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Management And Leadership Across Culture Commerce Essay

Leadership and direction that exist inside every organisation is the cardinal focal point of this study. These two together has cultural values of high significance and norms are diversified. The necessities and importance of direction along with leading can be inexplicit because assorted types of organisations in different sectors are capitalising on the market portion due to its leading and direction schemes. The attempts of leader drama a critical function in guaranting the positive relationship among the direction and its subsidiaries. Furthermore, the leader ‘s function has its importance excessively because of the fact that the abilities of employees improve to outdo under the aid of leader. The function of leader is indispensable in obtaining the ultimate end of an organisation through the engagement of employees ( Parker, 2003 ) . For the intent of endurance and making a strong grade of presence in its operating kineticss, the demand of eat leader is more felt by the organisations. Some of sectors revealed that leaders with high potency are more in demand along with the sectors like societal, industrial, political and technological sectors are some of the topographic points where there is high demand for great leaders in all kind of organisations. a procedure of continuity keep driving leaders to actuate employees in a right way. Mission of organisation can be accomplished by the motive of workers through leaders therefore the significance of leader is more. It is of great importance for all types of organisations to hold a leader who is more effectual one ( Adair. 2005 ) For illustration a force to drive the Microsoft in to mega success in the planetary market is its leader Bill Gates. The name of Bill Gate as a leader is symbolized with the success of Microsoft organisation.

Company profile:

For this study the chosen organisation is Nando ‘s. It is known as one of the leaders in the insouciant dining eating house runing presently in the cordial reception industry of United Kingdom. I work for the same eating house therefore my personal observation and interaction with the direction will assist me in lucubrating the importance of cultural variegation and leader ‘s effectual and efficient function in the success of a house. Nando ‘s is one of the well known trade name in the insouciant dining therefore it has a all right repute hence ample and satisfactory information about leading, direction, and cultural diverseness can be availed which is extremely of import for this study

There were times when Nando ‘s was under the huge force per unit area to last but today it is traveling steadily due to the efficient and effectual leading of its top direction.

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Leadership definition:

Maxwell ( 1993 ) defines leading as a uninterrupted method to take, direct and influence in appropriate mode or in other words, workers being handled adequately by given right bids. Hence, it can be sagely stated that leading is a procedure of steering the person to carry through peculiar undertaking. The leading as a nomenclature is explained by assorted research workers. Bass ( 1990 ) and Howell and Costly ( 2001 ) imposed that leading is a quality through which assorted different types of persons are united to accomplish the peculiar aim.


The force which drives an person to move or respond in particular coveted manner or interior stimulations that push him or her to carry through the set end is considered as motive. This refers that motive arise inside a individual of course to act in peculiar mode but external factors can non be discarded that motivates individual such as wagess, people, mentoring, coaching, personalities. To make a better understanding about motive, Fredrick Herzberg ‘s theory will be evaluated critically that reveals that two distinguish factors that are responsible for certain behaviour is hygiene and motivational factors severally. Duties, growing chances, acknowledgment and accomplishments tend to hold impact on the public presentations at work puting and they are included in motivational factors. Organizations can achieve its marks through people ( Northouse, 2010 ) . These yearss, in immense and quickly turning organisations, the great leader ‘s function and motive is really the motive of great leaders is rather seeable in obvious and noticeable cOrloft 2008 ) . For illustration, a great leader Richard Branson has an huge function Virgin group ‘s success. The workers are influenced by committedness and positive attitude of Branson to carry through organisational ultimate end.

Cultural diverseness:

