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Majority of UK clothing companies struggling for survival Essay

The major portion of the UK Clothing market is Women ‘s, misss ‘ and kids ‘s doing up 68 % of the entire market. The addition in working adult females might hold been expected to do an rush in demand for smart vesture, but a major characteristic of the market has been a tendency towards short dressing. Which targets the 18 to 25 twelvemonth old market, has accepted the tendency and late recorded a pre-tax net income border about four times that of the industry norm.

Consumers are now be givening towards the budget terminal of the market, which is targeted by companies such as Primark, Peacock ‘s, Next, and Matalan, or the interior decorator, premium-priced extreme ( Fashion infomat, 25 May 2005 ) .

Choice of Administration:

This assignment wholly deals with the alterations in an administration due to engineering and what invention has been made by the administration to better its profitableness. Here information engineering has taken as of import tool of engineering. This effort aims to discourse the influence of IT systems that changes the administration profitableness and the whole construction.

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In the U.K manner industry, it is the necessity to place the market tendencies and react instantly to the tendencies ( Fashion infomat, 25 May 2005 ) . Discount ironss Next, Peacock ‘s and Primark shops which are traveling to spread out quickly in this manner tendency consequently. In the retail manner industry like M & A ; S, Next, Top store, Matalan etc. through a long period when they have been able to trust entirely on worsening monetary values to drive gross revenues upwards. However, with the falling lb value and lifting overseas sourcing costs, viing on monetary value is traveling to go progressively hard for them ( Fashion Retail Service, 21-May-2009 ) .

Why Primark?

“ Look Good Pay Less ”

The current recognition crunch hit non merely the UK Economy but the whole universe Economy. If we look on the current UK vesture retail industry, we shall happen out bulk of companies are fighting for their endurance. There is a few success narratives in the current period of clip sing concerns, Primark is one of the company.

Associated British Foods the proprietor of Primark have revealed that gross revenues at Primark rose 18 % in the 16 hebdomads to January 3, 2009 which helped by an addition in selling infinite and “ really good ” like-for-like gross revenues growing. Primark ‘s public presentation compares favorably with rival Marks & A ; Spencer, which reported an 8.9 % autumn in general gross revenues for its 3rd one-fourth. The concern of Primark, which has 141 shops in UK whereas 200 in whole Europe, saw a ?122 million rise in net incomes while like-for-like gross revenues increased by 5 % . The Primark retail merchant shop is looking to open another seven shops during their 2nd half of this twelvemonth ( Metro Thursday, January 15, 2010 ) .

Associated British Foods, the proprietor of Primark, has beaten outlooks with half-year net incomes of ?275 million, which was helped by a spring in net incomes of 10 % at the price reduction vesture retail merchant. The consequences represent a 2 % dip in net incomes for Associated British Foods. However, they were higher than the ?262 million consensus estimation ( Primark website, 10 August 2010 ) .

Executive Summary

Invention is indispensable for the life of an organisation. The administrations who want to last in this competitory epoch demand to do invention in response to the external environment every bit good as its internal environment.

Harmonizing to Kotter “ no concern can last over the long term if it can non reinvent itself ” ( Kotter, 2004 ) .

It is an epoch of engineering and information. The rapid development in engineering has changed the attitude of the people and the nature of concern as good.

In this technological epoch the procedure of alteration is really fast and rapid responsive. Technology boosts the procedure and made different type of invention.

Primark is the 1 of the organisation who understands the importance of engineering and invention procedure. Primark is the price reduction fabric retail merchant working from 41 old ages. Primark is the fast and low-cost manner thought. The alterations has taken by Primark has important impacts on company public presentation and profitableness. Primark improves his ordination and logistic system which helps to cut down the over caput cost. Primark introduce new operational scheme, the company reduces the timing of waiting client in waiting lines. These alterations help to make the value services to clients. Product invention and betterment, new design, and better client services are the cardinal points of client retain and pull new clients are chief focal point of company.

To happen out all the valuable information I go throw with primary research. I arrange interviews with Primark direction arrange group determinations on Facebook.com and see the Primark shop every bit good. Academic literature is provided ; company analysis, SWOT, recommendation, and decision are the cardinal point of this assignment.


Why Invention?

Innovation brings alterations in the administration construction and makes a rise in profitableness. Primark is an administration which covering with clients in vesture industry and have large set up to pull off it. Product life rhythm shows the Primark through its phases.

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.quickmba.com/marketing/product/lifecycle/

Product life rhythm shows the four phases of the administration, debut, growing, adulthood, and diminution. The administration was at growing phase when the invention is being done. Innovation brings alterations in the whole set up of the administration.


