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Newton apple and the operation of a

Newton was a
famous inventor. He’s “first major public scientific achievement was designing
and constructing a reflecting telescope in 1668”. (“Isaac
Newton Biography”) And story that many people know is that “Newton discovered the
law of universal gravitation by seeing an apple falling from the tree” .(“Isaac Newton’s Life”)  Not
only discovering the power to drop apples is his great thing but also
generalized that power and thought that the falling of an apple and the
operation of a planet were the same law. We think Newton is a physicist.
However, he is also a mathematician who discovered the differential integral

“Newton was
born on January 4, 1643, but in England they used the Julian Calender at that
time and his birthday was on Christmas Day 1642”.(“Isaac
Newton and his Contributions to Mathematics”) In

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1661 he
entered the Trinity College where his uncle William Ascue was studying. There
he met a master named Isaac Barrow who is also a mathematician. Newton gained
talent on meeting encounter with him.

thought that the same force is moving the moon and the apple. He saw an apple
falling in the orchard between 1665 or 1666. Compared to the force pulling the
object to the ground, he calculated the force needed to hold the moon on its
orbit. He also calculated the relationship between the centripetal force needed
to the hold the stone in the sling and the length of the pendulum and its swing

So in
discovering the law of universal gravitation, Newton invented the differential
integration method.

I am
currently receiving a lecture on differential integration, but I find it
unbelievable to discover this law.

Today it is
applied to a wide range of fields such as rocket orbit calculation and economic
analysis, and it is indispensable learning.


Newton who
discovered the differential integral method was a genius.

and very


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