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Jamie heart rate needs to be around

Jamie is a client who has to make changes in her physical activity and eating habits. I can see where time management will be something that will have to be discussed and planned considering her fast pace lifestyle with a corporate job and a mother to three teenagers. During the first consultation I will explain to Jamie everything that she needs to do for these three months. I will explain to her the importance of consistency and hard work in order to accomplish the goals she has set for herself. During this consultation we will go over the training fees and any problems in the areas she would be working out. I will also ask about any health issues besides her high blood pressure and any medications she is currently taking. If there are any other health issues I will speak to her primary doctor to make sure she is able to train. After everything has been consulted I will take Jamie on a tour of the fitness center and ask if she has any questions about what we have discussed. We will then set up her first training session and discuss times that will work best for her. I will explain to Jamie that the day of her training session we will make time before to have her fill out a release of liability form and take measurements of her overall body and bodyweight so we can keep track of her progress throughout her training. As a trainer I will make sure to encourage Jamie throughout this whole journey and continue to show positivity no matter what. Not only do I want to help her with her fitness journey but I also want to help her mentally and emotionally by becoming more confident and less stressed.
During the training sessions we will follow the workout program that is listed below. Jamie’s resting heart rate is at 90 beats per minute, therefore I have calculated her minimum training heart rate to be at 136.2 beats per minute and maximum training heart rate at 151.6 beats per minute. Her target heart rate needs to be around 136.2-151.6 beats per minute. The first circuit training is a low intensity and low volume workout to help get Jamie use to the routine of working out. I will make sure that she has learned and mastered the correct technique with the exercises. I want to make sure that we are focusing and working on breathing and also checking her heart rate frequently. This first training session will also help me see where Jamie is on her fitness level. After this I would like to up the intensity on the next circuit training. I want to focus on getting her heart rate going and strengthening her muscles more. Next workout routine will be strength training along with a HIIT workout at the end. This will be at a high intensity with more reps, and we want to make sure we are toning and defining her muscles, losing weight/inches, and keeping the muscle she has already grown. The reason why I chose circuit training is because I believe that this is one of the best types of exercise routines to help burn fat while at the same time defining and toning up muscles and becoming stronger. Circuit training is a combination of weight training and cardio that are short in time but give you those maximum results if you push yourself. HIIT workouts also helps boost your metabolism in order to continue to burn more calories throughout the day. I also want Jamie to participate in a yoga class to not only relieve stress but to improve her flexibility. This will help tremendously with preventions in any injuries during her workouts. I will make sure that Jamie is satisfied and making progress and I will also be able to change or revise anything if needed.
I have calculated Jamie’s BMR and it is 1428 calories a day. My nutritional strategy would be to have her intaking this many calories a day. For breakfast we want to aim around 161 calories with foods like eggs, whole grain original oatmeal, 1-2 cups fresh fruit, or whole fat plain Greek yogurt. The reasoning for using full-fat yogurt instead of low-fat or fat-free is because dairy products that contain full-fat are more satiating meaning that they keep you satisfied and feeling full longer. During lunch we want to aim around 548 calories with choices like 5-7 ounces of lean meat, eggs, 2- 3 1/3 cups of vegetables and mixed greens, and whole grains like brown rice, quinoa, barley, or whole wheat pasta. For dinner we want to aim for 301 calories with foods similar to the choices for lunch. Snacking throughout the day and between meals is also very important to keep the metabolism running in order to burn fat. The total calories in snacks should be around 418 calories and should consist of foods like fruit, natural organic peanut butter, handful of whole natural almonds, or yogurt. During this process we will continue to weigh and measure Jamie to see if she is making any improvements or not. I will adjust her calorie intake and meal plan if needed.



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