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Maximum root mean square values are higher

amplitude was evidently the highest during the contraction for both subjects,
with and without weights, as seen in table 2 and table 5. The maximum amplitude
value is lower before and after the contraction also depicts that the long head
of biceps brachii muscle stretches passed its maximum length which means there
is not enough coupling between actin and myosin. The maximum amplitude, integral,
mean and root mean square values are higher with the dumbbell weight. The
amplitude for different weights i.e. with or without a 3.05kg dumbbell was
expected to increase with the weight due to the activity of the neuromuscular. The
amplitude values were low before the concentric contraction and after the
eccentric contraction are due to the moment arm being reduced in relation to
the muscle.

(J Sports Sci Med. 2009 Mar; 8(1):

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only one surface electrode limited the degree of study. Using more electrodes would
mean that more electrical signals are detected, transmitted and analysed. Although
surface electrodes are non-invasive, the downfall being the interference of the
electrical activity with electrical devices such as mobile phones and computers
found around the laboratory, which made the recordings contaminated. The interference
includes with other muscles instead of biceps and neighbouring muscles. Intramuscular
electrodes are advisable over surface electrodes as activity of muscles deep
underneath the skin and in the body can also be monitored and evaluated.

Ther. 1993 Oct;73(10):698-710.

Electromyography: some
methodological problems and issues.PubMed)



The study was restricted
by the positioning the electrodes on the location since this location is close
to half way between the biceps brachii and in the direction of the muscle
fibre. Using fingers to feel the muscle belly to attach the electrode is not a
very good method as this reduces the accuracy of the electrical signals detected
by the EMG since it may not be from the intended, targeted muscles.


Using only two subjects, both male is biased
and a very small sample to study. For further investigation, above ten subjects
should be chosen, with a mixture of female and male. This can also give
information about gender which can be used to investigate whether gender affects
muscle activation. The EMG test value is calibrated as the Maximum
Voluntary Contraction (MVC) value. It is vital to note that every
individual is unique so their biomechanics will vary and the different motor
units which means different muscles are used and to different extent. Differences
in anthropometry i.e. differences in size such as height and weight, will also
influence how exactly movements are performed.

(Articles: The Scoop

Maximum Muscle
Activation Training)



was taken without weight andwith a dumbbell of 3.05kg weight. More variety of
weights, at least 5 shouldbe used at constant intervals to monitor muscle
behaviour. Also, only one repetition was taken which could have several random,
systematic and human errors so to ensure that the data is reliable, more
repeats should be taken in the future.






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