The immense diversified work force working at organisation adds cultural variegation and a new organisational civilization are formed at work puting. ( Mind tools, 1996-2011 ) Workers do hold strong impact on the workplace. The variegation is of import to carry on occupation as a squad because single are rich in civilization due to their distinguish backgrounds, faiths, dramatis personaes. Customss, Experiences and states. In UK the immense impact of globalisation is noticed as the multicultural work flow is employed that encourages holding traverse choral leading in organisations. To understand the behaviour of clients ( internal and external clients ) a leader should be able to set good with the values and names expressed by predominating civilization in a prompt mode. Harmonizing to ( Mind tools, 1996-2011 ) ; ( Chokkar.J.S. 2008 ) variegation in civilization is determining up a connexion builder among persons all over the Earth and leaden are closely connected with organisations to do it a success. This research study focuses chiefly on the critical facets like leading and motive that prevails inside houses and capable to diversified cultural norms and values. Nando ‘s strongly give importance to demands of clients and see the internal clients as a important subscriber to house and hence, take good attention of it so that their diversified accomplishments assist organisation to be more effectual and efficient in operations. Nando ‘s Park Royal mercantile establishment in every possible manner has demonstrated its echt confidence towards its workers by supplying preparation and development compensation and wagess to persons on the equal chances ‘ footing ( Mail & A ; Guardian online, 2009 ) . In order to avoid the biasness and favoritism and pull off the work force diverseness, the preparation methods to all persons are given by educating them in appropriate mode about the societal sunoundings. This indicates that premier focal point is non merely the maximization of a net income but the improvement of employee ‘s motive degree and equal direction of diversified civilization. The impact of European Union and globalisation is huge particularly when it is enrolling workers and it is apparent that huge bulk of foreign staff is employed so that service quality to diversified clients is provided and employee turnover is besides reduced ( Mail & A ; Guardian, 2009 ) . Therefore, to guarantee the overall betterment in the criterions of organisation and excellence in the services provided to client, the squad is motivated to achieve these aims through the influences of leaden ( Northouse, 2010 ) . Through its leaders Nando ‘s provide the all right quality of services. To present the services to clients in most effectual mode the competences, accomplishments, experiences and abilities of workers from distinguish backgrounds assist organisation to a immense extent. Bing the one of the critical participants in the insouciant dining, it is indispensable for Nando ‘s to supply high quality services to clients through actuating employee so that organisational ultimate aim is accomplished.

The factors like differences in the cultural norms race, and genders do impact the experiences of workers so it is indispensable for Nando ‘s to utilize equal ways to manage the cultural diverseness. The one-year study of Nando ‘s showed that it firmly believes in cultural norms and values. Equity and chances for its employees therefore Nando ‘s grip its diversified employee in effectual and efficient manner through its leaders. In this secondary information it is event that undertaking of employees from different buckhounds is done in a positive manner by leaders of Nando ‘ s.

Autocratic Leadership

Autocratic manner of leading is regarded as the traditional technique in which the determination doing authorization remainder with the director as he or she have a supreme control in determination devising procedure. Teams or persons are non consulted by the director as he or she decides affair entirely. The turnover of employees in a house may increase due to the unfriendly and utmost rigorous environment ( Sommervile. 2007 ) .

Bureaucratic Leadership

Organization with a strong hierarchy where orders and determinations are followed of organisation by its employees, such organisation take bureaucratic leader as an ideal one. The orders given by leaden are followed by the members of squad in a defined form. Leader has no say in the regulations of the organisation as regulations are prior designed by the organisation. The function of leader is to guarantee that employees are following the defined regulations on day-to-day modus operandi ( Sommerville. 2007 ) .

Democratic leading or Participative leading

As the name implies that a leader who believes in the employee ‘s engagement is regarded as democratic leading manner. In this manner leader motivates employees to take active portion in the procedure of decision-making. This manner is really good when employees are trained decently and has developed accomplishments to do a determination so this should be opt to increase the employee authorization ( Sommerville, 2007.

Task oriented leading

The premier focal point of this peculiar type of manner is on the undertaking at manus ; Leader ‘s chief concern is to accomplish the set mark through employees. His or her personal part in the undertaking may stay really minor one in the teamwork ( Sommerville, 2007 ) .

Transactional leading

Employees and all the squad members obey the full methods and techniques of leaders. The employees who are non executing good in the squad will be punished by the organisation as they pattern the rights to penalize the members. In other word, any individual who is non making his occupation justly will be held responsible for it and punished for it. Leader ‘s premier responsibility is to show the direction of undertaking in effectual and efficient mode because organisation has a complete control and laterality. In such manner the true leading is non seeable, particularly for originative undertaking, this manner of leading is non suited ( Management, an debut, 2009 ) .

