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Nutraceuticals: against the chronic diseases as they



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term Nutraceuticals is combination of two words Nutrient and Pharmaceuticals.
Generally Nutraceuticals are non-toxic food components. There are two terms
functional foods and nutraceuticals belonging to food category containing
essential nutrients. Nutraceuticals give protection against the chronic
diseases as they have physiological activity and they are having unwanted
effects so most of the consumers prefer it. Nutraceuticals don’t have a
definite definition describing what nutraceuticals are?  Use of Nutraceuticals increased due to its
additional benefits and higher nutritional value, at the same time marketing of
the nutraceuticals increased. In this case expansion of market for nutraceuticals
has been drastically increased.  Nutraceuticals contain herbal products,
probiotics, and medical foods used for treatment and prevention of diseases.

Nutraceuticals, Health benefits, Quality of life, Marketing increased.


Present scenario consumers are more interested about their health and daily
food habits and lifestyle. From herbal crude products they are isolated and
purified from food are sold in medicinal products forms. Junk Food consumption
has increased more that led to more disorders.

nutraceutical is a word combination of ‘Nutrient’ and ‘Pharmaceuticals’.
According to AAFCO, 1996, ‘Nutrient’ means a feed constituent in a form and at
a level that will help, support a life of human being or animal while
‘Nutraceutical’ means any non-toxic food component that has scientifically
proven health benefits including prevention and treatment of disease. These
products are purified and made available as medicines and its physiological benefits,
gives protection from chronic diseases. Global demand of nutraceuticals is been
increasing as they are derived from herbal and herbal extracts. Today consumers
are very much concerned about their life style and their food habits, as most
of the people are consuming junk foods and getting deficit with nutrition


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