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Leadership can be defined as the art of influencing others Essay

Leadership can be defined as the art of act uponing other people to accomplish the company ‘s ends and aims in a manner to do it more consistent and cohesive. ( Hubpages, 2010 )

Leading people in the right way processes leading in order to carry through a common end. Leadership ensures that the organisation works successfully in carry throughing its coveted ends. Good directors are characterized by their leading accomplishments and experience for the purpose in acquiring high performed and good organized company. They are the anchor of the company to maximise their productiveness at the same clip create harmoniousness between employees which consequences to better result and efficiency. Merely leaders have the ability to promote their employees to work expeditiously toward accomplishing the company ‘s best involvement. ( WIL,2010 )

Types of leading

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Leadership manner is the method and attack used by leaders to accomplish aims, supply way and motivate people when working with others. It is the mode in which leaders interact with their subsidiaries. Given below are the different ways leading manners has been defined:

Transactional Leaderships: this type of leading involves a procedure of exchange between the leader and the follower ( subsidiary ) . The leader tends to obtain conformity on one manus by offering inducement on public presentation and on the other manus, by offering menaces or penalty for bad public presentation and non-compliance.

Transformational leaders: this type of leading manner is more airy and inspirational in attack. The leaders here have a inclination to arouse intense emotion and pass on a clear and acceptable vision and ends with which the subsidiaries can easy place.

Autocratic leaders: here, the leaders are the determination shapers and have entire authorization. This type of leading manner is used for employees that require close supervising to execute certain undertakings. ( Lewin, Lippitt & A ; White, 1939 )

Democratic leaders: this type of leader ever listens to his squad ‘s thoughts and analysis them, but he/she will do the concluding determination. Here the squad participants contribute to the concluding determination devising and hence, employee satisfaction additions. ( Lewin, Lippitt & A ; White, 1939 )

Individualistic leader: this type of leading provides no uninterrupted supervising, as the employees are extremely experient and do non necessitate much supervising.

Leadership at Virgin: –

The individual who made Virgin Group an outstanding concern imperium by altering and diversifying the concern from a magazine to a scope of companies at the present clip is one of the universe ‘s most effectual leader and hazard taker Mr. Richard Branson. This effectual leader now owns 360 companies worldwide, which operate, now in eight different sectors, from music to transit, media, travel, etc. ( AUV, 2010 )

There are many effectual methods used by Mr. Richard Branson in conditions of taking his employees. Mr Richard Branson has all the characteristics every good leader as he adopts his ain personal manner of direction. He maintained a really good relationship with the media, as he was known for his personal appeal. His leading power motivated his employees as he supported them by fiscal inducements. Apart from the fiscal inducements given to his employees, he has his ain manner of actuating his employees by sharing with them narratives of how he succeeded in life and portions his enthusiasm to assist others by set uping assorted non-profit organisations in order to back up immature enterprisers. His debut of new green engineerings in the concern was one of his major investings towards the safety and wellness of the environment ; made his leading schemes different from others ( VSD.2010 )

Richard Branson follows both the democratic every bit good as the Individualistic leading manner, as his employees are involved in determination devising bespeaking the decentalisation technique used by him leting his employees to take part in leading. Using his supportive leading manner were he loom his employees to go friendly and caring. His employees are allowed to hold an unfastened communicating with the top-level direction without any limitations. ( Hill.McShane, 2008 )

Richard Branson leading attack has resulted a important accomplishment for the virgin group. Branson had been demonstrated conceivably enhanced than any other investor for the past 30 old ages worldwide. ( BAG, 2010 )

Schemes of the Virgin Group: –

Virgin group played a really of import function in Mr. Richard Branson ‘s life ; it non merely transformed the company, but besides transformed himself as known now to be a individual who is willing to take hazard at any clip and a dare adult male. Harmonizing to him, no was ne’er the right reply now was it a solution. With the aid of the schemes he had adopted, every chance, which came strike harding on his door, was accepted. Not all of the schemes used by Mr Branson to diversify the company were successful ; the schemes had their pros and cons. Below are few schemes that are applied in virgin group in general regardless to the assorted sectors they are diversified into: –

Since the word “ NO ” is one of Branson ‘s favourite words, the company uses ‘Risk Management ‘ as their nucleus scheme to capture any thought. Risk direction is the method used by the company to pull off and command hazards and menaces that comes to their manner. The doctrine used by the virgin group is by dividing the hazards into assorted sections so that if any loss occurs, the whole group will non travel down at one time. At any crises point, this attack guarantees ‘ the company that merely a bantam proportion of the company is affected.

