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LITERATURE with the blogs of various categories



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Web Based Recommendation System for Farmers:

Authors: ‘kiran shinde’,’Jerin
Andrei’ and ‘Amey Oke’

The information used from
the journal on recent and innovation trends in computing and communication was
that they implemented the crop recommendation program through which they will
be taking the data of the crops like in which season they will be growing very
efficiently and what will be the status of the plant . He has used various data
mining such as the ‘Random forest algorithm which will be showing the accurate
result of what plant should be grown based on the fertility of the land and how
much water should be given to the water and the amount of fertilizers. From
this paper we are using the Random forest algorithm and here will be having the
data of both the crops which are to be grown and the recommended fertilizers to
that crop . In theis paper In future work we will be focusing to go in more
micro level of parameter consideration for recommendation which will result in
increase in efficiency of the system for e.g. consideration of micronutrients
in fertilizer recommendation etc. Also we have planned to turn this web
application into portal where all information about agriculture will be
available in one single place.


A Framework for Opinion
Mining in Blogs for Agriculture:

The information used from
the jouranl 6th International Conference on Information and Communication
Technologies in Agriculture, Food and Environment (HAICTA 2013) will be
discussed on the blogs cresated for the agriculture containing the fulfledged
information about the crops their yielding techniques , the required
fertilizers which are to be used for that crop. The people in now a days are
very much familiar with the blogs of various categories .  A blog 
is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web
consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries . In this paper
we are using the data mining techniques such as the text mining , intent mining
and sentiment analysis. Though the blog is very efficient and very useful there
are some limitations in this paper that is the accuracy due to which we can get
the atmost correct data  but not the
exact data.



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