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MOST superiority and in front of full


The present case frescoes a gloomy picture
and depicts a miserable scenario as to how the high and mighty of the society
can due to their caste superiority and in front of full public gaze, smashed in
their high-handedness having blatant disregard to the law of land can subject a
person belonging to a lower case to the worst form of human ignominy and rob
them of their dignity and esteem.

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That, at the very outset, may it be
submitted that the applicant is a housewife and resides at D-1/439, Nand Nagri,
Delhi -110093 for almost 26 years now and her husband carries on business of Auto
Spare Parts at D.D.A. Market, Nand Nagri, Delhi.


That significantly, one Sunita
Sharma lives in the same locality as that of the complainant and along with her
family members and one Rajinder [email protected] (hereinafter referred as “Accused Persons”)
runs a battery of illicit activities which are operated from Sunita’s house
located at D-1/514, Nand Nagri, Delhi.


That notably the accused persons
along with some unknown persons are the organizers and kingpins of an illegal
racket buried deep into nefarious activities like illegitimate gambling
comprising of satta, jua, etc and unlawful dealing of narcotic substances like
Charas, Ganja, Hash, etc. That all these despicable activities are stage-managed
and controlled from Sunita’s house located at D-1/514, Nand Nagri, Delhi.


That the accused persons being the cream
of the crop for such criminal activities in order to exercise their dominance
and control over the said locality have put up a board with their pictures on
it of “Shivsena”- Hindu Rashtra, etc outside their house. The accused persons declare
themselves to be the members of such political outfits and of having close
proximity with politicians and advocates in Delhi. Due to this political charade
they are able to keep police authorities at bay and even neighbours are under
extreme dread to even report about them.


That the accused
persons The neighbourhood is under tremendous trepidation due to their presence
and incessant running of reprehensible activities.


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