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I’ve in biomedical science or genetics will

I’ve always been interested in biology and how the human body works but I grew fonder of the subject during the ninth grade where I spent most of my free periods or breaks reading my biology textbook and other books relating to the subject. What fascinates me the most is that there are so many processes occurring all over the body to make sure it is maintained and all these processes take place at the same time and at unfathomable speeds on a molecular level. For example the transmission of a nerve impulse along a neuron. To think that there is so much effort put into lifting a finger, by the contraction of muscles and transmission of action potentials. This made me appreciate the human body even more and wish to further understand it. Another area I truly enjoyed was genetics, mainly mutations and how it lead to variations and the development of new species. The chapter Genetic technology was a topic I found fascinating, specifically the section on gene therapy. In A-level Biology I feel that I have only covered a small area of this vast subject and there are still many more questions I have yet found answers to. I would love to learn more and gain a deeper insight and understanding of the subject which I feel can be achieved by majoring in biomedical sciences or genetics. I also believe a degree in biomedical science or genetics will provide a  range of scientific research careers. For example, forensic scientist, research scientist, geneticist or perhaps I can undertake further studying towards becoming a doctor. I also enjoy Mathematics very much because it is a subject that is both challenging and rewarding. I feel thrilled when solving difficult problems and it helps me calm down when stressed. The subject also enhances both my analytical and problem-solving skills. I study A-Level Chemistry as well and I think organic chemistry is fascinating, so is doing practical work. I take pleasure in planning and carrying out experiments and find it exciting. Chemistry is a subject where I tend to think out of the box, applying logic with previous understandings to find solutions for topics yet to be covered in class.Aside from my academic studies, I am also a member of the student council and have been a Prefect for three years now. I believe the responsibilities and duties I had carried out over the years developed my leadership and teamwork skills. It allowed me to better understand others and taught me about perseverance and patience which I feel are crucial attributes. I also enjoy reading, I’m currently in the middle of reading the book The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat by Oliver Sacks. Where Dr. Sacks describes the case histories of some of his patients. I enjoy reading books of any kind mainly because something new can always be learned through books. My interests include playing sports such as handball, badminton, and soccer. In tenth grade, I was a member of the Arabic club and helped in teaching the language to kids in lower grades who were non-native speakers. This improved my interpersonal skills and helped me get my thoughts across more clearly.I think the UK would be a great place to study in due to many reasons one of them being the fact that degrees and qualifications from the UK are highly regarded and internationally recognized. Furthermore the quality and standard of teaching, learning, and research are one of the best. Degrees also take less time to complete in the UK. The UK is also well known for its cultural diversity, having a wide range of races, nationalities, and religions. It also has a history of welcoming international students and is considered a hospitable country. It also has a rich heritage and various activities that one can enjoy. Moreover, the cost of education and living expenses are generally lower and more reasonable when compared to other countries. In this constantly progressing world, there are many advancements in the scientific world bringing about changes that better our lives. I wish to be part of this change and help others lead a healthier life. Knowing there is more to learn and discover gives me a feeling of excitement. If given the opportunity I will work hard to contribute to the university that chooses me and become a successful student that excels and continues to grow and prosper in the future.


I'm Simon!

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