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Making of a legend vs The Raven Essay

The “Legend of Sleepy Hollow” and the “The Raven” are both captivating pieces of literature because they capture the imagination and illuminate the mind, while creating darkness. Meanwhile decades later, both stories continue to captivate readers all over the world earning the reputation of being two of the best American folklore stories.

Although Washington Irving and Edgar Allen Poe in their respective works “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” and “The Raven” use protagonists to describe events of the story, Irving’s text is the better of the two because his protagonist, as the underdog, is able to overcome physical and emotional abuse while becoming a legend. The plot in “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” builds much faster that the plot in “The Raven. ” The narrator speaks of becoming tired and beginning to doze however being wakened by a noise that he feels is a faint knock.

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One of the reasons that Irving’s story is better than “The Raven,” is the extended time taken for the action to build in the plot. “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” is favored by most readers because it is a tale of good vs. evil. The story sparks the imagination of the reader. “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” is story of rivalry between the two main characters, Ichabod Crane and Brom Van Brunt. The story represents the struggle and triumph of a young America. Irving does well at building the story between the two characters seeking to win the love of a rich beautiful woman Katrina. The Raven,” focuses more on the distress of young man suffering from the loss of his love and dealing with the emotions that follow. I did not enjoy researching the definitions of the symbols and words in the poem. I began to feel sorrow for the narrator, as he fell deeper and deeper into sorrow. He spent time trying to forget Lenore by reading books of to distract his mind. His attempts to forget were in vain. One of the enjoyable elements of the “The Raven,” is the way Edgar Allen Poe used descriptive words to illustrate the mood of the poem.

The story is based in the 1800s on a cold night in December in the chamber of a dark house. I love the way Poe captures the reader’s imagination. I embrace “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” because it captures my attention with subtle rising action. Washington Irving paints the picture of a new land overflowing with beauty and nature. He gives the reader a sense of mystery, sparking the imagination. Additionally the many readers are able to relate to the setting of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” because of the country atmosphere being created by the author.

I favor the storyline of Ichabod Crane who is a school teacher competing against the suitor Brom Bones. Each of the characters has a goal of winning the heart of the beautiful Katrina Van Tassel. Furthermore the attention is heightened pushing me to the edge of my seat as the plot builds to a breaking point. Ichabod Crane mysteriously disappears during the night after leaving a party. At the end of the party, Ichabod is dumped by Katrina. The story builds as Ichabod is heading home basking in sorrow on a cold, foggy night when he encounters the headless horseman.

The headless horseman chases him through the night until Ichabod Crane falls off his horse. I debate that Washington Irving builds more tension, excitement and creative storylines in his writing. The action for the poem “The Raven did not grab my attention with the same excitement displayed for “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. ” Upon returning to the chamber, the man hears a tapping at the window. As he opens the shutter to the window, a raven steps in. The raven enters the chamber speaking to the narrator. The narrator is interested in what the raven has to say and begins to question the raven about his lost love Lenore.

The poem continues with the raven being questioned. The raven responds only with the word “nevermore. ” The reader is forced to work hard in researching the symbolism that Edgar Allen Poe is trying to convey in his message to the reader. I was intrigued in stanza fourteen, when the narrator senses the angels. At this moment, he figures out who this raven truly is. “The Raven,” maintained a somber mood throughout the poem. On the other hand the underdog storyline of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” is favored more because of how easy it is to relate to the character Ichabod and the struggles that he endures.

There was no victory in the conclusion of “The Raven. ” I prefer the characters of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” and feel that they are easier to remember and better at entertaining the reader. The three characters in “The Raven,” were not entertaining. Ichabod is the underdog character in “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” however in my opinion he is a symbol of early America competing against Brom Van Brunt the popular brut from Brittan. Katrina is the rich and beautiful female the ignites the actions of the plot in the story.

I approve the characters in “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” because I am convinced that the narrator is losing his mind. He is out of touch with reality because he is speaking to a raven without thinking there is anything wrong with it. I did not like the character Lenore because little is known about her. Although the darkness and sorrow experienced by the narrator in “The Raven” is experienced by many people after the loss of a loved one. The theme of “The Raven,” displays the extreme side of the human mind. It is hard to move on after the death of a love one.

The theme of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” is that of imagination. In the same way the storytelling approach used by Irving is preferred. The story allowed me to dream and form a picture in my mind of each scene. The final reason for choosing “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” over “The Raven is the way the story presented to the reader. Author Washington Irving told the story from a third person point of view. Washington Irving spends time explaining the exposition of the story before transitioning to the action. “The Raven,” poem is provided in first person with the protagonist expressing his pain and insanity. The Raven,” remains to be one of the greatest poems of all time. The raven symbolizes the narrator’s grief and memories of his lost love. The poem also reminds us of how close we are to insanity and the war we fight in our minds when bad things happen in life. “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” symbolizes good vs. evil. The story is a rivalry between the Ichabod Crane and stronger Brom Van Brunt. Both characters in a sense are representing their respected nations. Washington Irving used many symbols to tell his legendary story presenting the goals, struggle and livelihood of a young America.


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