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Lahore tree cover around the canal has

Lahore was
once known for its gardens and greenery all around. There were emptier and
wider streets; there were more trees and less tall buildings. In the past it
was an easy job since the water was only 35ft under the ground and could be
easily extracted but if we look today it is 200ft deep and is available in
plastic bottles. There are hardly any ring-necked parrots flying in Lahore and
fruit trees like black plum, guava and mango are decreasing. Lahore has now
transformed into concrete jungle: with thousands of development projects,
hundreds of factories injecting harmful gases which do not factor in
environmental concerns, and bridges, flyovers, brand new housing schemes and
large shopping malls are developing everywhere in Lahore.

“Lahore is
going through a severe environmental crisis” says Hammad Naqvi Khan, the
director-general of the World Wide Fund for Nature Pakistan (WWF-Pakistan). The
crowded urban city like Lahore cannot go through very quick and maintainable
development, which put tremendous force on existing natural resources, which
results in water problems. One of the inhabitant of Lahore conveyed his
feelings on the current condition of Lahore. “He says that Lahore is now known
for its maze of underpasses and flyovers. He feels that the development
projects especially road widening has taken a clang on the city’s tree cover.
The reduction of tree cover around the canal has removed the habitat of many
species such as cats, dogs, small Indian mongoose, Indian monitor lizards,
butterflies, honey bees, fireflies, and grey hornbills, green pigeons,
ring-necked parakeets, white Kingfishers and purple sunbirds.”

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By planting
more plantations, the government could easily conserve the losses of urban forests.
Trees like orange, black plum, gum berry, apple and mulberry are excellent options
because unlike other species of trees these plants are definite to thrive in
any conditions. In order to justify their unsustainable development methods, to
balance out the losses the government has argued that many trees would be

Thus, the
local communities of Lahore should be concerned and to combat deforestation one
can at least plant a tree. This small step can lead to fifty or more giant
leaps towards a local campaign against deforestation. Secondly, the local
communities must maximize their usage of recycled materials. Moreover, the
local ones must condemn the usage of firewood to heat up fireplaces because it
takes few hours to burn the firewood but takes years to grow a single tree. By
doing this, one could cause ample amount of positive impact on the environment.
In addition to that, the local communities must protest on governmental corruptions
corrupt governments are often paid off by illegal logging companies to ignore
their activities. Thus by protesting the corruption would reduce to much extent
which would ultimately reduce deforestation. Lastly, local people must greatly
support afforestation programs like the Green Pakistan Programme in which it
was decided to plant hundred million trees. By supporting such programs the
government would be encouraged ultimately to launch more such type of programs
thus it would be an ultimate result of reduction of deforestation in not only
local areas or cities but in entire country as well.


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