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Method and ‘Collective Security’ at Charter of

Method and Design          This study is going to examine UN’s roles and sanctions during the Korean War within the framework of United States and Russia’s effect over UN. In terms of time dimension, the research will be multiple time periods. It emphasis on during the Korean War which occurs in 1950-1951.          The research’s unit of analysis will be on a state and organization level. The states and organization which will be involve in our research; UN, USA, USSR, China, North Korea, South Korea.          In terms of use of research our research is purely scientific detailed academic orientation to advance general knowledge due to these reasons research will be a basic research.          In terms of  level of analysis this research is a macro-level study. In this respect there will be analysis at three levels in this study. The first level be the most general one, the conceptual and theoretical level, which is going to outline the concepts of peacemaking and collective security and the relationship between this concepts during the Cold War. In addition to this, first level include that why this concepts created different perspectives.The second level will be related to UN’s effect over states through concepts of peacemaking and collective security.The third level will be point out how UN achieve or fail it’s goals.INTRODUCTIONTHE CONCEPTS OF “PEACEMAKING” AND “COLLECTIVE SECURITY” IN A THEORETICAL-CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK1.1.  Come across with ‘Peacemaking’ and ‘Collective Security’ at Charter of United Nations1.2. The need for peacemaking mchanism after the collapse of League Of Nations1.3. Need of restict nuclear power make the concepts stronger2- PEACEMAKING AND COLLECTIVE SECURITY IN THE FOREIGN RESOURCES2.1. Finding United Nations’ role/position/resolution in the Korean War2.2. Fulfill working on the United Nations in the Korean War with the framework of ‘peacemaking’ and ‘collective security’3- ANALYSIS OF UN’S SANCTIONS DURING THE KOREAN WAR OVER USA AND USSR3.1. What is the Korean War?3.2. What did the United Nations do about the Korean war?3.2.1. Arbiter role of UN between states.3.2.2. Unifying the countries to prevent a new world war3.3. Why did the United Nations participate in the Korean War and what were the consequences?


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