Invention is a breakthrough attack or thought that can be wholly new or an sweetening to something that already exist, it is citing position that will dispute many who merely can non see beyond what their ain experience is stating them to believe or make. Ettlie j. , ( 2006 )

Harmonizing to Tidd, J, ( 2009 ) invention is something new that adds value ; creativeness is something new.

Invention is a alteration in the idea procedure for making something, or the utile application of new innovations or finds. hypertext transfer protocol: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Innovation

Harmonizing to Michael Neito Lewin has three phases theoretical account of alteration theory, first phase is dissolving that is the organisation off from its current place. Once employee recognize and accept it the 2nd phase where altering can get down. The 3rd phase where alteration is established in organisation, its average refreezing takes topographic point. Employees ‘ undertakings and construction and socio proficient theory a more frequent ( Michael. Neito, 2006 ) .

The demand for Innovation/Change in the UK vesture industry is a given fact that goes manus in manus with the demand for betterment and invention[ 1 ]( Barrie. L, 2001 ) .

Benefits of Invention

There are many benefits of invention to the organisation. The invention must increase value of the organisaton and client value. The end of invention is positive alteration, to do person or something better. Innovation leads to lift in production which means addition in net income. Following are the chief benefits of invention.

Creates new industries

Maximize productiveness and economic growing

Fuels wealth creative activity and net incomes

Generates high-value, higher-paying occupations

Raises criterion of life

3. Types of invention

Types of Invention can be classified as under

Merchandise and services: the invention that applied to merchandises and services or market related activities are called merchandises and services invention.

Operational: Invention that improves the effectivity and efficiency of nucleus procedures and maps of the administration is called operational invention.

Business theoretical account: Invention that fundamentally transforms the concern upwards and provides a better manner to work or derives gross up is called concern theoretical account invention.

Partnership invention: Partner invention mean two concerns or houses get together to do invention. There may be Government and private partnership invention for favor of public. Link, ( 2006 )

Portfolio invention: The key to taking merchandises that contributes to profitableness prevarications in altering the concern focal point of portfolio direction from fiscal affair to client value. Mello, et Al ( 2006 )

Primark has selected operational invention to up rate the whole substructure of the administration for the favor of administration and for the favor of its valuable client. The administration selects the operational invention to avoid clients standing long clip in waiting line and for better client services.

Role of Manager in Innovation

Directors are either incapable of or somehow exempt from, invention. Role of director in the procedure of invention is really of import. Manager should see all the facets sing invention in the administration. Harmonizing to Roger Bean and Russell Radford there are several points that related to fostering and furthering invention that are worthy of more attending to director. Following are the points that a director must capable.

Personal apprehension of the procedure of invention

Continuous acquisition and survey




Focus on strategic issues instead than operational undertakings

( Roger Bean and Russell Radford, 2002 )

System development and organisational alteration:

Jon Turner & A ; Kenneth Laudon claiming that information system is an timeserving constituent. Largely IT systems provided faster and accuracy consequences in the procedure of communicating. It took the houses to derive competitory advantage in the house ‘s value concatenation and opportunitiesA ( Jon. Turner & A ; Kenneth. Laudon, 1988 ) .

Information engineering can advance assorted of import organisational alteration, runing from incremental to far, making like structural organisation alteration that are enabled by information engineering: 1 ) Automation 2 ) Rationalization 3 ) Reengineering 4 ) Paradigm displacements ( Kenneth. Laudon and Jane. Laudon, 2009 ) .

Advanced Administration:

The organisatiion demand to take certain stairss to go advanced administration. Some of import stairss that should take the administration are following. ( Ettlie, J. 2006 )

Create strategic vision

Create administration structures that promote coaction

Establish procedures to change over thoughts into inventions

Allocate resources

Train work force on creativeness tools

Measure and communicate consequences

Recognise originative behavior

Reward invention consequences

Operationss Management:

Every clip concerns are looking for new and better methods to better the efficiency of their operations to accomplish higher profitableness. Information systems and engineerings are some of the most of import methods available to directors for accomplishing high degrees of efficiency and productiveness ( Jane. Laudon and Kenneth. Laudon, 2008 ) .

The construct of off shore concern and outsourcing has taken a immense advantage for houses to play globally irrespective of its topographic point consideration ( Kshetri. Nir, 2007 ) .

