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Investing in information systems Essay

The determination to put in Information Systems should non be the exclusive the duty of the system suppliers.


In order to reply the inquiry we foremost need to analyze how Business as usual usage and integrate Information Systems ( IS ) into normal twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours operations and hence their value to the administration.

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There is some confusion as to what constitutes Information Technology ( IT ) as appose to an IS, for the intents of this essay IT is the underlying tech that facilitates an IS. Where an IS is an all in comprehensive construction that incorporates informations IT and users in one. The Academy of Information Systems ( UKAIS ) define a IS as: “the agencies by which people and organisations, using engineering, gather, procedure, shop, usage and disseminate information ”( UKAIS, 2015 ) . This can frequently be confused with the term IT which refers to specifically to engineering e.g. hardware, package and substructure. IS vary in complexness from planetary webs to a local market shop marketer utilizing a pen and paper to pull off his twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activities. However the debut of engineering can convey efficiency to the procedure. To put the scene the information system should be fit for purpose i.e. run into information exchange demands of the user. This subject will be explored in subsequently item in the essay.

IS have become more important as communicating systems have grown and go more available, IS have been built to take advantage of this and go of all time more critical to the administrations concern as usual. Despite this studies have shown that administrations are still concerned that their investing does non bring forth value for money consequences ( Ward J, et al 2002 ) . As administration grow and distribute their influence across the Earth they require an effectual efficient IS to back up them. Without which there would be no information coherency throughout the sections in different states. This potentially makes these big graduated table systems disputing for IS suppliers in footings of execution and direction ( Ward J, et al 2002 ) . If an administration does non hold a sufficiently capable IS this could potentially take to loss of information valuable to the concern and in turn loss of concern chances.

In order to find the reply to the inquiry, I will utilize 4 instance surveies, in which I will contrast and compare IS execution and utilize this to find which attack has been most successful.

A instance survey of EE telephone web supplier

In 2014 there were about 83.1 million nomadic phone subscriptions ( Ofcom, 2014 ) , of this EE has about 31 million endorsers doing it UK ‘s biggest Mobile web ( EE, 2014 ) . The first coevals of nomadic phones ( 1G ) were linear and merely able to do calls. Then came the 2nd coevals ( 2G ) with improved but limited functionality. It provided phones with the well known texting characteristic and some cyberspace capableness. As nomadic use became more widespread the 3rd coevals ( 3G ) was rolled out, which brought broadband connectivity. As the engineering of nomadic phones and their use increased even more, nomadic phones suppliers announced the release of 4th coevals ( 4G ) with an increased focal point on high-velocity informations bringing.

EE provinces that in the last twelvemonth client informations use increased by 66 % as people are streaming broadcasts, working and shopping on the spell. ( EE, 2014 ) . They realise nomadic phone use has increased intending nomadic informations use has followed suit and will transport on to as more people utilise the engineering, non merely for personal usage but as portion of their information systems. EE advertise their scheme“We’re committed to staying one measure in front – accommodating our web to do 4G available where it matters most, with a focal point on more rural countries, conveyance links and offering our clients the best web experience and great value, advanced devices and plans.”My reading of this is that staying in front of the competition sing the coverage and engineering is one of EE’s cardinal strategic aims. This illustrates that EE’s IS is cardinal to its success as it non simply a map of concern as usual. Coverage is now over 75 % of the population and they invested 1.5bn into the web over the last three old ages, with no or small break to the service they already supplied ( EE, 2014 ) . The IS has evolved in line with the concern meeting client demands.

A instance survey of Amazon e-commerce

The growing of the cyberspace has facilitated many different companies. One of these companies is Amazon, founded by Jeff Bezos in 1995. It started out as a topographic point to purchase books online nevertheless his vision was a one halt store of goods convenience of its clients. He believed that merely the Internet and its functionality could offer users the ability to shop 1000000s of merchandises in one sitting. As it evolved, its client base increased and the web site had to be developed to suit more merchandises and characteristics. In November 1998 the DVD/Video shop opened, closely followed by the Home betterment, package and gift thought shops in 1999, and by 2015 it had become the topographic point where people can purchase virtually anything on-line ( Amazon, 2013 ) . Amazon now offer 3rd parties a pre-constructed manner to sell merchandises through their e-commerce platform.

Analyzing viragos portion monetary value between May 1997 and Jan 2014 provides grounds of viragos success. As during that period they had 23487.3 % growing. where the portions went from $ 1.73 up to $ 408 ( Yahoo! Finance, 2015 ) .

Amazon is an IS using the World Wide Web as its platform. As the web site is designed to circulate information about merchandises, once more exemplifying that an IS is indispensable to the concern and can non work without it. The companies insight to what consumers wanted and execution of this made it a successful. In fact some of the 3rd party Sellerss have told about their success from the dorsum of the e-commerce platform.

