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Music Moves Us Essay

Music comes in different genres and styles. There’s country, rap, hip-hop, jazz, tejano. With different artist come different voices, that can sooth or get you riled up for a party. Music is all around us and has the power to change ones mood. Certain type of music evokes all types of different emotions. Jazz for example might get you relaxed and calm. While rap might make you want to go out and party. There are so many types or genres of music because they are so many different people, and not all people like the same stuff or music.

Also not all people might be affected the same way from the same music. It might make someone happy while making the other sad or mad it just depends. The beat has a lot to do with mood changing too. A great example is when there’s that one person trying to escape from the killer and there walking in the dark hall way and then the music starts and you already know they are a goner. It’s that way with commercial, ads, and even stores that play music.

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It’s using music to get you in a certain mood or mind set. A lot of companies use that to their advantage. They find what age demographic here product most relates to then they try to incorporate music that appeals to that demographic. What plays a big part are the lyrics to any song you listen too. What the artist is saying can connect more to you then the beat or melody of a song. It’s the words a person connects to and relates too.

If your heart broken and listen to Sade “Somebody Already Broke My Heart” you’re more likely to relate to that then to Lil Wayne’s “Single”. Sade’s music is very mellow; you can get lost just listening to the beat. Her voice is smooth and silky. Her lyrics are all based off of love and hurt, pain. Sade music moves me in a calmer direction. I listen to her when I’m upset or hurt and when I just need a break. It just another example that music is everywhere and affects us every day.


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