The virgin group has besides used the Unrelated Diversification scheme. As seen today, Mr. Branson expanded his company, diversified it and besides invested money in different sectors yet, still uses the same trade name name. He moved from sectors like Virgin Airlines to Virgin travel and touristry, Virgin Media and Virgin Cola. There are about 200 companies transporting the Brand name ‘virgin ‘ . ( VGA, 2010 )

Virgin shops are known for their indulgent disposal towards their employees. Decentralization is one of the schemes ‘ used by the company. Here the decision-making authorization is transferred to the subsidiaries. Virgin group is a semi formal organisation and work together as a large happy household. Here, the staff are empowered with many rights and duties and are considered the strength of the company. Flow of information is really flexible and smooth so as the direction ( Pravab, 2010 )

Corporate societal duty, a new scheme applied to the virgin group that emerges them to travel towards societal duty and to put money towards a safe and healthy environment for the costumiers. The Virgin Green fund undertaking was created and invested into assorted sectors such as resource efficiency and renewable energy. ( VSD, 2010 )

Sectors that Virgin Group diversifies into: –

The Virgin group has been diversifying for a long clip now. The company is occupied in different types of sectors and presently has around 240 or even more corporations. Richard Branson besides ventured into the wildest sectors-Virgin Space Port. The diagram below lists the assorted sectors that the Virgin Group is diversified into: –

Selling Scheme


A selling scheme can be defined in fiscal footings as the procedure of leting an organisation to concentrate its limited resources on the major chances to increase gross revenues and attain sustainable development and competitory advantage. The chief construct of marketing scheme is consumer satisfaction. It serves as the foundation of the selling program. ( wikipedia, 2001-2006 )

It is most effectual when it becomes an built-in portion of the corporate scheme ; as it clearly defines how the organisation will successfully prosecute costumiers, chances and rivals in the selling field. The cardinal constituent of the selling scheme is to maintain a line with the company ‘s overarching mission statements.

Marketing schemes in virgin group:

After a research done on Virgin group, Bahrain ; the gross revenues director of virgin megastore, Mr. Kevin Koswette stated that virgin group as known now has diversified into assorted sectors and have around 240 companies ‘ . It is really hard for the company to pay attending to its selling schemes, as each sector is different from the other. The companies pay the virgin group to market their merchandises ; for illustration: Yamaha musical instruments are sold in virgin megastores every bit good as Arsenal athleticss nine points. The selling scheme of each product/service differs from the other as they are from assorted sectors that the company is diversifies into. For illustration: selling scheme for Virgin music can non be applied to the selling scheme of virgin air hoses.

Recommendations: –

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We have noticed that Virgin group involves its employees into their determination devising which leads to decentalisation of authorization in the organisation ; in our sentiment, high decentalisation may besides take to loss of authorization in the company and may besides ensue to confidential escape.

The lenience in the work force allows employees to dress up informally as they have the freedom to manner their hair unsuitably that may act upon childs ‘ who consider them as function theoretical accounts. Besides it may non be acceptable socially in the community.

We besides noticed in our research about the company, that Mr. Richard Branson- the leader behind this company is a adult male with great personal appeal and loves the media exposure. In our sentiment, the media exposure can do negative impacts like dirts and false information about his personal life every bit good as the company.

The flexibleness in the work force, friendly relationship and kindness of the leader- Mr Branson with his employees may ensue to dishonesty in the work force ; and employees ‘ might take advantage of this lenience in footings of accomplishing their aim.


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