full course overseas will take many years.

2) There is not much change in the
surroundings as compared with that of overseas (Sixberry, 2016).

There is no worry about adapting the new
environment. Undergraduates will no need to acclimate themselves to the cold
weather, different culture and language.

A person who if not proficient in
English will encounter difficulties especially for studying aboard.

For example, someone who takes up
medical science in Russia might adapt to bitterly cold weather, try to learn
Russian language and master English before he could qualify as a doctor. If he
studies in Malaysia, he does not need to go through all these troubles.

3) Studying in local university is
mean very closer to hometown (Crystal, 2015).

Frequent trips home or visits from
family members are possible to prevent homesick.

Undergraduates do not need to go through
the hassle of custom procedures at the airport and could reach home before the
day is over.

It is impossible if students who study
overseas as it is too costly and tiring to travel too often. Some of them may
even not return home every year in order to scale down their expenses.


Phrase   : In closing, I hope I’ve shown
you why studying in local universities are the best choice.

Review            : As you’ve heard today, studying in
local universities let undergraduates to have affordable living cost, familiar
surroundings and close to hometown. 

Closer              : Of course, I appreciate that
some people may disagree to my point. However, I strongly urge you to carefully
consider my argument.

Thanks             : Thank you.


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