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Kamal his mom said “why are you


Kamal Singh is a 12-year-old kid
lives with his father Arman Singh, his mother Anupreet Kaur and finally with
his uncle’s family they all lived together in the same house in India,
Rajasthan. They were all happy but after few month’s Kamal was turning 13. “wake
up mom tomorrow is my birth day” Kamal said, “I know Kamal” Anupreet said.
Kamal is so happy. His came from nowhere and surprised his. He said “Kamal you
will turn 13 tomorrow happy birthday I can’t come tomorrow I have to go to take
care of the new business that we opened. But you will get your gift tomorrow I
will give it you mom.” “OK” Kamal said. Kamal was kind of upset after his
father left before his birthday his mom said “why are you sad. What happened.”
“nothing I am just said that dad left before birthday.” Next morning Anupreet
woke up and told Kamal its your birthday. “I know.” Kamal said. After few hours,
they went to a jeweler store to buy Kamal grills. Kamal was so happy. “thanks
mom.” Kamal said. They went home and he got a surprise all his friend, causenes,
and other people all of the where there he was so happy he got gifts. His day
went very good. “we will open the gifts tomorrow.” Anupreet said. “ok mom.”
Tomorrow morning, he opened all the gifts he loved them all. “I love birthdays.”
Kamal said. Suddenly Kamal’s mom ran told Kamal you grandpa is in the hospital
something happened to him. They got in the car and raced to hospital Kamal was
nerves what could happened to him after few minutes dad arrived he straight
went in the room. He stayed few hours in the room. “mom why is dad tacking too
long.” Kamal said after few seconds his dad came out of the room. He was
feeling gloomy his eyes where all sore. After that he didn’t say any word for
any hour. he went to him and put my hand on his shoulder and said “its ok this
happens to every one’s life .” his stood up and told he that. “I am not
thinking about that. You grandpa gave all the money to me and told me that
don’t give even a single Pennie to your brother.” Arman went to the new business
again because he had some stuff left. After few house his dad left. Kamal’s
uncle took me and my mom and locked us in the room for few days because he
wanted to get all money that his grandpa gave to his dad. After few hours he
call Kamal’s dad and blackmail him that give him half of the money and he will
stop blackmailing your family. Kamal said to Harman that “why are doing this to
us.” Harman said “because I want the money so I can stand in the politicas.”
Kamal replied “you need to earn money to do good stuff but if you got the money
from a illagle stuff that money worth nothing because its stolen.” Harman got
imbaresed and went away after few hours his dad came and took him and his mom
with him at the hotle and told Kamal and his mom that “we have to leave right
now because he wants more of the money.” So we packed our stuff and went to
another state where some of his dads friend lives so they can help them so they
lived there for 6 month every thing was going good nothing one day Harman came
home to talk with Arman. So Kamal call his father. They talked for 2 hours at
the end Harman got out of the room with a dangerous face after that his dad
came out. His mom asked his dad what happened. Arman said “I know that he was coming
for the rest of the money. We have to stay safe.” Kamal was confuced how they
knew that we lived he asked his dad his dad was also confuced so he asked his
friends that they told them they said no after few hours they we find out they
his dad’s friends told Harman where we lived. That feels like every was stabing
us from the back. So we left that place fter few days with out telling them. We
went to south India after that Harman tried to find us for few weeks but he
didn’t find us. One day my dad and mom decied to live this place for rest of
our lives “we cant move places every after few months.” Anupreet said. Kamal
started school again. His dad got a good job he stated working at amazon and
mom started working at Nike. We where living a really good life but a story
cant end happy. So one day Kamal’s mom went to hospital for her appointment. she
supposed come back home at 1:30. Kamal was worried about her. So he called her.
“mom where are. I am waiting for you.” Anupreet replied “Harman came to my hospital
because his son works there.” “did he say you.” “I think he did” suddenly some
one knocked the door Kamal went to open the door he was scared. Kamal opened
the door slowly when he say the person he backed off and fall on the ground. He
stood up. “mom its him.” Anupreet and Kamal was sweating after few seconds
Harman entered. “surprise people I am back. Where is you dad Arman.” “he is at
work.” Harman sate down and started tacking out the papers where my dad has to
sign so he can give money to Harman. Kamal called his dad. “dad where are. That
fat ugly Harman is here again.” “I am coming wait there.”After few minutes dad
arrived angrily he slamed the door and told Harman. “I told you so many times
that I am not giving that money to you. Get out of my house. U don’t even deliver
to be alive. I am shame of my self that I have a selfish brother that can kill
any one for the money.” Harman replied “yes, I am a selfish person. That’s why I
killed dad.” Arman shouted “you killed dad.” “yes but he gave the money to you.”
Arman fall on the ground his face got all red water was coming out of his eyes.
He stood up and punched Harman. “you killed your own dad for the money.” Harman
angrily said “you know what I will also kill you family just wait.” Harman
kicked the table and left angrily. Kamal and his family went to the police
station to report Harman but when we went there Harman was also there. Arman
said “wait for Harman to leave.” So they waited for Harman to leave. After
Harman left we went to the police station. Arman out his first foot in the
police station. Suddenly another police man came and told us that “your brother
is friend with this police man so there is no way that you can get help of the
police.” So they  left the police station
before even entering. After few grueling minutes we got home. Arman started
thinking that “if we went to a other country he cant blackmail us.” Anupreet
replied ” sure it’s a good idea.” So they both got on there computer and
started finding a travel agent. “after few hours of research we found a travel agent.”
Anupreet said. Kamal and Arman was really happy. After few day we went to the
agent and told he all the story that happened to us. The agent said “I feel so
sad you guys I will definitely help you get a U.S visa so after few days we
went to Delhi, India. there flight was at 11:30 in the night. Kamal said “mom
we are finally ride of the person.” “yes finally.” Anupreet replied. Kamal was
looking some toys suddenly his dad called him and his mom “let’s go they called
our flight hurry up.” They entered the plain. Kamal, Anupreet and Arman was
really happy. After took off Kamal was so happy. After 18 hours they landed
Anupreet asked Kamal “how was your flight.” Kamal replied “it was really
boring.” After few seconds his dad came. After that they took a taxi to a motel
they lived there for 2 days after that they rent a apartment. Kamal started
going to school again his dad also started working in Microsoft and his mom
also started working in apple. They all were living happily. 


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