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million B, and class C with class

million people used
recreational drugs (1). Recreational means action
done when one is not working, for enjoyment (2) .Medically; recreational
drugs are explained as a drug which is used for its psychoactive effects
frequently with the assumption that seldom use does not cause an addiction
without any medical justification (3). These are also
defined as substances which are used to modify mental state by changing
feelings and perception of a person (4). Recreational drugs
are also known as psychoactive substances, illegal drugs and illicit drugs in
many researches.

 They are broadly divided into three main
categories that are Depressants,
stimulants and hallucinogens (4). Some commonly
used recreational drugs are cannabinoids, opoids, stimulants, club drugs, hullocinogens, magic mushrooms
and dissociative drugs (5).

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There are many unwanted
effects of drugs which are belong to their chemical nature some common effects
are HIV virus, hepatitis, unusual social and sexual behavior, accidents and
fights are common (6).

There are different
methods of taking drugs that are oral, inhalation, intravenous injections,
snuffing and smoking (simple and pipe) (6).

According to their
harmful effects they are classified into 3 classes, class A, class B, and class C with class A including most harmful
drugs that is cocaine, ecstasy and LSD etc. class B includes cannabis, codeine
and barbiturates. Class C includes steroids and tranquilizers (6).

Drugs are scheduled
into 5 types by Misuse of drugs regulation. Schedule 1 drugs are those which have
no medical use like LSD, cannabis, raw opium and ecstasy. Schedule 2 drugs can
be prescribed legally including opium, morphine and amphetamine. Schedule 3
includes barbiturates and barbiturates which can also be prescribed legally.
Schedule 4 drug include tranquilizers with minor chances of addiction. Schedule
5 drugs are least likely to be abused and can be used without prescription (6).

Use of recreational
drugs among young generation especially students are drastically increased in last
few decades. It includes in the one of the primary problems which is battled globally.
Worldwide many researches had done in different universities and colleges
concluded that use of drugs among students is increasing day by day. According
to different researches besides drinking, cannabis is most commonly used drug worldwide
followed by stimulants, cocaine and opiods. There are different causes given by
many researchers that are psychological problems, gender, age, curiosity,
failure, trauma, socioeconomic status, availability, culture, family and so on.
But in students main reasons are stress, anxiety, curiosity, reduce control of
parents, to increase performance, increased opportunities to use new things, lack
of knowledge and responsibilities of universities towards students. Most of the
students practiced drugs before entering the universities between the ages of
10-15 years which is an alarming situation.

Medical students are
also in the influence of drug addiction. It is normally consider that medical
students are abstained from drug usage because of their field and in future
they are going to treat people which are influenced by their addiction. Many
researches has approved that medical students are also involving in drug usage.
In non-Muslims countries there is no prohibition of drinking so it is common in
these students, but there is alarming situation that they exceeds the normal
sensible limit with average 88000 deaths per year globally. After that
according to area other drugs are common. Main reasons stated in researches are
anxiety, stress increased performance.

Situation is not different
in Muslim countries despite of prohibition in Islam. Drug usage is common in
students. In Turkey, Saudi Arabia alcohol major issue among medical students.
There is same situation in other Muslim countries and neighboring country
(India).in our country situation is also very alarming many researches has done
in many medical colleges showing and increased usage of drugs smoking and pipe
smoking is most battled condition then other drugs. Use of sedatives and CNS
stimulants are common in medical students because of their hectic routine and
complicated course.

There is need to
control the situation by finding the root cause and try to solves these
problems and save the students from these dreadful substances especially
medical students as they  have an important
responsibilities in future towards community if the situation is not control it
will be difficult for them in dealing with patient.






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