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More to a ManWhen you think of Herbert Hoover I am sure you think of the president to blame for the Great Depression and the crash of the stock market. Have we all forgotten about the exceptional things he did before he was inaugurated? What if he did more before his presidency?            Herbert Clark Hoover was born on August 10, 1874, in West Branch, Iowa. His parents were Jesse and Hulda Hoover. His father was a blacksmith and his mother a teacher. At age six his father died of a heart attack and three years later his mother died of pneumonia. Around age twelve he went to Oregon to live with his aunt and uncle. He skipped high school and later become an office assistant for the Oregon Land Company that his uncle owned. Although, he did learn and study through a night school. Herbert became independent and keeping the values of his mother in sight, his heart grew for the unfortunate and abandoned.With goals on his mind, he was one of the first class to enter Stanford University. Years later, he graduated with a degree in geology and initiated his career as a mining engineer. He continued his journey by traveling worldwide to find profitable mineral deposits and rooting businesses in order to extract resources. As his business progressed he became a multimillionaire. On February 10, 1899, he married Lou Henry and eventually they had two sons named Herbert and Allan Henry.When World War I started he put his talent into humanitarian work, helping 120,000 stranded  American tourists return home from Europe when opposition faced them. He also helped citizens in Belgium by coordinating the distribution of supplies and food. In 1917 the United States joined World War I and because of Herbert Hoover’s noble actions, Woodrow Wilson put Herbert Hoover in charge of the Food Administration.                                                                           He encouraged Americans by asking them to reduce consumption of meat and other necessities by saying, “wheatless and meatless.” This helped provide clothing and food for the Allied troops.When the war finally ended Herbert Hoover was put in charge of the American Relief Association and helped bring shipments of food and aid to Europe because of their catastrophes from war. Europeans were thankful for “Hoover lunches,” which were free meals. He earned worldwide fame from his humanitarian achievements and he was noticed by President Warren G. Harding. Warren Harding appointed Herbert Hoover as the Secretary of Commerce. He highly supported the United States and their association with the League of Nations and the government regulation of Industries such as commercial navigation and radio broadcasting. He continued as Secretary of Commerce under Calvin Coolidge and his motivation pushed him forward with effort to create the Hoover Dam and the Saint Lawrence Seaway. His relief and humanitarian efforts continue to shine bright as he provided assistance during the Mississippi flood of 1927.Since Calvin Coolidge decided not to run for president, Herbert Hoover accepted the Republican Presidential nomination. He said, “We have not yet reached the goal but… We shall     soon, with the help of God, be in site of the day when poverty shall be banished from this nation.” Herbert Hoover went against Alfred E. Smith and promised, “a final triumph over poverty.” Herbert Hoover won with 444 electoral votes and his opponent with 87, making him our 31st president. It’s said that Herbert Hoover valued industriousness, simplicity and honesty. He may not have been perfect during his presidency, but what he did do beforehand should have counted for something.


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