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Leader’s Profile Mr. Yassir Kaddoura has B.S in Mathematics and a Teaching Diploma in teaching Mathematics in addition to a Masters in Islamic Studies who has been working since 2010 as the General Manager of Howiyya Institution. He is known to everybody in the institution as a friendly person who is intelligent, hard working, motivational, a good communicator and a person with a strong personality that inspires others to follow him. In addition, Mr. Kaddoura has problem solving skills and extensive experience and knowledge in his specialty as well as in leadership and management. Further, he is the co-founder and chairman of Al-Quds Football Team for youth. Interview Questions and Answers  Ten questions were asked to Mr. Kaddoura and each question was analyzed in order to specify his characteristic as a leader and the type of leader he is 1.   How would you describe your leadership style?            It’s not that simple to describe a leadership style in a sentence, but usually I lead by keeping my team well organized, with a clear and obvious mission to every member and giving each one of them the chance to do what he/she is best at.            From Mr. Kaddoura’s answer we could see that he leads by delegating. He allows people to tap their creativity and think independently using their own initiative, while still maintaining enough control to guide the overall vision of team. This will demand from him to trust his employees’ decision.2. What leadership characteristics do you value in your employees?               Mostly, being initiative and not just waiting for orders and instructions, trying their best to be creative and definitely being responsible. Being responsible means that they work hard and efficiently to fix a mistake when anything goes wrong without blaming other colleagues.• Mr. Kaddoura demands from his employees to be self motivated and accountable.3. What challenges do you face in your day – to – day dealings with your employees?            Keeping your employees motivated is a real challenge particularly when your institution starts suffering budget reductions, but sharing them in reconstructing an applicable plan usually helps.• Mr. Kaddoura realizes the importance of people leadership (Emotional Intelligence) , he always seeks to inspire and motivate his team to achieve the desired goal whatever the circumstances are but balances it with strategic leadership ( Intelligence) by understanding his institution’s surroundings, limitations, environment and situation.4. Describe your decision-making process. For example, when your staff brings to your attention a problem, how do you go about selecting a solution?               I try my best to understand the situation or the problem, and this needs true and clear information about the problem. If the problem is related to an employee it’s necessary to listen to his point of view. If the problem is a serious one, I usually write down the alternatives and consequences make a balance between them and then I go to the decision I believe is best.             Mr. Kaddoura has the tendency to be sociable and assertive and to have positive energy which demonstrates the extraversion personality.5.  What are the leadership characteristics of leaders in your field?               Being able to handle many and various mission at a time, working without time limits i.e, working day and night and even during weekends and holidays.             In addition, I work in an environment where the manager must be the boss and the friend/ brother in the same time; this requires a high level of respect and appreciation between the manager and his employees.• In his answer to this question we find many important traits of leadership: (1) Articulate, (2) Self- assured (3) determined (4) Dependable, (5) Friendly, (6) Diligent, (7) Empathic  6. What are the assumptions of these leaders with regard to their followers?              The assumptions or expectations of leaders with regard to their followers in our field, start with honesty, effectiveness and includes commitment, creativity and even a kind of sacrifice.• The assumptions of leader in the answer above define the combination of leader in the leader quotient where he emphasizes on emotional awareness, intellectual ability and execution performance capability. This model is now considered outdated since leadership is now approaching to team leading.7. How do you focus on instructional leadership and promote a collaborative environment in your institution?I try listening to their ideas, suggestions and their needs, and we participate together in team breakfasts, dinners and some sport activities where we can make better or closer relations.          Being supportive is a message that Mr. Kaddoura sent many times during the interview and he is trying to create a sufficiently powerful coalition.8. Change is very challenging. How do you drive change that will improve staff achievements?           I always show them that I do care, and I support their professional advancement, sometimes by improving and developing their job description• Short-term wins is the strategy he uses to lead change.9.  Every institution has a culture: a healthy one that can contribute to effectiveness or a negative one causing ineffectiveness. Both are products of institution leadership. What do you do to promote having a community of leaders at your institution?            By creating an environment where every employee believes that he has a chance to be a leader in his fields. Sometimes, I push them into a situation where they have to play a leadership role, and be the person in charge in some activities and events.• It is obvious the Mr. Kaddoura reached a level of trust that he can delegate some of his institution work to his employee which imposes that his staff is highly committed and competent 10. How can you use professional development to increase employee achievement in your institute?Whenever I find an opportunity to engage the employee in a workshop or a training course that improves his abilities I do so. Moreover I try to give them additional opportunity to improve their professional abilities by providing some extra tools and equipments to use at home.• Knowing that one of the major mistakes a leader might do is not improving his team capabilities Mr. Kaddoura provoked his team to improve and used the institution facilities to eliminate possible obstacles the team might face due to lack of resources which is compatible with the instructional theory of leadership.      Throughout the interview many traits of leaders were evinced by Mr. Kaddoura but as a conclusion he is considered as a leader with a mix of democratic/participative leader style- he creates an inspiring vision, set directions, direct emotions, energize people, encourage risk taking and experimentation- Transformational leader style (extraversion)- focuses on how the followers can be motivated, guided and directed to achieve the goals of the work by the leaders and people-oriented style where he focuses on organizing, supporting and developing his employees.                 If we have to choose one of the four leadership types he would be inspiring which suggests that he is influential, interactive and impressionable.  


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