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Odysseus his shipmates home”, it says in

Odysseus has PTSD, someone who survives such terrible and emotional events, should have some sort of illness such as PTSD. The author of The Odyssey was Homer. One of the big conflicts was when Odysseus left for the war, and stuck Polyphemus in the eye, his father Poseidon needed revenge and used his powers to trap Odysseus at sea. Odysseus traveled, traveled, and traveled until he finally made it home. What caused Odysseus to have PTSD was him battling in a 10 year war, being the lone survivor after the traumatic deaths of his entire crew, and he was stuck at sea for an additional 10 years.Odysseus does have PTSD, especially after battling in a War that lasted 10 years in total. “He saw the townlands and learned the minds of many distant men, and weathered many bitter nights and days in his deep heart at sea, while he fought only to save his life, to bring his shipmates home”, it says in book one. From that quote it shows me that he was really dedicated to trying have all of his ship mates make it home safe, when later in the story… none of them actually make it home except him. For Odysseus to want his men to make it home, then it had to be hard when he made it home and they did not.Odysseus has PTSD due to multiple tragedies, such as his entire crew dying in terrible events. Odysseus lost six men when the cyclops Polyphemus ate them. He then lost all ships except one after he landed on a mysterious land with cannibal giants. While trying to dodge a whirlpool, Odysseus steered near a cave where Scylla, a man eating monster dwelled. Odysseus knew that if he steered towards Scylla’s cave he would be jeopardizing 6 crew members lives. Scylla came from inside her cave and took six of his men. Lastly, after his men ate the cattle that Helios warned not to eat, he slayed them. These are all contributing factors to Odysseus’ PTSD.      Moreover, he is homesick since he has not seen his family for years. Odysseus’ whole crew had terrible deaths, he was stuck in a 10 year war, and was lost at sea for 10 years. People might say that because he shows “no emotions” or “shows no symptoms,” he does not have PTSD. Even though Odysseus is emotionless, this does not mean he does not suffer from PTSD. PTSD does not only happen after traumatic events, it can appear after intense emotional events, things a person may always be haunted by. So given the facts that Odysseus has went through both, gives me more reason to say that he does have PTSD.


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