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My favorite or most inspiring photographer is Clark Little. He was born in Napa, California in 1968 then two years later moved to the island of Oahu and from there lived on the North Shore. Such a change has impacted his life dramatically. From the beginning he had a unique way when it came to taking pictures but it wasn’t until 2007 when he noticed his passion for capturing the beauty underwater, and shorebreak pictures. He later pursued it and kept it going which he ended up becoming famous for his shots. He now has a family, a wife, son, and daughter. His brother Brock Little that passed away, was a famous surfer that was loved and known by all. Clark’s journey is only beginning… Before a photographer he worked side jobs to keep money in his pocket and surfed a lot, he entered a few competitions but left the spotlight for his brother since he was very passionate about photography. His inspiration came from his dad and older brother, he was always surrounded by the water growing up on an island with a family that is so passionate about surfing and being in the ocean. He wanted to the things that he loved and photography and being in the ocean was a perfect job for him. Clark is mainly focused on shorebreak pictures and if not then it involves the water most of the time. His pictures give a clear clarity of what it’s like to be in the water getting barreled wave after wave and allows the viewer to experience and get the feel of what he is. Everything that he really takes a picture of is mother nature and natural beauty of the earth so it really makes people see the beauty. The reason to why he inspires me is because I wish I could take as nice of pictures like that. It takes talent in order to take those type of pictures and he has it. I feel that behind every picture is a good vibe type of feel to it and really makes you want to try and do things like that as well. In conclusion Clark Little is an inspiration and my favorite photographer, his pictures astown me and others as well. As a beginning photographer it opens up my state of mind on the type of pictures I’d like to take in the future and how I want my work presented.


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