A instance survey of The London Ambulance Service

The London Ambulance Service ‘s ( LAS ) Computer-Aided Despatch System ( CAD ) ( LASCAD ) was brought into service October 1992, it was introduced to automatize many of the human facets of the dispatch system. In 2005 the London ambulance system was the largest in the universe, it covered an country of 620 square stat mis and was responsible for seven million people. ( Fitzgerald G, et al 2005 ) .

The system failed and 20-30 lives are attributed to hold been lost as a consequence. It was besides claimed operators became swamped and this resulted in screens being wiped of calls ensuing in the loss of 999 calls. This in bend prevented Jobs being cleared from the system and ambulances unable to obtain information of new 1s being created. The concluding study published February 1992 said,“ The size of the programme and the velocity and deepness of the alteration was merely excessively aggressive for the fortunes. Management clearly underestimated the troubles involved in altering the deeply deep-rooted civilization of LAS and misjudged the industrial dealingss climate so that staff were alienated to the alterations instead than brought on board. ”( Page D, et al 1993 ) . Another decision from the study of question was “ the early determination to accomplish full CAD execution in one stage was misguided. In an execution as far making as Cad it would hold been preferred to implement in a measure wise attack, turn outing each stage wholly earlier traveling on to the following. ” ( Page, et al 1993 ) . This was one of the most celebrated and documented failures of execution of an Information System. It shows the necessity of research and development that is needed earlier, during and after execution takes topographic point, affecting both the provider and the administration.

A instance survey of the National Health Service

The National Health Service ( NHS ) is one of the largest employers in the universe, with over 1.3 million staff. Every twenty-four hours over 835’000 people visit their GP or nurse, 50’000 people go to accident and exigency, 49 outpatients, 94 admitted to hospital and 36’000 planned infirmary interventions ( NHS, 2015 ) . All that added up means the NHS trades with over 2 million people every individual twenty-four hours of the twelvemonth. Without an information system this would be hard if non impossible to accomplish.

In 2011 the Dailymail reported that a NHS ?12bn computing machine system was to be scrapped ( Martin D, 2011 ) . The undertaking was initiated in 2002 and was designed to reform the manner information was handled and stored. As a consequence of this. the forecasted benefits was 14bn but Still in 2012 ?10.7bn of the forecasted benefits had non been met. Although the National Programme had been scrapped there would be important costs due outstanding contracts. As an illustration the systems supplier CSC had sole rights to provide 160 trusts in the North and Midlands. An understanding was made to pay ?100m in compensation to decide this ( House of Commons, 2013 ) .

The undertaking has now been broken down in to manageable balls, that can be administrated individually. The house of parks study indicates that it is still non being utilised to its full potency. It said“ The Department acknowledged that, although it has provided counsel to trusts, there has non been sufficient thrust either from the Centre or at local degree to take ownership of the benefits from the assorted constituent programmes. The Department stressed that, in order to drive benefits, local NHS staff demand to be convinced of the value of concern transmutation, and this needs leading from the top of administrations. However, it is non clear that this is go oning ”( House of Commons, 2013 ) . So although the overall system failed to present the expected consequences, the possible benefits if they could present would supply a important return on investing. In fact the Secretary of State for Health wants the NHS to be paperless by 2018 ( Department of Health, 2013 ) .

The first two instance surveies clearly demonstrate that IS are built-in to the concern as oppose to simply being a concern map, and whether concerns would neglect without it. One of the cardinal elements of success has been the development of the IS in line with the concern cardinal strategic aims. In contrast to the subsequently two instance surveies. Which have demonstrated that radical alteration can ensue in failure. With this in head the following subdivision will look into alternate methods of presenting controlled alteration that may hold resulted in more successful execution.


What are they and how could they of helped the instance surveies? Methodologies are formalised attacks to systems developments. Some administrations have their ain, authorities bureaus can utilize pre defined 1s and some are developed by companies and sold. ( Dennis A, et Al, 2012 ) . There are many system development methodological analysiss such as: waterfall, Parallel, Phased and SCRUM to call a few, which when combined with critical successful factors ( CFS’s ) i.e. Factors that if allowed to neglect will straight ensue in the failure of the undertaking ( ) . Cardinal Performance Indicators ( KPI ‘s ) are used as a metric to mensurate CSF’s.

To look into this first you would necessitate to choose an appropriate methodological analysis. I will utilize the Phased attack ( Fig 1 below ) . Using figure 1 the development could of been broken down into a series of versions.

Version 1 Amazon

Design and execution of the web site to sell books. An illustration CSF to automatize the stock degrees available and make a check-out procedure for them. KPI the sale of more than 100 books per month.

