Aveneu Park, Starling, Australia

Lilith care about hygiene! Now shush! “

 Lilith and Lenore had been to Bloodspire so many times. So why was this time any different?  Well,  because they we’re going to the Deadlands. The Deadlands is a very vast mostly dry plain with a bizzare, lush,  dense forest in the middle. That forest contains just who they were looking for. Sinder’s dad. Before the forest is a large city,Dark market. Dark market is a crime infested, prison like city where all the illegal things are legal because this is where the Exiles live. As such it is illegal to set foot in the Deadlands unless you’re a vampire or member of the council.  Being caught as Oracles in the deadlands meant so many things. Inslavement  Or death. Possibly being caught by beingtraders and sold in Darkmarket Square. The council catching them and potentially killing them or sucking away all their powers and memories.  

 Yet, here they were standing on the outskirts of the city, Sinder leading the way. “Why can’t we just go around?” Lil whined. “Do you know how many DAYS it would take to ‘just go around?’ We’d probably get caught by the trolls patrolling the perimeter before we made it all the way.” Sinder tsked. She threw the Hood on her scarlet Cloak up,  pouting in the shadow.  She usually had her Impala or her ATV.  Lenore didn’t mind so much As she walked everywhere all the time. Even though she had a perfectly good 1977 Pontiac Firebird sitting in the driveway.  She just purely didn’t want to get dirt or scratches on it. 
 They approached the Entrance to the City. Sinder and lenore threw their hoods up before security opened the gate.  Stepping through into Dark market made lenore gag. The stench was horrible.  Like old trash with a hint of vomit and rotting fruit.  “Don’t they ever clean this place?!” She violently whispered. “Uh,  no. This is where the Exiles live and I don’t think they don’t particularly care about hygiene!  Now shush! ” sinder replied. They stuck to the shadows and traveled quite a way before it started getting dark.  Night time is NOT a time you want to be outside. That’s when they let all the turned volitile out to thin the herd and pick off anyone not in a secured area.  They needed to get inside fast. Volitiles are incredibly fast, incredibly dangerous hybrids between a zombie and a vampire. “The safe house is only a block away.” Sinder spoke quietly. The city was pitch now with only very dim street lamps spaced out. They moved silently almost reaching the block the safe house was on when lilith accidentally kicked a tin can. 
 That alerted every Volitile in the area. Including the one 10 feet in front of them “God dammit lilith!” Sinder whispered angrliy. He grabbed them both by the collars of their hoods and ran as fast as he could. He threw them into a dumpser, jumping in and closing the lid. “What do we do?” Lenore cried softly. “Shut up and wait he grumbled.” He opened the lid unnoticed and peeked through. There had to be over 10 of them right outside the dumpster.  You could smell their rot from inside the dumpster so opening that lid just a crack made the twins silently gag.  “Dammit.” He cursed quietly. That small noise caught the attention of a single Volitile.  That sped over and immediately started sniffing and pushing the dumpster.  Sinder held a cold hand over both of their mouths to silence any squeaks the girls might make.  After what felt like 20 minutes the Volitile lost interest and wandered away.  Sinder removes his hands and cracked the lid once more. “They’re gone for the most part.” He opened the lid and climbed out. “Keep quiet.”
 They booked it to the safe house and threw themselves inside.  Sinder secured the door before collapsing onto an old dusty sofa.  “This is your safe house?” Lenore piped quietly. “My old mans’ actually.  I just use it because he doesn’t. Now we’re staying till daylight then we’re leaving so sleep now. ” sinder spoke closing his eyes. Lilith and Lenore made themselves comftorable on an old dirty mattrass in the corner. Laying On top of the sheets.  They all quickly drifted off exhausted from the day and sheer terror. 

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