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Is It Always Essential to Tell the Truth, or Are There Circumstances in Which It Is Better to Lie? Essay

In the current social context, some people say that lying is a form of dishonesty. They live so truthful that they never lie. The truth is good. But in my opinion, there are circumstances in which it is better to lie. Basically, there are two purposes of lying, which is lying with an evil motive and lying with a good intention, or more commonly called as “white lies”. Unquestionably, one should always abstain oneself from cheating, as it involves gains for one party in the sacrifice of another party’s benefit, such as swindling other’s money.

This form of lying is definitely undesirable, as it harms people in order to satiate one’s desire. In contrast, telling white lies are permissible, as it is done out of good intention, which is to prevent the opposite party from being hurt by some facts and most importantly, it does not strip off the rights or benefits of others. Although it is true that the line defining what is good and bad for the other party is vague and subjective, it is undeniable that white lies are told out of good will.

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In other, hopeless affairs of everyday life, it is good to lie. For instance, if a victim is dying of cancer, you shouldn’t say “You look ugly with the big tumors and you should get ready for death”. Instead of, you can try to tell them not to worry and they would live or they would get over with it, they would be fine. In this case, you gave one hope and hide the horrid truth behind a nice sweet lie.

The cancer victim won’t simply give up his life to the sickness but he would do his best to fight it, and perhaps live. It is good to lie and give others hope, although the chances of the lie coming true are grim. In our life, sometimes people use lies to comfort others and simply hide the truth that is unbearable. These lies give others a sense of hope or happiness and can light up someone’s mood. The truth may be horrid, but the lie can be anything.


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