Operation Productiveness:

Many retail merchants have improved their operations productiveness through computerisation check-out procedures, the electronic point of sale system and scanning formats. They use this system to treat minutess and proctor stock list expeditiously. Computerised registries immediately record and expose gross revenues supply elaborate grosss and shop stock list informations. This system lowers costs by cut downing dealing clip, employee preparation and the demand for point pricing ( Barry. Berman and Joel. Evans, 2006 ) .

Firms increased its productiveness and flexibleness with usage of IT. But increased cost in installings and care resulted ( Olson. Margrethe, 1993 ) .

Supply Chain Management:

The supply concatenation consists of all parties involved, straight or indirectly, to carry through the demand of client. These supply concatenation includes non merely the makers and providers but besides the transporters, warehouses, retail merchants and even clients themselves, the supply concatenation includes all maps involved in having and full make fulling the client petition ( Sunil. Chopra and Peter. Meindl, 2007 ) .

It is clear that it is really of import for some degree of co-ordination for some degree of activities and procedures within and between the administrations in the supply concatenation that extends beyond logistics and this is called Supply concatenation direction ( Cooper. C. , Lambert. D, and Pagh. D, 1997 ) .

The direction of upstream and downstream relationship with providers and clients to present superior client value at less cost to the supply concatenation as the whole ( Douglas. Lambert, 2008 ) .

Entire Quality Management:

Entire quality direction mean uninterrupted betterment in the concern, it is a doctrine for running a concern, pull off the concern right manner, entire people empowerment, chiefly a focal point on the client, a committedness to quality and investing in cognition ( Cali, J.F, 1992 ) .

Entire Quality Management is considered to be more incremental than concern procedure re-engineering. TQM typically focuses on uninterrupted improve and alteration instead than remain merely in one alteration ( Kenneth. L and Jane. L, 2006 ) .

How information systems support quality betterments?

By Mithas, Krishnan, Fornell, the Service industries are performed better with clients than fabricating industries. Information affects the merchandises quality and its value. With that the research outlined market value of houses are increased for the houses utilizing IT in its nucleus concern operationsA ( Fornell. S, and Mithas. S, 2005 ) .

The survey found that the new theory evolved in manner industry due to IT in topographic point. It changed the force of influence and manner dimension in regard to the type of concern ( Lee. Jintae and Collar. Emilio, 2002 ) .

New Merchandises:

The merchandises are serviced is the principle constituent of selling as it provides gross without which commercial activity could non take topographic point. The following are the merchandises used in selling:

Advanced merchandises are wholly new to the market.

Replacement merchandises might include celebrated points with a new design and maps.

Imitative merchandises are common and are termed as “ Me Too ” merchandises.

Re-Launched merchandises occurs when an original merchandise had been declined but the company expects sufficient possible sale if merchandise is altered through pull stringsing the selling mix ( Geoff. Lancaster and Paul. Reynolds, 2004 ) .

New Product success: most established companies focus on incremental invention can let companies to come in new markets by accommodating bing market offerings for new clients. Seven impression of invention:

See the hereafter through the eyes of yours client

Intellectual belongings and trade name power are cardinal assets.

Use digital engineering to make tools for clients.

Construct a title squad, non a group of title.

Invention is a province of head

Speed is critical so push your administration

Partner up if you are non the best in something

( Philip. Kotler, 2009 )

Technological alteration and new merchandise development:

There are of import facets sing the impact of the gait of technological alteration and new merchandise development. The first one in many industries life rhythm is shorting. This so creates barbarous circle in every bit much as the seller must progressively be looking for new merchandises to replace the out-of-date 1s. Second effect of the increased gait of technological alteration is that there is now a premium on being able to develop and establish new merchandises rapidly ( Geoff. Lancaster. , Lester. Massingham & A ; Ruth. Ashfor, 2002 ) .

Lot of new constructs of concern like e-commerce introduced and benefited to houses. It varied house ‘s public presentation and maintaining more available options to work and to develop its operations ( Koellinger. P, 2008 ) .


By primary research

In footings of discovery out that ‘s what changes has been made in Primark organisation, I go through with primary research.I go through with managerial interviews from the Primark FALG SHIP shop at oxford street London. I arrange group treatments on www.facebook.com to acquire the client position that, are the client are acquiring the consequences in the consequence of the company attempts. I met the shop director INA RANKIN and Dept. shop director MIA RAJ to happen out recent invention made by the company that influenced by engineering. I done long clip interview to roll up valuable information and so lucubrate in this assignment.

( See appendices 1 for item inerview )

In the consequence of the interview we found some of the really important alterations that made by Primark and we point out below.

New ordination and distribution system:

Quality betterment.

New Product Line.

