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James They had five sons, James Rudolph,

James A. Garfield was the 20th president of the United States serving for only two hundred days. He was also the fourth Republican president elected. James Abram Garfield was born in Orange, Ohio on November 19, 1831. His first job was as a teacher teaching Greek and Latin at Hiram College in Ohio, one of the colleges he attended as a teenager. At the same time Mr. Garfield was teaching he became an ordained Christian minister. Soon after he married a fellow college pupil who also had become a teacher, Lucretia Rudolph. They married in 1858 and had seven children of their own. They had five sons, James Rudolph, Harry Augustus, Abram, Edward, Irvin McDowell, and two girls, Eliza, and Mary. In 1859 James A. Garfield elected to the Ohio Senate. During the Civil War, he joined the Union army as a lieutenant colonel with the Forty-second Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Mr. Garfield´s brigade drove Confederate forces out of eastern Kentucky at Paintsville and Prestonsburg. He also participated in the Battle of Shiloh, the Siege of Corinth, and the Battle of Chickamauga. While still in the army Mr. Garfield elected to represent Ohio in the House of Representatives in 1862. Yet he was reluctant to leave his post. Garfield was eventually convinced to take the offer by Abraham Lincoln. James left the military a year later after he had achieved the rank of major general. James A. Garfield served in the House of Representatives for eighteen years.In 1880 he ran for presidential nominee against his longtime friend John Sherman who also was a Republican. It took thirty-six ballots to choose Garfield as the presidential nominee. In the presidential election later that year he defeated his Democratic opponent General Winfield Scott Hancock by fewer than ten thousand popular votes. He accomplished this with the help of Senator William Conkling. In return, President Garfield says he will consult Conkling on government nominations, but when the time comes he breaks his promise. Then Garfield does some other things that only fuel the fire between him and William. William wasn’t the only person he made mad he also infuriated Charles J. Guiteau when he denied him the position of ambassador to France. His presidency mainly consisted of appointing people to various government positions and cleaning up after the civil war. Some subjects he did work on though, were trying to more respect for blacks and trying to end the Spoils System.Four months into his presidency he was shot by Charles J. Guiteau in the Baltimore and Potomac train station on his way to New England. Guiteau had been planning this since he denied a government position. While President Garfield and Secretary Blaine were walking through the waiting room when Charles snuck up behind them and pulled out his pistol and shot two bullets. The first bullet just grazed the president’s right arm the second shot punctured him in the lower back. After he had shot, Guiteau tried to get away running through the crowd, but he was blocked and captured by a ticket agent and police officer. Meanwhile, President Garfield was lying on the ground bleeding, with ten different doctors hovering over him using their unsterile hands to look for the bullet. Little did they know the bullet didn’t hit any arteries or vital organs but instead embedded itself in his pancreas. After an hour the President was carried from the train station to a bedroom at the White House. In September, James A. Garfield had contracted a massive infection that left him with a persistent fever and abscesses all over his entire body. This infection was most likely due to the unsanitary conditions he was treated in. In a last attempt, they sent him to a cottage on the Jersey shore where they hoped the cool sea air would revive him. Seventy-nine days after he was shot, he died on September 19, 1881.James A. Garfield’s Assassination 1831-1881 Before James was assassinated Charles J. Guiteau had unwelcomely and frequently visited the White House many times. Once he even managed to get a personal meeting with the President, during which he gave him a copy of one of his speeches and asked for a consulship in Paris. Why didn’t the guards arrest him for just barging into the White House? You can’t just walk into the White House unexpectedly. Also, Charles´ relatives had suspected he was insane for quite a while. In The Assassination of James A. Garfield by Evan Andrews it states ¨He had conducted target practice with an ivory-handled .44 caliber pistol—specially purchased because Guiteau thought it would look nice in a museum one day—and had even tried to take a tour of the district jail, which he assumed would be his new home after he was arrested.¨ . If your supposed crazy relative was doing these kinds of things, wouldn’t you worry about what they might do to someone? Why would you even let them have a gun? Also, the officers at the district jail should have noticed something was off about Guiteau. Wouldn’t you wonder why someone would want to take a tour of a jail? All of these people could have prevented the assassination from even happening.So if I went back in time to try to stop the assassination of James A. Garfield, I would first off, make a plan. I would have many different variations of the plan, just in case something were to go wrong. My plan would consist of trying to convince his family members to admit Charles into an asylum. I would do this by pointing out that what he has been doing, leads me to think that he may be planning to hurt someone. If his family members don’t agree with me that he needs to be admitted. Then I will try to convince the officers at the jail that had experienced him, that Guiteau is a deranged dangerous man that needs to be put in an asylum. If I couldn’t convince the jail officers and his relatives to put him in an asylum, then I would tell the guard nearby at the Baltimore and Potomac train station that he had a gun. Therefore if that part of my plan worked out, the guard would arrest him and Guiteau would be locked away. So if Charles is locked away then he won’t be able to hurt anyone. Then the assassination would have failed. Since the assassination failed James resigned from his presidency. His reasoning for resigning was that he is too scared mentally and physically from the attempted assassination to continue his tedious job as president. Mr. Garfield gave his job to his vice president, of course, Chester A. Arthur. He decided to take a nice long vacation with his family to Hawaii since he loved the sea. They went on vacation for two weeks then they went back to Orange, Ohio where he lived in his childhood. They stayed there and made a little dairy farm. James A. Garfield ran his farm with his family until he was eighty-five. He didn’t only own a farm he also helped others with the money he made from it. After he was done running his farm he just relaxed with his family and grandkids until he died.


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