Transformational leading

When workers are inspired by leader enthusiasm this manner of leading is known as transformational leading manner. The same vision is shared by leaders and squad members as leader devote more clip for members of squad. Leader does non merely stand to take the employees but practical engagement of leader in undertaking is besides seeable ( An debut of motive and morale ) .

Leadership manner at Nando ‘s:

Participative Leadership Style

Nando ‘s firmly believe in the strong bondage between motive and satisfaction. The doctrine is that there exists strong correlativity between these two variables. Due to this, persons are groomed and motivated to execute good at workplace and invitees are entertained in all right mode. The chief beginning to bring forth immense gross are people, hence, the direction of eating house firmly guarantee that “ Employee engagement ” is present as they put more attempts that employees are heard decently. The procedure of communicating is two ways which assist organisation in contracting the spread among leaders and workers which clarify that participative leading manner is predominating at Nando ‘s Park Royal. Participative leading theory accent on the point that more effectual determinations are those that involve many people instead than choosing for the judgement of a individual individual. The direction of Nando ‘s considers that for the improvement of concern the counsel, suggestions, and feedback from different stakeholders is critical to set about. Stakeholders like employees, direction, and providers are concerned prior to the concluding determination taken by the leader. Undoubtedly, employees are asked for their engagement one time leader has set the aims.

Primary research:

Bing an employee at Nando ‘s Park Royal mercantile establishment, it was easier to hold the close interaction with the members to achieve the primary informations. Team leader of kitchen was easy to interview and the nature of interview was more descriptive 1. Nt. , the director of a kitchen section remember his experiences that working in this organisation has been a good experience all together because as a leader he has more chances to increase his working accomplishments and better his leading accomplishments. Furthermore, he described that he is being assisted and motivated by agencies of developing plan which is really indispensable in finding ways to accomplish the undertaking. Job security is high and excess force per unit area is non burden on him which enables him to work to flawlessness. There has been state of affairss in which leader has made errors but the top direction counsel came to assist him coast the error which improved his working public presentation as his motive degree increased.

Harmonizing to Mr. _______ , to carry through the undertakings of single or corporate nature, it is required that visions and aims of an organisation is clearly understood. The nucleus competences of a company are besides its nucleus values that are important in planing a good squad. This indicates that the importance of cultural variegation must be understood decently by Nando ‘s so that it has no job in pull offing the diversified work force. Dedication, teamwork and the degree of committedness is critical in making for a common end.

Directors and leaden have a important function in the advancement and growing of an organisation. In all right dining at the cordial reception sector, Nando ‘s is emerging as a fashionable leader therefore it is of import to understand the schemes by which it is come oning under the strong direction and influential leaders. Robby Enthoven is a name associated with the success of Nando ‘s. He is a leader who has improved the criterions and quality of working and its work force Jimes. 2010 ) .

Management V. Leadership:

The cardinal maps that a director and leader perform easy separate them from one another. For case, the chief maps of a director in organisation are be aftering, forming, directing and commanding as the premier focal point of a director remainder on the following the Nile, do things in a right mode. Whites leader ‘s chief map is to animate people to work, determine their entities, and actuate subsidiaries to carry through undertaking, the chief mark is on people to make things in a right manner ( valand, 2002 — 2010 ) . This clarify that the leaders create a strong impact on employees so that they work as a squad to achieve the organisational growing. Leaden and the directors at Nandi ‘s are decently trained by top direction so that they can put and carry through their undertaking through actuating employees that will take to carry through the ultimate aim of the organisation. Despite the fact that most of the maps of directors differ from the leaders but some of the maps are shared by both, directors as good leaders, such as planning, forming, directing and commanding.

Planning: –

It is a common map practiced by director and leader in which a class of action for the approaching hereafter is designed by director or a leader. Numerous types of activities like resource allotment, puting ends, be aftering budgets and directing members are done by leaders every bit good directors. Particularly, when aims of organisation are set so both should be concerned calando. 2002 — 2010 ) Nando ‘s follow same forms in order to avoid struggles and biasness in day-to-day operations For this purpose equal preparation and rating of public presentation is done.


From the deputation of governments to staffing right individual at right topographic point are all the activities that need forming or structural agreement This is the basic map of director but leader assist members in making so right ( Northouse. 2010 ) .

