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Looking to buy your first DSLR camera? Or, bought one recently? Whatever the reason, you would find yourself in an overwhelming situation as there’s a large array of DSLR video accessories available to hot up your new gizmo.  I’m pretty sure you would have all worked out as to what accessories you’d need to shoot that great video, but I’d still advise you to make a list of essential accessories so you don’t end up falling short of funds. Make sure you have the right funds to shell out on DSLR video accessories in 2018. In this article, I’ll help you discover 6 must have accessories that will not only help you take amazing videos, but also keep your device (DSLR). 1. Tripod – One of the most important accessories for any photographer embarking on their journey to the world of professional videography in 2018. Having a good robust tripod is surely worth the investment made. Truth be told, it can make a huge difference when it comes to achieving precision in your photos. You’ll be spoiled to find superior quality tripods of varying sizes and capacities as well. So, it’s important for you to assess your needs and shell out wisely so you can get a high quality accessory to meet your diverse needs. The quality of your photos will speak for itself. A good tripod will not only allow you to keep your DSLR stable but reduce camera shake. Not only that, it’ll let you capture long exposure photos, including star trails or night photos.  Tripods are available in a wide range of sizes. And if you have a small DSLR with not much weight, then getting a small or medium-sized tripod will be the right choice. The larger tripods are usually required to supporting larger DSLR cameras as well as longer lenses. 2. Fast Prime Lens – The lenses you choose will certainly make a huge impact on the image quality. The first thing you need to take into consideration is to make when choosing the right lenses is which focal lengths you need. Shooting landscapes? If yes, then you’ll probably feel the need to use wider lenses, including 18mm or 24mm lens. If you’re shooting cityscapes focusing on people, on the other hand, you’ll need normal lenses, including 35mm or 50mm lenses. And if you’re willing to shoot far away videos such as sports videos, what you need is a telephoto lenses. They can be 200mm or even greater. Bought your DSLR with the standard kit lens? If that’s the case, then you’ll want to buy a number of lenses. Buying these lenses will open up the door leading to the world of more creative photographic opportunities. With a wide array of lenses available for DSLRs, choosing your camera lens in 2018 may seem confusing enough to make you think twice what or what not to buy. But there are several photographers with years of experience under their belt to tell you that the first lens you must opt for ought to be a fast prime lens. A prime lens is the one that has a fixed focal length, which means that it lacks zoom function. These lenses are available in a wide range of focal lengths such as 24mm, 50mm, 80mm and so on. 3. Remote Shutter Release – One of the must-buy DSLR video accessories, a remote shutter release is truly a wonderful piece of equipment that diminishes the shaking of a DSLR. This is usually caused by the pressure of your finger that activates the camera shutter. When you this accessory, you get a sharper image. What if I told you that you would not be able to include yourself in a group photo without using the built-in timer of your DSLR? You can’t disagree with you, can you? So, what’s the best way to capture the photo of birds with your DSLR close-up without scaring them by being awfully close? Is it possible for you to take a long exposure without camera shake? These all are the situations where the role of a remote shutter release comes in. These accessories range from being the most simple allowing you to take a photo by pressing down the button, through to very complicated models (costing an arm and a leg) which comprise advanced timing features to cause delay to the shutter release. 4. Memory Cards – Buying memory cards will be the most feasible thing to do. This is because when you invest in the best memory card, you get long term benefits as the video recording capability and burst speed depend on the type of card you choose to add to your gear kit. Other than the storage capacity of memory cards, you have to consider the type as well as class of the card. Well, new DSLRs usually come equipped with a memory card, but these cards don’t have a high capacity. Considering this, it’s important for you to have additional memory cards. Which card format should you choose? Well, there’s a small indefinite amount of basic card formats which are found on DSLRs. Know that the most common one is an SD (Secure Digital) card. However, there are CFast and XQD cards as well. Prior to making that final call about choosing the most appropriate memory card for your DSLR, make sure it has the right speed. A card with a slow speed can lead to the filling up of the camera’s buffer too fast. The user manual of your camera will tell you the minimal requirement. 5. Camera Bag – Buying a highly advanced DSLR is an expensive affair in 2018, so you need a high quality camera bag to keep your pricey investment safe and secure. Ensure that you choose to invest in the right bag to protect your camera. Buy one right at the moment when you buy your desired camera. It’s crucial for you to buy a camera bag which is designed for storing both DSLR and lenses. This bag will come loaded with pads for dividing the bag into various sections. That way your valuable DSLR video accessories remain safe. After all, you’ve shelled out a huge amount of money on them. You’ll be glad to know that there are different styles in camera bags available for you. In fact, they have come a long way from those dull-looking canvas bags of past times. There are styles that will suit your taste and other needs. You can choose the one within your budget. Their well-padded compartments will keep your DSLR and accessories in one piece. 6. Audio with External Microphone – Buying a DSLR camera with inbuilt microphones is the right thing to do. These microphones are a good feature for a DSLR camera and it shows that the manufacturers express a great concern about videographers. It’s important for you to have good audio if you want to shoot great video.  Does your DSLR have a microphone in jack? Then the most feasible solution is a top microphone which will be attached to the DSLR by means of the shotgun microphone. Either stereo or shotgun microphone is the best when it comes to recording sound directly in front of the camera. Is having good video exclusively about the picture? Certainly not! It’s also about the audible experience. Besides capturing an excellent image, you should ensure that you’re recording good audio. Recording outstanding audio is an art in itself and there are endless projects for which a dedicated sound person is required. Now that you’ve got your DSLR camera in 2018 loaded with video capabilities, you need some of the most innovative DSLR video accessories to shoot that great video. Wrap Up Before you commence shooting fantastic video, it’s important for you to have the right gear. You must emphasize on building the right video kit so that you can produce the high quality content you’re looking to. And there are some good, unique accessories for your DSLR that will help you achieve the videography goals.


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