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Lightning electricity from lightning to flow because

Lightning occurs where a certain condition is met – the accumulation of charges exceeds
the insulating property of the atmosphere. This process occurs as long as this criterion is met; along
mountains, along buildings, or even along open places. Moreover, from the fact that one bolt of
lightning carries a great amount of charge, it poses a threat to humankind as it can kill and destroy
not just life, but also the surroundings that supports it.
Vehicles are prone to lightning, just as prone as a tall building. Because it depends on where
can the charges accumulate the greatest, detection of these phenomenon is close to zero. However,
certain countermeasures are made to ensure that when a this happens, preservation of life is made
While it is believed that the reason a car is safe from lightning is because of the tires, it is
not entirely true. The cage of the car is made mostly from metal. This metal cage allows the
electricity from lightning to flow because of its natural ability to conduct electricity. This flow of
electricity is then made to flow back to ground making it a safe haven when a lightning is to strike.
Because of this, a car is considered a Faraday’s cage. For extra caution, the occupants of the car
are advised to not touch anything metal when the car is struck by lightning. However, this is not
applicable to all cars because some of the materials are replaced with non-metal properties
impeding the ability of the car to conduct electricity.
On the other hand, in line with the aviation, airplanes are also prone to lightning strike. Just
like cars, the casing of the airplane acts as a conductor to let the electricity flow around the plane
because it is mostly made from aluminum, which conducts electricity very well. This happens
when a plane is struck in its extremity (nose or wingtip), which usually happens. Because of the
conductive property of its casing, it lets the electricity flow out through its other extremities. With
this same property as the car, planes also act as a Faraday’s cage of some sort ensuring the safety
of the plane and the people within it. Although this lessens the threat of the plane being damaged
by lightning, it does not completely mean that planes are always out of harm. It is always important
to take cautionary measures before, during, and after to ensure safety. 


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