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Nowadays searched . Futhermore , the internet

Nowadays a large
number of our worlds population uses the internet in case to search for
information instead of going to the libraries and find the information  by  reading educational books.

In my opinion , I
strongly disagree with the fact that internet can replace the need for
libraries for many considerable reasons. For example, many internet sites have limited
access to information. If we search for information on an  internet website , it wont show us a variety  of 
information for the topic we searched . Futhermore , the internet isn’t
organized well. For instance, a lot of searchers  aren’t always associated  with the topic you have selected and they can
cause you a lot of wasted time, frustration and confusion. Lastly ,the   sources on the internet are harder to
identify than the sources in the library. The location of information taken
from the internet can change overnight but the information which is taken from
the library gives always the exact location.

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Generally speaking,
book which are found in the library are always  
very reliable .For example, libraries 
often choose the materials that 
they provide so librarians actually study and research to carefully
choose the most reliable reading items. Moreover , librarians can help the
students with their homework more easily than the internet .For instance ,if a
student asks for help in a topic ,librarians will give him the specific book
which contains the most  essential and helpful  information he need for the topic he is asked
to talk. Also, the library online resources are available for 24 hours every
week so we can access to the databases which are on the librarys webpage
anytime we want. Libraries provide a large variety of books for every topic we
want to search  informantion  relied on it.

To sum up ,I believe
that libraries are a better source of information in comparison to the internet
because it has trained professionals who are available for assistance and they
provide a lot of reliable books for every topic you want to learn about.


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