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Man in the World of Today Essay

Man is said to be made in God’s image and likeness, was given the freedom, capacity to think and decide and rule over God’s creations. We were tasked to be stewards of His creations. In Genesis 1-3, it narrates the Story of Creation and Fall of Man. It also tells of the existence of the tree of knowledge – which we all know will give us the knowledge of what is good and what is bad. Now, the big question is, “Why did God still created it? ”. Simply because God allows moral evil because of the greater good of creating us free so we can love and receive love but this implies the possibility of choosing evil.

It simply states that our decision depends on us. Our future is what we make. We are the ones who decide – whether to do good or bad. But what did we human choose? It is to do evil. Man chose to destroy the paradise God created on Earth. Instead of being stewards of His creations, we became monsters to His creations. Instead of staying on lightness, we choose to stay in darkness. Because of man ruling the world, destruction occurred. There was this thing called “security” which man liked. Division into races, religion and classes of society existed.

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A strong government, armies, rockets and bombs, gas chambers and furnaces, drugs and division of nations was the source of destruction. Security – division into races, religion and classes of society – loosens our strong bond with each other. Racial discrimination – black and white, Americans and Negros – is present. Different classes of society ranging from rich to poor are observed mostly by people. Man created a strong government with armies equipped with weapons – rockets and bombs, gas chambers and furnaces, nuclear weapons.

But it is for what – to kill one another, to revenge your enemies, or to compete with other nations when it comes to weapons? Ambition… too much ambition is the root cause of all this destruction happening in the world today. Because man wanted to make life easier and because man dream too much, they created different machines – machines that made man unproductive, machines that doesn’t only destroy the nature itself but as well as us man. Because man desire power, they created a government that will eventually rule over the whole world – weapons that signify power, weapons to kill easily, weapons to wipe out humanity.

Because of too much ambition and desire for power, it almost came into the point that man made themselves like God. Destruction is what is happening here in the world today. Darkness and chaos will soon rule the world. There is no one to be blamed but us. It is what we make. We’d better make the most out of it. Before darkness totally rule the world and before silence replace all the laughter, let’s start changing our future. Preserve and not destroy. Let’s all start making a difference.


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