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My View on Life Essay

Wednesday, November 16, was supposed to an ordinary day for my brothers and I. Little did we know it would turn out to be one of the saddest days of all our lives. The last day we would see or hear from our mother. My mother was a very well-known person. She loved helping and feeding people even if she didn’t know them. As far as I can remember my mother had her struggles and battles with drugs and alcohol throughout her lifetime. Throughout my mother’s struggles during my younger years I could never fully understand why she would do the things she was doing.

It wasn’t until I decided to go to school for medical assistant, that I finally understood that what my mother was encountering was not just a habit, it was a sickness. I became very close to my mother, hoping she would seek help. Soon she did just that. She obtains the help she needed for her addiction. My brothers and I were like the happiest children there could be. But of course there were hard times my mother would face, temptation, and the urge to want to pick up and use again. Unfortunately she could not kick the habit; she slipped back into her old ways. My brothers were too young to understand what our mother was dealing with.

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They would argue because of the things she would do, it was very hard trying to explain to them what our mother was dealing with, they could never understand that our mother had a sickness and that this was not something she wanted to do on a regular day to day basis. My mother went back to receive help for her addiction, this time my brother’s had to go with her. I was too old to go so I had to stay back with my grandmother. I had hoped and prayed that this would be the last time I would have to be away from my mother and brothers, and that maybe my brothers would now get the understanding that I had about our mother and her sickness.

My mother and brothers were away for about one year. My mother received the help she needed, but this affected my brothers’ behavior and it soon became questionable. My brother was taken from my mother and was place in a group home for social emotional support. My mother came out of the program and was able to obtain a house for us to live in, but according to the courts my mom dealt with too many drugs’ issues and was considered not capable to get my brothers out of placement. So that left me no choice but to take on the responsibility to get my brothers out of placement so that we can soon be one family again.

This was a long process and a big step for me to take, but someone had to do it. I soon succeeded with getting my brothers out of placement. After two years of going back and forth to court and proving that I can handle taking care of my brothers. Now that we were all together now in one house as one, things didn’t go the way I thought they would go. Two years had past and my mother had now relapsed once again, this time it wasn’t as easy to convince her to go back to get help. She would say to us she was tired and wanted to go be with her own mother who has passed away.

I remember having arguments with my mom because of the life style she choose to live. But the one this one particular argument still plays in my head still to this day. It was an argument between my mother and my youngest brother. The words that cane out of his mouth were harsh. He said to my mother, “why won’t you just die somewhere? ” Two days later my mother did just that. We all got up to go on with our day as we always did, but this day was different. We were trying to wake our mother up, but she would not respond to none of us.

I walked up to my mother and touched her arm and it was at that moment when I knew she was no longer with us. This has changed my whole attitude towards life itself. I always keep in mind the things that I say to my love ones or anyone in that matter. The saying is being careful of what you ask for because you might just get it goes along way. I talk to people all the time that may complain about the things they don’t like about their parents. I tell them all the time that they should cherish their parents while they are still here. Always to keep in mind of the things you say and what you may wish upon a person.


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