Directing the work:

Negociating and work outing jobs are the premier map of director while leader act as a cheerleader to do employee empowered and cheer for it ( valand, 2002 — 2010 ) ( Northouse. 2010 ) Nando ‘s offer a preparation plan for employees to smooth their accomplishments so task is accomplished in equal manner and waies are communicated through director and leader to accomplish the assigned mark.


To achieve the end there is a sense required to understood, for that purpose leader inspire employees while director maintain a path record of public presentation by supervising and measuring it ( Orloff. 2008 ) . Controling is critical but employee motive is indispensable to achieve the organisational end

Leadership Theories:

Leadership traits:

Alike the “ Great Man ” theory trait theory besides states that peculiar qualities and traits air inherit by single as these alone traits make some people leader since birth ( Northouse. )

Intelligence: Leader posses more cognition than common adult male as they handle affairs in fleet manner. It is an indispensable quality for a leader to posses if organisation wants to derive border over challengers ( Rost. 1993 ) . Leaderships of Nando ‘s are good trained and experienced to undertake things in a manner which lead to satisfaction of clients.

Personality: features like unity, aspiration. Energy, honestness, aggressiveness, assurance and ability to take are of import to prepare leader ‘s personality. Members trust leader who have these qualities ( Orloff. 2008 ) . Nando ‘s brand sure that employees develop trust in leader and execute good which is monitored excessively. The existent presentation of civilization is represented by leaders and employee that is why cognition about civilization is of import for employees for client keeping ( Parker, 2003 ) .

Motivational theory related to the organisation:

Increase in wage, inducements, Innovative occupations, household and friends are some of forces that motivates single to work efficentianlly2007 ) . Manager should actuate employees in right channel to achieve the ultimate end to pull off the diversified work force the motive is important factor.

Nandi ‘s household believes in vocal correlativity between employees and clients, hence, to pull the external client, internal clients are trained and motivated thorough leaders.

Situational Leadership Theory:

Paul Hersey and Ken Blanchard proposed the theory based on the point that one best manner of leading is non possible, those leaders are effectual one who adjusts themselves harmonizing to state of affairs. Style of leader varies as the adulthood of employee ‘s additions. Depending on the undertaking, map and the state of affairs. the manner of leading support on altering. Leadership manner ranges from Si boulder clay S4. When employees have less cognition about undertaking, the leader has to state them so it is one type of communicating. When employees become rather capable still the way are given by leader but the communicating become two manner is regarded as manner two ( S2 ) . Once the adulthood degree of employee additions more, the engagement of employee addition, in this the undertaking behaviour cut down but relationship is maintained at high degree. In, the employee work by ego but leader is involve in the determination devising and monitoring procedure even though duties are delegated. This indicates that to be effectual leader, the flexibleness is indispensable. The productiveness of employees additions when they are motivated to work and take part ( Latham, 2007 ) . Adaptability towards state of affairs is of import for leaders to accomplish organisational end ( Green, 2004 )

Nando ‘s have effectual leaders who delegate duties harmonizing to the adulthood of employees. The assorted ways are usage to heighten the adulthood degree of employee therefore, it can be justly said that situational theory is in pattern atNando ‘s.


On the footing of this study the undermentioned recommendations are made:

aˆ? To do employees motivated more, the bottom flat motivational plan demand to be more effectual.

aˆ? Centralized HR section is runing which need to be separated so that leaders are portion of managerial scenes more as leaders have more interaction with the clients

aˆ? Since situational leading in pattern so the transformational leading manner should be included besides merely participative would non be ideal in all state of affairss.


To sum up the study after analysis of information it can be said that Nando ‘s has a diversified work force and leading and direction has played of import function in its success. Today in the cordial reception sector, leading is more critical to carry through undertaking through diversified work force. It is further noticed that some of the maps of director and leader are likewise but leader ‘s function is more to act upon employees.

This study elaborates that participative leading is in pattern at Nando ‘s and harmonizing to describe published at mail & A ; defenders, ( 2010 ) it is 26th fashionable insouciant dining eating house operating in the cordial reception industry of UK. Leader has critical function in the success and to do it a bench grade cultural diverseness is important factor.

This study shows that leading and motive is of import to carry through the organisational ends through diversified work force.


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