Cut the cost of packing.

Improvement of shop operations.

Return and exchange policy.

Digital disposal system[ 2 ].

Decrease in clients queue[ 3 ]

Dainty in Primark ethical trading managed with IT[ 4 ].

Now I will hold a expression on each alteration in a small spot item

Quality betterment:

Company invariably bettering his quality of merchandise and adjustment to give the client existent satisfaction and value for money and the company ever present new and improve engineering in the fabrication procedure.

New Product Line:

Primark presenting 100s of new merchandise lines every hebdomad to present up to day of the month manner sing the client demands and demand, when a new manner introduce in the market its lone take six hebdomads to come in company shops and it because of the progress and better technological invention. Primark introduced new merchandise scope every bit good like Denim Co, Butler and Webb scope, Rebel, Early yearss and Backswing.

Cut the cost of wadding:

Primark believes to present good quality merchandises on low-cost monetary value, so company ever seek to happen out new ways to minimise the monetary value. In these yearss company made a scheme that to cut the cost of packing.

Improvement of shop operations:

All the shops of Primark holding a immense sum of clients every clip and the force per unit area on the tilling was excessively much inordinate, to cut down the client look into out clip in long waiting lines Primark put ining more boulder claies in every shop, it helps the Primark to better client services and profitableness every bit good.

Return and Exchange Policy:

Primark late change its return and exchange policy. Prior if you want to return or interchange a merchandise you could make merely in same state with in 14 yearss but now you can return or interchange within 28 yearss and whichever state you want where company shops exist.

Digital disposal system:

The Digital Administrative Management system ( DAD ) with Business Collaborator ‘s direction solution suppliers has introduced to command of big information at one clip and eliminated paper programs decreased admin costs by 50 per centum every bit good as reduced confusion with overloading electronic mails. Specifically it is supported to new shop development maps. Good communicating flow has been taking topographic point with the system to command the information in an efficient manner.

Decrease in clients waiting lines:

An electronic call forward system is adopted to better client dealing times and minimise queuing at Primark.

Dainty in Primark ethical trading managed with IT

In the past old ages, Primark is mostly criticised in its spread in ethical trading systems with providers who are using illegal migratory workers. Now new package holding a tool Entropy will look the planetary providers to look into the compulsory codification of behavior of providers. Entropy is a web based supply concatenation audit systems, the remedial actions and quality of working environments can be checked. This is wholly a planetary system has its visibleness and tools of greater control.

Business Methodology of Primark

Primark is the 1 of the largest company in UK related to ready huffy garments, following are the concern points of concern methodological analysis.

Push urgency up: push up all the resources and accomplishments for sweetening of quality in the field of garments industry utilizing the high skilled and motivated squad.

Adaptation of new engineering for control direction procedure and ETI are important practical manner of acquiring in, with new information engineering as Laudon and laudon 2008.

New telling system is a good illustration of JIT and Supply concatenation direction.

Primark all the clip follow high lesson and ethic values to function clients and all member of organisation. It ‘s possible when clients happy and good analogue with company in the industry.

Interdicting new merchandise lines, betterment of merchandises quality, improving of operations direction all are really relevant to TQM and Retail direction theories.

Primark has doctrine to supply installation of border, benefits sing monetary value frailty, quality frailty, planing services and every bit good as with employees satisfaction, production, sale, logistic direction and invention for cut downing cost and better direction.



Primark should present online trading/purchasing. These will assist them to increase their grosss, bring forth more net incomes and make client value. It will besides assist them to go figure one Retail house in the UK.

Primark should seek to extinguish the perceptual experience of low quality from the Customers head by presenting new merchandises and offering a better quality and maintaining the same monetary value scope.

Primark should spread out their concern in developing states.

Primark should concentrate on Ethical trading where providers are using unskilled labors to fabricate the vesture and are besides offering them low wage graduated table which in bend is impacting the repute of the Company.

Primark should function clients of all age groups and non merely childs.


In this current recognition crunch period where most of the companies are traveling to shut down and some of them are fighting for their endurance, Primark is the lone administration who is making well good in this recession clip. The lone ground is that they are making good is because they have understood the construct of invention and alteration direction. Invention is really of import for the administration but people are scared to accommodate and set themselves in invention procedure as they do n’t cognize whether invention will be good or bad for them or for their administration. Primark has adapted to alter and invention has introduced assorted systems to run their work expeditiously and efficaciously. They are besides opening new shops which are more broad than earlier. The ground for their success is innovation. Invention in Technology direction and administration plays a really of import function in today ‘s universe of science.A


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