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Military the first real bomb sight. (Britannica

Military AircraftBy: Zach SeagroveMilitary aircraft have been around since the 1900’s.The first practise aircraft was produced in the form of a hot air, and hydrogen balloons. In 1783, they adopted quickly for military duties. The game quickly changed when the wright brothers invented the first powered sustained and controlled fights in an airplane on Dec 17,1903.the aircraft was capable of carrying two persons at least 40 miles. The aircraft they delivered in june,1909 was listed as “airplane No.1”. Nearly a year later, experiments with army airplanes were made after 1910, when august euler took out a german patent on a machine gun installation. That’s when bombing evolved. “Dummy bombs were made and were dropped on a target in the form of a ship by Glenn Curtiss, on june 30, 1910. Later that year military troops dropped real bombs, creating the first real bomb sight. (Britannica 2013).”Military aircraft fall into several categories, the fighters, which secure control of essential air spaces by driving off or destroying other enemy aircrafts. The Bombers, are larger, and heavier, are designed to attack tanks and other ground targets. The attack aircraft, operate lower altitudes than bombers. The helicopters, which are used for ground support, or for transporting assault troops. And finally the Unmanned aerial vehicles, which are remotely controlled, or are controlled by another aircraft.”Aircraft have changed throughout the years, the fighter jets for instance. It was clear to military planners that an air war with the Soviet Union would be difficult for American and allied air forces to win.(NAE.org  2004).” not only was a new generation of Soviet aircraft under development, but also that the numbers of Soviet aircraft were staggering. To prevail in the European battle scenario, the United States and its allies would have to destroy at least four Soviet aircraft for every one of ours. This meant that our aircraft and systems had to be in charge. This gave rise to the next major evolution of military jet aircraft- the F-15. Designed primarily for air-to-air combat, the F-15 was a remarkable engineering feat.


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