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Looking away. This allowed myself time to

back over the course of the semester, I have realized just how much my writing
has changed since the beginning of the semester, and that first essay that was
assigned. I went from being a writer that waited until the last minute to write
and wasn’t very confident in my writing as a whole, to a writer that found his
own writing style, and could proudly turn in an essay, knowing that it was the
best that I could deliver. This reflection was made so I can show how much I
have improved as a writer, and what I have learned from the class that helped
me turn into the writer I am today. The work that I reference shows just how
far I have come as a writer in the past semester. During the beginning of the
semester, writing essays wasn’t that important to me, and I would wait until
the last minute to write them, which would place a lot of stress on myself. However,
by the end of the semester, when an essay was assigned, I would start to work
on it right away. This allowed myself time to think, and helped me improve as a
writer overall.

            There are several things that I have
learned about myself over the course of the semester. I learned that the
easiest essays to write for me would have to be research essays. I tend to
write better when I have an outline made for my paper. In the research essay
that I wrote this semester, I wrote about the P-51 Mustang, which is a fighter
plane from WWII. After I did my research for the essay, I compiled that
research into a detailed outline. This made the essay easy to write, because
the format of the paper was right in front of me. All I had to do was elaborate
a little more on my research and the essay was completed.

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            This portfolio not only shows
everyone how I have progressed as a writer, but it also shows what I have
learned about myself as a writer. It contains not only my best works, but also
my mistakes, and through the work in here I am able to see the mistakes that I
commonly make while writing such as over-generalizing things and writing about
something before I completely understand it myself. However, there are also
things that I realized works well for me in my writing. Unlike what I thought
in the beginning of the semester, I write much better when I make a general
outline and write out the paper without correcting myself as I go. In this
English Comp course, I have learned many things about myself as a writer and
have finally found a way of writing that works best for me.


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