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Island character in the novel. Fully explain

Island of the Blue Dolphins Scott O’Dell 174 pagesHuman versus nature:  In the book Karana, the main character, survives in the wilderness with a little amount of food to live on and also survives an earthquake. Also, she fights with dangerous animals like the sea elephants, a giant devilfish, and pack of werewolves. Death:  In the book, the main girl loses many people she truly loves such as her father, brother, Island Natives and a werewolf she liked.Belief:  In the book, the main character shows good self-confidence with pride in herself. After facing the misery of being left alone on the big island, she still makes plans to survive.  Even when she’s having a hard time physically and mentally, she believes in herself and manages to live.Summary:In California, there’s an Island called San Nicholas Island. Blue dolphins surround there, sea otters play in the kelp beds and seabirds stay there. One day, the Aleuts attacked the Indians living there.  Karana’s father, Captain Chowig, is killed by them. Mostly women stayed alive, including Karana. They decided to leave and sail to the East. She gets left behind to stay with her brother who had been too late to ride the ship. The two stay together for a while, until one day her brother is killed by the wild werewolves. For revenge, she killed all the werewolves in the pack except the leader. The wolf leader named Rontu comes to Karana, wounded. Because she has a change of heart, she saves him. Day after day they walk together to get fishes. Together, they fight many animals such as giant devil fishes and sea elephants. Sadly, Rontu dies because he is very old. Karana meets another wolf that looks like Rontu’s son so she calls him Rontu-aru. A week later, an earthquake strikes the island but she still manages to survive with some struggles. A few years later, the Native men rescue Karana and her dog. As she is leaving the Island, thedolphins rise out and swim in the sea. As the ship pulls away from the island, she thinks about the memories she made there. Question 10:Choose a song or poem that connects to this novel and/  or a character in the novel. Fully explain your song/poem choice and why it connects to the novel. A poem that connects to this novel is called, “On this Island.”  I picked this poem because it is about the Island.  The poem says,On this IslandW.H. AudenLook, stranger, on this island nowThe leaping light for your delight discovers,Stand stable hereAnd silent be,That through the channels of the earMay wander like a riverThe swaying sound of the sea. Here at a small field’s ending pause Where the chalk walls fall to the foam and its tall ledgesOppose the pluckAnd knock of the tide,And the shingles scrambles after theSucking surf, and a gull lodgesA moment on its sheer sideFar off the floating seeds the ships Diverge on urgent voluntary errands,And this full viewIndeed may enterAnd move in memory as now these clouds do,That pass the harbour mirror And all the summer through the water saunter.I chose this poem because this poem relates to the book and the poem had very descriptive details that were similar to the novel.  Especially the part when it said,  “Where the chalk walls fall to the foam and its tall ledges.”  This poem connects to this novel because it takes place on the Island. It states all the things that were said in the book such as the gull lodges, the swaying sound of the sea, the pass of the harbor mirror, and the tides. Also, it expresses feelings of the main character, Karana. The part when it said, “Look, stranger, on this island nowThe leaping light for your delight discovers, Stand stable here.”  This sentence explains how Karana felt when she was left on the island alone, she felt scared and lonely at first but as she saw the true nature of the island, she was stabled and strong.


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