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Oliver I thought disembodiment was something from

Oliver Sacks is an unsung genius telling personal, truthful tales of people suffering from some type of neurological disorder. I chose the book because the brain has always been interesting, there is so much to learn about the brain so I picked the book to strengthen my knowledge. I went into the book with high expectations, but Oliver Sacks blew them away. The captivating, engrossing stories hold your attention until the very last word. This story has extremely important information within it. The book is very impactful, the book truly makes one think. *say why it’s important*. The facts I learned in the first chapter outnumbered the number of facts I knew beforehand. You would think a book with this much information packed into it would be boring and tedious, but the book is so much more than that. Oliver Sacks tells of very special, individual real-life tales. ┬áSome of the tales sound like something out of a movie. When I read the piece on Christina, she was a woman who lost all of her proprioception, she felt as if she was disembodied. Proprioception is one of your “sixth senses” it is the knowledge of where your limbs or body parts are in relation to each other and the body. Without it we would never be in control, we would barely be able to move. When I was reading the tale my jaw dropped to the floor, before reading it I could never have comprehended and appreciated how I know how to move. I thought disembodiment was something from a “science experiment gone wrong” movie, but apparently, it is real life and that just shocks me. They give you a wake-up call to reality, realizing that we should appreciate the things we have. Ever since reading this book my life has been altered, I find myself referencing facts I’ve learned and understand why some things work the way they do. Oliver Sacks tells the story not just to point out the people’s flaws but to highlight their good, and show that no matter what people struggle with they all have talents. For example, Dr.P, the man who suffered from visual agnosia, was exceptional at music, and he didn’t let his deficit stop him from living happily and enjoying playing music. Oliver Sacks also helped people live with their illnesses, he never gave up on them, and although he worked professionally he gained a personal connection with each and every patient. Everyone would benefit from this information, I feel as humans as a race all need to be more understanding and open


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