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Kenya and modern facilities. Dandora dumpsite in

Kenya as a country is faced with various environmental
issues and engineering due to over-exploitation of natural resources and
emission of waste and pollutants into the environment leading to degradation.
These problems are pollution, deforestation, global warming and climate change,
land use and waste management.  

Waste includes solid, liquid and gaseous components.
These waste are majorly generated from human activities and they find
themselves along the street of Nairobi by illegal dumping hence leading to
physical accumulation or it is discharged to fresh water such as river Nairobi
as effluents. Waste management is a problem in Kenya due to absence of
appropriate technologies and modern facilities. Dandora dumpsite in Nairobi is
one of the major dumping site in Kenya having undergone land degradation and also
have reduced the quality of the environment around the dumping site thus
causing health problem.

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Global warming and climate change, being a major
problem in the world, Kenya’s atmosphere is getting warmer hence causing
climate change. Climate change has contributed to altered rainfall patterns, variability
and extreme of weather condition. These have contributed to increase frequency
and intensity of flood in Nyando and Budalangi areas, droughts in northern
Kenya and rise in sea level along the Kenyan coastline. This has degraded
agricultural lands, increase vector borne diseases, destroyed infrastructure,
contaminated fresh waters and affected crop yield.

In areas such as in former Rift valley and Eastern
provinces in Kenya, poor land use and management has led to land degradation.
These are caused by human activities and natural causes. Land degradation has
cause desertification, loss of water, soil fertility, low crop yield and loss
of biodiversity, majorly in Mau forest. Soil productivity and opportunities for
livelihood’s potential to contribute to national development have been reduced
by land degradation.

Deforestation in Kenya is caused by extensive
destruction of forest, this is due to illegal logging and excisions among other
threats. Loss of forest cover and destruction of water catchment areas has been
the major results of deforestation. It has also contributed to climate change
and its impacts, soil erosion and drought. Some of the problems experienced in Kenya
due to deforestation are reduction in water and hydroelectric power supply thus
increasing production costs of goods and services which ultimately slow down
economic growth of the country.

Animal and human health has been affected adversely by
pollution of the environment especially related to land, water and air.
Pollution poses a major challenge to environmental management which has been
worsen by inadequate treatment facilities as well as irregular collection and
disposal procedures.

I completed my course BSc. Soil Water and
Environmental Engineering at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and
Technology (JKUAT) in November 2016, attaining second class upper division. The course entails
geospatial analysis,
engineering systems
design and management, environmental monitoring and impact assessment
of projects, water resources development and design of aqua cultural systems. This program makes me suitable for International Master of
Science in Environment Technology and Engineering (IMETE) offered by the joint
Universities (Gent, Delft and UTC).  

My final year research project was based on improved
solid waste management at JKUAT dumpsite through compaction. Soil compaction
theory was reasonably applicable to wastes with the exception that the specific
gravity of waste solids increased with compactive effort resulting in
steep degree of saturation curves and low change in wet density between
efforts. Moisture addition to wastes during compaction increased the
workability, the unit weight, and the amount of incoming wastes disposed, and
reduced the compaction time. The combined effects have significant
environmental and economic implications for landfill operations. 

Also did Diploma in advanced agricultural technology
in Israel, the course entails agricultural innovations, entrepreneurship, agricultural
machineries, modern irrigation and life skills workshop among others. Also had
field experience in troubleshooting irrigation system, greenhouse and net house
management, maintenance of heavy machineries and crop management. In addition
to those, also underwent industrial attachment at National Irrigation Board Kenya,
where I had experience in water management, water conveyance structures
maintenance, maintenance of heavy machineries and crop management in Ahero
irrigation scheme.

Am intending and enthusiastic to be environmental
engineer and environmental champion in my country with the knowledge I again
from IMETE, through awareness of importance of waste reduction, reuse and
recycling in order to safeguard the quality of the environment and also to
inform the public on environmental challenges such as air pollution, land use,
global warming and climate change and waste management.


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