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Objective: physical hazards in a working environment.P4.

 Objective: Able to identifying the hazards and assessing the risks of business activities or projects and prepare for new or changing risks in the workplace and to consider the implications that new and emerging issues will have on the distribution of resources, existing priorities and delivery for work related health and safety. Assignment 1: Health and Safety Legislation and RegulationsP1. Explain the key features of legislation and regulation on health and safety and how they are applied to the working conditions in(i) Electrical  Engineering workshop(ii) Environmental Engineering.P2.Choose a business to investigate the rolls and responsibilities under current health and safety legislation and regulations of their staff member.Write a report.M1. Briefly describe the incident that may have happened in an engineering workplace where the health and safety legislation/regulations have been violetand discuss what happened to those people involved and who may have been proved culpable for the incident. Assignment 2: Controlling Hazards and Risks in the WorkplaceP3. Describe the methods used to identify the physical hazards in a working environment.P4. Define how Psycho social Hazards can be convert in risk for the workers as well as the organization and what you will do to control it.P5. If you find an individuals at risk from bullying or aggression from other employees in your company. How you control that situation.P6. If you are working with a organization. what suitable control measures after a risk assessment you advice and why you think they are suitable give a reason.M2. What is the importance of carrying out each and every steps of a risk assessment in a suitable manner?M3. What is a control measure in a risk assessment and how it is used to prevent accidents?D1.How you deal with chemical hazards in accordance with workplace policies and legal requirements and how you justify your methods ? Assignment 3: Reporting and Recording Accidents and IncidentsP7. What is RIDDOR? What incidents are reportable under Riddor?P8. What are the procedures for recording Accidents, dangerous occurrences or near misses.  D2. what is direct and indirect cost of an accident in the workplace.A product uses two hours of direct labor per unit. Expected production for the year is 1,250 units. The average wage cost per hour is $8. What is the budget for direct labor cost?  


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