Version 2 Amazon

Make a new subdivision of the web site for the sale of Digital Video Discs ( DVD ‘s ) . CSF the mechanization of stock degrees and check-out procedure. KPI the sale of more than 100 DVD ‘s per month.

Version 3 Amazon

Construct a new waiter for Amazon Prime instant picture. A subscription based service leting clients to pay a subscription fee to watch movies. CSF enabling the new waiter to run though the bing administrations website. KPI more than 100 subscription being added per month.

Version 4 Amazon

Enabling 3rd parties to sell merchandises. CSF 3rd parties able to fall in and add their merchandises to the web site for sale. KPI Net incomes gained from a per centum of the gross revenues is greater than the cost of administering the new characteristic of the administration.

Using the Phased methodological analysis enabled Amazon to integrate new systems over its bing 1s. As each version was created it enable the administration to keep concern as usual. Any version could of been rolled back to the anterior if unsuccessful. Then the analysis and design stages could of been looked at once more to try to successfully implement the following version.

The disadvantage of the phased attack would be other administrations may crush them to the following version they were be aftering on implementing. This could of caused loss of clients to rivals.

Version 1 LAS

Take one ambulance service and garner the CSF ‘s needed to run into the KPI ‘s. If one of the CSF ‘s was the mechanization of reassigning the companies location to a function system in an ambulance, so the KPI could be the transportation of the informations from company to ambulance is less than 30 seconds. This procedure would be completed for all the CSF ‘s. Once all the KPI ‘s generated from the CSF ‘s had been met version 1 would be complete and ready for execution.

Version 2 LAS

This could hold been linking two ambulance services together with version 1. The CSF ‘s would differ as phone calls coming in to one cardinal location would now be distributed to two different locations. An illustration CSF would be the distribution of the calls to the right location of the nearest ambulance. The KPI response clip of the ambulance less than 15min. Once once more this version would be complete one time all the KPI ‘s had been met.

Version 3 LAS

This would affect legion services being connected together. The CSF ‘s and KPI ‘s at this point would of been highly similar if non the same as version 2.

Version 4 LAS

Complete connectivity of all ambulance services in London.

One of the benefits of utilizing this methodological analysis is that if a version was to neglect the axial rotation back program would of been easier to implement. If version 1 failed merely one service would of been affected, the old system could of stayed in topographic point as a axial rotation back. If version 2 failed merely the connexion between the two Stationss needed to be shut down, leting either two version 1 ‘s as standalone systems or one turn overing back to the original. If version 3 failed so return back to 2 and so on. Another advantage is this would convey the system on-line quicker for the first users. This would besides bring forth experient users, who could in bend aid develop the remainder of the employees as the system expands.

imagethe downside to the Phased attack is systems would be released slower and could be deliberately uncomplete. It would be critical to implement the highest precedence CSF ‘s first. Besides the timeline it takes for the full system development could be increased.


It has become clear during the class of this essay that an IS is critical to the success of the concern its failure has the ability to take the concern down with it. As demonstrated by LASCAD and NHS instance survey. Conversely the Amazon and EE instance surveies have shown that if an IS system is developed in line with and is portion of the concern it can lend to its success. Therefore from a concern position it would be potentially damaging to handle the IS as separate entity to be managed and developed but the system supplier.

Investing in information engineering could be a immense advantage to an administration. With the right investing the company could use current engineerings to implement information systems and greatly better its current productiveness, quality and procedures. In instance one and two I showed how system suppliers can present information systems that have grown in line with their concern as usual to increase public presentation they were evolutionary non radical. With this said investing in the incorrect merchandise, overcomplicating a job or implementing it falsely as in instance 3 and 4, may intend non hitting the KPI ‘s. An investing should non be taken lightly, but should affect as many parties as possible. Anyone with an invested involvement could lend to the overall planning, execution and continual analysis. This will assist supply a greater overall chance of success and assist forestall unneeded and wrongly implemented systems that could degrade administrations chances.

Strategic consciousness is needed to increase direction committedness to system development. This will supply replies to aims and inquiries about the administration. This will in bend help the overall planning stage. Situational consciousness will help in understanding the administrations jobs and inefficiencies in its current environment. Besides the information processes that presently exists.

Using an bing methodological analysis e.g. Phased could give an administration the procedures needed to assist efficaciously put. Using these methodological analysiss could increase the likeliness of the investing wining to the CSF ‘s. They can assist supply consistence and best pattern through tested methods. I ‘m non stating that you should demo blind religion in them, as I do non believe any one methodological analysis could perchance suit all state of affairss. In my sentiment they are AIDSs that can be utilised.

The grounds suggests IS should non be the exclusive duty of IS suppliers as they are to built-in to the map of an administration, to non let all parties with an invested involvement to analyze the CSF ‘s and KPI ‘s as they evolve.


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