Aveneu Park, Starling, Australia

Music Silver Bells by Evans (Robert Lowden):

Music is entwined with our regular daily existence and in this way it is effectively undervalued. Many discover straight forward solace in the vexing tunes of different classes music brings to the table. Running from established period to cutting edge music, we can in any case acknowledge music a similar route even with the stark distinction in social and societal significance. All the more as of late, one may welcome melodic ability found at the PHIL Fort Wayne Phil Harmonic. I attended the Fort Wayne Phil Harmonic program featuring Fort Wayne children’s choir, special guest Mike Eldred and Caleb Young as the conductor. This concert took place on Saturday December 9th, 2017 at 2pm. I arrived at the venue at 1:15pm and the doors were opened at exactly 1:30pm. The ticket cost $31.00 and I sat on Row W seat 3. This was my first time of attending an orchestra concert like this so i needed to seat because the auditorium was filled to the brim. I ordered my ticket online, I went for a cheaper ticket though I really wanted to seat close to the stage so I can have a clearer view of the stage. It was the first day i experienced snow in Fort Wayne, I had to dress formal and had my winter jacket on before heading to the bus station. The concert began at 2pm with a brief Introduction of the special guest Milk Eldred, director of Holiday Pops Chorale, Benjamin Rivera, Daisy Parolzy Hickey, Co-producer/director. The concert began with festival fanfare for Christmas by John Wasson: I’ll be home for Christmas by Kent (Marty Gold); Silver Bells by Evans (Robert Lowden): O Holy night by ADAM (Jeff Steinberg) and A lot of other songs. I was completely blown away by the presentations. What struck me the most was the difference in sound quality compared to listening to music at home with home theatre. Either my dvd or home theatre are nothing compared to listening to classical music live. I could feel this harmony, different instruments structure and harmony are used together in a very clever way, creating rhythmic. There was an intermission that lasted for about 10minutes. After the intermission, the second part of the performance became even more interesting as there was blend of opera in some of the performances which was really nice. I noticed that movement was limited, the audience only clapped at the end of a performance which took me back to one of the short concert etiquette quiz i did on Journal entry 1. It all seemed like the second part of the concert after the intermission was the best part, As I was surrounded by elderly persons who seem to know much about music more than i do. Shortly, I could hear the violin, then slowly the cellos and bass which held a strong vibrato and then they all faded out slowly, I was blown away. What emerged to me in the second movement was the call and reaction impersonation given by the violin and the viola. I was additionally moved when the brass area started playing a cadenced and dreary beating beat, that gradually moved into each area of the ensemble until the viola alone were left playing. The third movement was also meant to enthrall and alent the energy of the drums. The greater part of the tremulous magnificence was halted for a concise minute, simply long enough for the harp to play one harmony then the whole symphony returned for the last. The three movements had extraordinary and clear surface that held solid in their own right.However, the conductor did a great job. Seems like he is the heart of the orchestra without his rhythmic direction, the whole orchestral body would have fall apart. I think the importance is not just the fact that he moved his arms, yet strength of how he moved his arms additionally coordinated the orchestra in the quality they should utilize. What I focused most was the manner of how sensitive his arm moved towards becoming amid and mildest parts of the violin and woodwind were amid the enormous drum peak. Messiah: Hallelujah chorus was performed towards the end of the concert and the whole audience stood to their feet, it was mind blowing. The concert ended at 3:45pm with a Christmas song-Along by John Finnegan. In conclusion, music is intertwined with our everyday lives, thus it is easily under appreciated. Experiencing symphony for the first time in my life has changed my view from something I appreciate in the frontal are. I think the tickets were costly at first, however, in the wake of going to it was definitely justified even despite the money. It is really modest based on the experience I received in return. I will go again after my finals.


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