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Key Assesses conclusion After the screening participants


Key assumptions

the context of performance feedback, we expect that supervisors who perceive
atypical behavior in response to negative performance feedback will be
prevented against the employee, thus generating assessments against the
employees themselves. On the wrong day, when the
feedback’s particularly upsetting, it may even bring the workers to tears. If
this happens to a male worker, according to this research, it could spell bad news
for his career prospects. The research was conducted among 169 employed adults in
the US, with an average age of 32, and presented them a 6-minute video with
several different versions which included a performance evaluation of a grocery
store manager named Pat: representing both male and female roles. Observers had
to picture themselves as the supervisor. According to the script Pat hasn’t
been a good employee in the recent past. He has been rude at work, late for
work, and had declining sales. Some versions of the video, was really emotional
where they got tears due to the feedback.

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who saw the female version of Pat had no strong emotional feelings towards Pat’s
behavior and had no tears. However, the participants who saw the male version
of Pat, had tears and given him low rates.





Assesses conclusion

After the screening participants were asked to draft a recommendation
letter for Pat in order to find employment. They received many positive thought
and comments on Pat even though he had bad qualities and habits as an employee.
On the other hand, participants who saw the crying version of Pat commented and
gave negative feedbacks for crying in public and showing his weakness. And the
discussion suggests that men crying in public shows how emotional they get and
suggests how men should be more confident with different situations they
undergo in life. It also points out how women act strong in such scenarios
where they are usually tender and emotional. 


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