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Linus of Pauling’s colleagues said that he

Linus Carl Pauling was more than just a scientist. He was also a biochemist,author, and he educated/taught people. He had various awards and ways ofbeing recognized for his works. For example, he was voted as one of thetwenty most important scientists of all time and in 2000 he was voted thesixteenth greatest scientist of all time. In fact he is the only person ever toreceive two Nobel Prizes (one for chemistry and one for peace). He is alsoknown for explaining difficult information about scientific information to otherpeople and scientists. As mentioned before, Linus Pauling was an author. Hewrote over two thirds of his one-thousand books on science. One of hisbooks, The Nature of Chemical Bond, is said to be the most influential bookof the twentieth century. Some of Pauling’s colleagues said that he took risksthat they were never willing to take which perhaps made him one of thegreatest scientists ever.Pauling started his career at the California Institute of Technology. Heearned a Ph.D. in chemistry and physics from Caltech. After his college years,Pauling went to Europe to study with physicists on the quantum theorem.Then Pauling went back to Caltech to teach and further his studies onchemical bonds and atoms. He taught freshman about chemistry andbecame a very well known and well liked teacher at Caltech. A few yearslater in 1947, he put some of his most recent findings into GeneralChemistry, a textbook used to teach chemistry that was sold worldwide.In 1948, Linus Pauling had been working on finding out structure of a protein.Through many tests, he found out that the structure looked like a helix.Pauling called this the Alpha Helix. Five years later, ironically, in 1953,Watson and Crick made a revolutionizing discovery and proclaimed that thestructure of DNA is a two stranded double helix. Some may say that Paulingdiscovered the structure of DNA before Watson and Crick did, but he neverrealized it and never proved it with pictures like they did.Aside from being an important figure in the discovery of DNA, Paulinghad many discoveries in more fields of science than a person could count ontheir hands. Some of his discoveries even led to finding out medicine forgenetic problems, brain functions, and molecular evolution. Linus Pauling’sremarkable career lasted nearly seven decades and much of his work is stillused today. Besides being known as the only person ever to win twoseparate Nobel prizes, one of Linus Pauling’s most important award ever wasreceiving the National Medal of Science in 1975 from President Ford. LinusPauling was one of the most influential scientists ever and made changes tothe world of science that impact our world today.


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