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Many few details to get you going

Many guys are going around with their heads hanging low
because of a not so great sex life. A bad sex life can impact not only your
mental health but your overall well-being. Many of them are still seeking
answers on how to do away with this problem and for some the answer continues
to elude them.

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The world of Male Enhancement

Sex being the important thing that it is to many adults and
their lives, a solution to complications that inhibit a good sex life had to be
sought. Researchers worked tirelessly to get this problem worked out and the
answer came in form of sex enhancement pills in the name of Viagra and

Why these two

It’s no secret that there now exists a long list of male
enhancement pills that are supposedly in the market to improve your sex life,
but the real generals of the game are these two. These names have been in the
industry longer than any other and many might have heard of them but not really
known what they do or how they work. Here we will gloss over them in few
details to get you going and choosing the right one for you.


Widely regarded as the oldest and best of the male
enhancement pills available, it boasts of a long history of satisfied
customers. It is available in a variety of forms namely:

Oral tablets

Oral suspension

IV injection

Oral powder

It comes in dosages of 20, 25, 50 and 100mg. Administration
is as prescribed by your doctor or as indicated on the packaging details.


Another industry gold standard, Viagra is typically manufactured
with sildenafil as its primary component. Also carries with it a long line of
satisfied customers and continues to have a favorable market share in the world
of male enhancement pills. It is available as oral pills as well as some mouth

Where to get them

Both pills are available through a number of channels.

Via you doctor who can write up a suitable
prescription for you

Via your local pharmacies or stores approved to
sell this type of drug

Through online retailers who can provide
delivery right to your door step.

It’s noteworthy that the need for
doctor prescriptions is being done away with, with UK being the first country
to completely do away with it. This means it’s easier to access the pills
whenever the need arises.


The debate on Viagra vs.
sildenafil can’t quite e properly argued out to conclusion. It all comes down
to a matter of personal preference really. It would be better to carry out your
own sampling as well as reviewing what clientele from both sets of pills have
to say about them and deciding which one is the best for you. They both work
pretty well, that much is guaranteed. So go on, make your choice and have your
sex life going back on track.











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