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INTROOne How great was that!Last stop: Nanjing.

INTROOne night, I drank too much of my medicine. I felt so dizzy that I went to bed at 6:45pm. The next day, I woke up and looked at myself in the mirror but I couldn’t see anything. I was so nervous that I tried to tell my dad but he couldn’t see me. I realised I was invisible! Suddenly, I felt so excited because I could do anything i wanted to do without people noticing. So I decided to go to the airport…Las VegasWhen I arrived at the airport, I saw a plane scheduled to go to Las Vegas.  So I decided to sneak into the plane in first class. There was so much food and movies. I had an awesome time during the flight.When I was in Las Vegas I went first to the museum of history to see the history of America. Then I went to the best hotel in the world and got into a penthouse suite room without anyone noticing. The hotel was amazing! It is called the Venetian. The room was huge, it was like an apartment and there was so much to see. In the bathroom there was a giant jacuzzi and a television. There was a living room with large comfortable sofas and a dining table. The bedroom had a gigantic bed with another television. The penthouse view over Las Vegas was beautiful I could see all the lights at night. The italian food there was extraordinary! There was just so much fun there because there was a casino, several swimming pools and a river with gondolas. On the Las Vegas strip,  there are many casinos and even a reproduction of the Eiffel Tower which is brand new. I played with machines and won 1 trillion coins!ChinaWith all the money I got at the casinos I booked a flight ticket to China to have a seat this time. Once I got in China I would eat all their different Buns and dumplings. Before the flight I ate a huge pepperoni pizza. “That was a delicious meal”, I said to myself. It was a long flight to China but I was finally there! First stop: Beijing (China’s capital mega city). With so many historical sites to visit, the choice was difficult but I really wanted to go inside The Forbidden city. The advantage of being invisible was that I could go into the king’s bedroom in the Forbidden city. The king’s room was so big that it was like the size of a 50m pool. At night I roamed around the place and I sat on the king’s chair (Imperial Chinese Dragon Throne) and I slept on it which was strictly impossible for anyone. How great was that!Last stop: Nanjing. Why there? Because I would be the only foreigner to visit the Jiangsu National Security Education Museum. It’s a spy museum with old spy equipments and secret information about other countries. After a month in China, I went back to the USA…Area 51, Nevada desert, USA I finally know that I am so good at being sneaky that I’m going to area 51 so I could see if there are any UFOs and aliens. I took the plane to Nevada desert in the U.S. Then I saw a secret military facility. It was so big I didn’t know where to start. It was a really hard decision but I started at the headquarters. It was huge and I destroyed all there electronic computers and buttons except the lockdown button!! Then I went to the underground base were all the aliens and UFOs are. I even got into a UFO and destroyed the facility. It was astonishing.Sneaking into a Spaceship15 days after Legoland I went on a US spaceship to go to space. The commander said to his crew, ” In 4 hours we will be landing on Mars! Before leaving the ship wear your spacesuit and do not take of your mask or you will die on Mars because there is only carbon dioxide. The mission is to save the other astronauts on the planet because their ship crashed near shelter.” Lucas.T asked, “Where do we find them?” the commander reapplied, “On the north and east areas of the planet! They have been on this planet for 2 years and we can expect them to have a small food supply left but they should have been able to get some water because there is a North Pole and ice.” The crew said, “HAHAHA! It’s not possible! Do we have contact with the survivors? Are they still alive?!? When was the last time we contacted them?!?


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